WCOOP: Steven van Zadelhoff Wins WCOOP Main Event for $1.6M

Published on Sep 27th, 2017

Steven van Zadelhoff has reason to smile after winning the WCOOP Main Event on Tuesday for a career-best $1.6M score (PokerStars photo)

Steven van Zadelhoff started the final table of the 2017 World Championship of Online Poker with three times as many chips as his nearest competitor and then went on to eliminate four of his eight final opponents to win the title and the $1.62M that came with it.

The Dutch pro eliminated ‘romanooo64’ in eighth, Giorgos ‘Geokarak’ Karakoussis in sixth and Bernardo 'Machadada RS' Rocha in third to get heads-up. The last of van Zadelhoff’s victims, Canadian Joshua ‘joshuah333’ Herman, earned $1,173.712.87 for his runner-up finish. Herman was the only other player at the final table to hold the chip lead.

The win was van Zadelhoff’s first WCOOP title and pushed his career online earnings to over $7 million, becoming the 31st player to hit that mark. While the score is clearly a career-high for the Dutch pro, van Zadelhoff openly admitted to not having a large piece of himself. Before the final table began on Tuesday, he explained the situation in a Facebook post.

“After my big saturday session me and my super tired head completely forgot to properly book in two of my regular swaps for the main event... so i will not end up with the planned ~28% (had just lost $40k so wanted to swap loads, makes sense) - but instead with 'only' having 16% of my own action on the final table of the WCOOP later tonight. I am not gonna lie, i have felt smarter in my life lollll,” he wrote.

Third place finisher Rocha, one of two Brazilians at the final table, earned $848,015.82 while his fellow countryman, Alexandre 'Cavalito' Mantovani walked away with $612,697.15.

The event attracted 1,804 unique players with 379 taking advantage of the option to re-enter, creating a prize pool of $10,915,000.

Event #79 (High): $5,200 Main Event

Entries: 2,183 (1,804 entries + 379 re-entries)

Prize pool: $10,915,000

  1. Steven 'SvZff' van Zadelhoff - $1,624,502.27
  2. Joshua ‘joshuah333’ Herman - $1,173,712.87
  3. Bernardo 'Machadada RS' Rocha - $848,015.82
  4. Alexandre 'Cavalito' Mantovani - $612,697.15
  5. JeremiieLand - $442,677.47
  6. Giorgos ‘Geokarak’ Karakoussis - $319,837.87
  7. Kekkhou - $231,084.73
  8. romanooo64 - $166,961.29
  9. imluckbox - $120,630.39


  1. Fanavourite Steven takes it down!!! Will it mean he'll top the pocketfives this week? I certainly hope so :)

  2. So he only had 16% of himself? Must be quite de-motivating to make a major FT and have to give most of it away. Why would you want to play for someone else especially if you're a top pro you would think they could afford the buyin.

  3. Seven million in cashes and only 16% of yourself? Now you have a million less for your roll and need backers forever I guess but nice work on that tourney!

  4. Pays less tax this way.thats the upside

  5. To cut variation ofc.

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