WCOOP: ‘kZhh’ Wins $25K Super High Roller, Urbanovich and Vieira Add Titles

Dzmitry Urbanovich won a WCOOP in the latest round of massive events on PokerStars. (photo courtesy: PokerGO)

The latest round of PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker titles have been won and there were some big names among those taking the top prizes. Polish poker legend Dzmitry Urbanovich, All-Time Online Money List leader Joao Vieira, and former Sunday Million winner Mantas ‘bagoch’ Bagočius all took home titles while notable pros Patrick Leonard, Parker Talbot, and former #1-ranked Chris Oliver all coming close.

The biggest event on the WCOOP calendar over the last couple of days was easily the $25,000-entry Super High Roller, which was won by Hungarian player ‘kZhh’ after a thrilling final table saw players such as Justin Bonomo and Adrian Mateos both missed out.

It’s worth looking back at this unique event in isolation, so here is how the final nine finished:

WCOOP Event #34-H $25,000 Super High Roller:

  1. ‘kZhh’ (Hungary) – $657,557
  2. Chris Oliver (U.S.A.) – $509,470
  3. ‘spaise411’ (Russia) – $394,733
  4. Adrian Mateos (Spain) – $305,835
  5. Fabiano Kovalski (Brazil) – $236,959
  6. Justin Bonomo (U.S.A.) $183,593
  7. ‘CrazyLissy’ (Russia) – $142,247
  8. Pedro Padilha (Brazil) – $110,211
  9. ‘Sintoras’ (Germany) – $87,327

Chris Oliver came mighty close to winning that title but lost out heads-up to the first-time winner from Hungary, ‘kZhh’, who also took down the 2021 PokerStars SCOOP Main Event for over $878,000. Oliver, a former worldwide #1-ranked online player who took down the WCOOP $1k PKO Event back in 2019, will have been disappointed not to get over the line, but he was in great company in doing so.

Adrian Mateos can claim to have had it harder than most, although it’s only down to his own skill that the Spaniard might have found the final table tougher than the others, as he was also playing the WSOP $25,000-entry event on the same day.

Polish superstar Dzmitry Urbanovich claimed his latest major title under his online pseudonym ‘Colisea’ as he bagged Event #32-H ($1,050 NLHE) for a top prize of $77,614. Pipping last year’s WSOP Main Event winner Damian ‘pampa27’ Salas to the title, Urbanovich, the former partypoker pro who left his pro team back in June, also outlasted ‘Piggysnipz’, who came in third for $43,587.

Urbanovich has enjoyed a hugely successful last few years, and while he is known as a top professional in the live arena, this latest online victory will have reminded players and fans of just how good he is no matter where he shuffles up.

In Event 33-H ($530 8-Max PKO Freezeout), Manuel ‘fellatiado’ Ruivo took the title, winning $30,528 in bounties and the $44,791 top prize, edging out ‘Mr.LuckyMan88’ (second for over $57,00 in total) and ‘gabsdrogba’, who banked over – $38,000 for reaching the podium.

Plenty of other events took place over Monday and Tuesday, with Event #35-H ($2,100 5-Card PLO 6-Max) won by ‘cmontopdeck’ for $62,020, beating Richard ‘raconteur’ Gryko into second place for $47,206. Gryko, who won $107,761 for another WCOOP runner-up result in September last year, will be distraught to have taken silver yet again.

Elsewhere, former Sunday Million winner Mantas ‘bagoch’ Bagočius won Event #38-H ($2,100 6-Max PKO) to grab over $125,000, a massive proportion of the $646,000 prize pool spread out over 323 entries. This win may not quite have reached the heights of that $168,883 Sunday Million win back in 2015, but it was another major event. Few players being able to claim they have won both a WCOOP and the ‘Milly’. The Sunday Million winner this week was also the WCOOP Event #34-H winner, of course, with ‘MrHyde97’ winning the $245,066 top prize, edging out ‘THE MOVER 92’ heads-up.

