WCOOP: Dejan ‘Dejanaceking’ Divkovic Secures Second COOP Title of the Year


Dejan ‘Dejanaceking’ Divkovic won a WCOOP title on Friday to go with the SCOOP title he won earlier this year

The three World Championship of Online Poker finishing on Frirday all easily surpassed their guarantees, and in one case skyrocketed to create a nearly $2 million prize pool.

In the second and final day of play in Event #40, a $320 No Limit Hold’em Eight-Max tournament, only 107 players remained of the initial 1,730 entrants. Team PokerStars Pros Jason Mercier and Kevin ‘KevinM987’ Martin made the cut, but would end up finishing in 12th and 82nd respectively. In the end, ‘Kozir’ of Belarus made a surprise comeback with a short stack to defeat Dutchman ‘Ifold2ndnuts’ and Brazil’s Pablo ‘pabritz’ Brito Silva to win the title. Due to a deal worked out when Kozir looked like a long shot, Silva took home $62,000, the lion share of the prize pool, with the Belarusian banking $61,380

With bounties included, Event #41, a $1,575 No Limit Hold’em Progressive Knockout tournament boasted a hefty $1,890,000 prize pool. A total of 1,260 entrants bought-in to the event, which also doubled as the Thursday Thrill Special Edition.

The second day of play began with 122 players and included Twitch streamers and PokerStars pros Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier and Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew. With the end of the tournament in site, the action came in fits and spurts, with two players busting out on the very first hand of the final table. When only three players remained, the action slowed to a crawl, however, with Denmark’s ‘jonaj10’, the Dominican Republic’s Francis ‘NoHayMiedo’ Cruz and Germany’s ‘bossamtisch’ duking it out over 2.5 hours for the top spot. Once ‘NoHayMiedo’ was eliminated, the final two cut a deal to chop up the prize money, which saw them play for the bounties, 2% of the prize pool and the title. Just 13 hands later, ‘jonaj10’ emerged victorious, taking home $140,071 for his finish along with $52,286 in bounties.

Event #42 was a $320 buy-in Eight-Game tournament which drew 476 entrants who made 272 reentries. The result was a $224,400 prize pool which paid out 95 places and absolutely smashed its $75,000 guarantee. In heads-up play, 2016 SCOOP champion Dejan ‘dejanaceking’ Divkovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina faced off with Austria’s ‘kuhns89’ for a chance at securing his second COOP title of the year. With both nearly even in chips, the pair decided on a deal which would leave $4,500 on the table for the winner. A short time later, Divkovic would take out his opponent in the Razz round to secure the victory and the $34,439 first-place prize.

Event #40 – $320 No Limit Hold’em Eight-Max
1,730 total entries – $519,000 paid out to 215 places

  1. Kozir $61,380.00
  2. Ifold2ndnuts $52,255.96
  3. Pablo ‘pabritz’ Brito Silva $62,000
  4. cedrick89 $29,197.43
  5. elementx8 $20,993.18
  6. Andy_Pavlen $15,094.28
  7. Thegrandape $10,852.91
  8. G A W $7,803.32

Event #41 – $1,575 No Limit Hold’em Progressive Knockout (50%)
1,260 total entries – $1,890,000 prize pool ($945,000 regular, $945,000 bounty) paid out to 143 places

  1. jonaj10 $140,071.99 + $52,286.79 in bounties
  2. bossamtisch $115,889.64 + $51,950.60 in bounties
  3. NoHayMiedo $79,359.21 + $32,411.09 in bounties
  4. SamRostan $58,170.04 + $21,275.37 in bounties
  5. Adrijan_S $42,638.49 + $8,724.50 in bounties
  6. Virgilik $31,253.89 + $9,468.75 in bounties
  7. Fear1sWisdom $22,908.97 + $10,476.55 in bounties
  8. Ship It 2010 $16,792.27 + $20,062.46 in bounties
  9. Yattago $12,308.71 + $5,203.12 in bounties

Event #42 – $320 Eight-Game
476 entries, 272 reentries – $224,400 paid out to 95 places

  1. Dejan ‘dejanaceking’ Divkovic $34,439.15
  2. kuhns89 $29,147.39
  3. wadzon $17,066.33
  4. tvtotaliwin $11,423.66
  5. boahgerding $7,646.63
  6. B4zM3L4noFtW $5,118.40