In the other high events, Parker Talbot won $12,880 in Event #39-H ($1,050 Razz 8-Max), falling just short of the title in third place. Event #40-H ($1,050 7-Max Freezeout) saw Joao Vieira claim yet another massive win as he outlasted ‘WhatIfGod’ to win the $64,680 top prize, with ‘ThePateychuk’ coming in third.

Finally, in Event #41-H ($2,100 FL 2-7 Triple Draw 6-Max) it was the turn of ‘Assad91’ to get the better of all their opponents, with the top prize of $36,819 claimed by the Argentinian. It was a British duo who made the other two places on the podium as Luke Schwartz won $23,531 in second place and Patrick Leonard came third for $15,038.

In low and medium events, there were wins for ‘stepibakins’ (Event #33-L), ‘Baca4b’ (Event #33-M), ‘Perrymejsen’ (Event #34-M), ‘anti-durrr’ (Event #35-L), ‘shrekpoker91’ (Event #35-M), ‘Durabo’ (Event #36-L), ‘$uperdecay’ (Event #36-M), ‘anth0nypappa’ (Event #37-L), ‘0PIGGYBANK’ (Event #37-M), ‘Gladi3’ (Event #38-L), ‘piton4479’ (Event #38-M), ‘DoePopoe’ (Event #39-L), ‘Jindujun0805’ (Event #39-M), ‘Hackysack27’ (Event #40-L), ‘PPthegod90’ (Event #40-M), ‘Mattuttes’ (Event #41-L) and ‘vpisjak’ (Event #41-M).

High Events:

Event #32 (High) $1,050 NLHE
Prizepool: $431,000
Entries: 431

  1. ‘Colisea’ – $77,614
  2. ‘pampa27’ – $58,163
  3. ‘Piggysnipz’ – $43,587

Event #33 (High) $530 8-Max PKO Freezeout
Prizepool: 678,500
Entries: 1,357

  1. ‘fellatiado’ – $30,528 (Bounties) $44,791 (Prize)
  2. ‘Mr.LuckyMan88’ – $13,758 (Bounties) $44,790 (Prize)
  3. ‘gabsdrogba – $11,707 (Bounties) $26,600 (Prize)

Event #34 (High) $25,000 NLHE 8-Max Super High Roller
Prize pool: $3,000,000
Entries: 16

  1. ‘kZhh’ – $657,557
  2. ‘ImDaNuts’ – $509,469
  3. ‘spaise411’ – $394,732

Event #35 (High) $2,100 5-Card PLO 6-Max
Prize pool: $306,000
Entries: 153

  1. ‘cmontopdeck’ – $62,020
  2. ‘raconteur’ – $47,206
  3. ‘jokkee_apart’ – $35,930

Event #38 (High) $2,100 6-Max PKO
Prizepool: $646,000
Entries: 323

  1. ‘bagoch’ – $73,593 (Bounties) $52,291 (Prize)
  2. ‘GlobalHappiness’ – $12,421 (Bounties) $52,291 (Prize)
  3. ‘$()meb()dY’ – $9,718 (Bounties) $32,081 (Prize)

Event #39 (High) $1,050 Razz 8-Max
Prizepool: $92,000
Entries: 92

  1. ‘_sennj_’ – $25,070
  2. ‘Daenarys T’ – $17,020
  3. ‘tonkaaaa’ – $12,880

Event #40 (High) $1,050 7-Max Freezeout
Prizepool: $308,000
Entries: 308

  1. ‘Naza114’ – $64,680
  2. ‘WhatIfGod’ – $46,200
  3. ‘ThePateychuk’ – $32,340

Event #41 (High) $2,100 FL 2-7 Triple Draw 6-Max
Prizepool: $85,000
Entries: 40

  1. ‘Assad91’ – $36,819
  2. ‘Ib6121’ – $23,531
  3. ‘pads1161’ – $15,038