WCOOP: UK’s Elliott Peterman, Simon Higgins Bring Titles Home

UK grinders Elliott Peterman and Simon Higgins scored WCOOP titles in the latest round of events on PokerStars.

There were literally dozens of winners who claimed big money over the past few days as the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker entered September in style. With big winners in the high-ticket events, combined with even more winners at low and medium levels, the latest round of WCOOP events threw some top-quality poker at fans around the world.

In Event #42-H, the $5,200 NLHE Championship, Elliott Peterman won the top prize of $146,932 and in doing so, claimed his first-ever WCOOP title. With a modest amount of overlay, it was Peterman who took maximum advantage, getting the better of a stacked final table.

There were 136 total entries in the event, including players like former #1-ranked Andras Nemeth (9th for $20,153), Anatoly Filatov (8th for $24,481), and Russian player ‘CrazyLissy’ (6th for $40,851) all of whom busted in the early levels of the final table. Heading into the business end of the event, some multiple winners of WCOOPs past were waiting to battle with Peterman in the shape of Sam ‘Str8$$$Homey’ Greenwood and Dzmitry ‘Colisea’ Urbanovich to name just two.

As it happened, both men would miss out on heads-up, but the competition was no less intense for the eventual winner, with Daniel ‘SmilleThHero’ Smiljkovic unlucky to bust in second place for $113,745.

There was another big winner in a $5,200-entry event in Event #53-H, the $5,200 6-Max Turbo High Roller, as British pro Simon Higgins, a.k.a. ‘simon1471’, took the WCOOP title for $127,846.

Higgins had to see off 106 opponents in the event, with players such as Greenwood, Conor Beresford, Ami Barer, Fabiano Kovalski, Joao Vieira, Talal Shakerchi, Chris Oliver, Lex Veldhuis, and former #1 Niklas Astedt all heading to the rail outside the 11 money places.

Patrick Leonard snuck into the money in 10th place for $15,433, while Mike ‘SirWatts’ Watson finished in 6th place for $34,104. At the top end of the payouts, Higgins may have taken the top prize, but ‘mnstrkll’ ran all the way to second place for $98,155, with ‘Tomatee’ winning $75,369.

Elsewhere, the Team PokerStars players had a great day at the felt playing Badugi. No less than four of the Red Spade team scored, with Georgina ‘GJReggie’ James, Ben ‘Spraggy’ Spragg, Tom ‘MajinBoob’ Hayward, and Mason ‘Pye_Face21’ Pye all making the money.

The end of the week saw plenty of winners at low and medium levels, with ‘raiseeeeeeeeeee’ (Event #43-L), ‘FabioC.p.br’ (Event #43-M), ‘Dziubinko’ (Event #44-L), ‘Tudlenudle’ (Event #44-M), ‘olibullrider’ (Event #45-L), ‘Nelepo10’ (Event #45-M), ‘The TJS’ (Event #46-L), ‘jp_legacy’ (Event #46-M), ‘Extra-Lost’ (Event #47-L), ‘LaliTournier’ (Event #47-M), ‘Sick-Bluff’ (Event #48-L), ‘pucho2100’ (Event #48-M), ‘torsilov’ (Event #50-L), ‘RunGodlike’ (Event #50-M), ‘Ostlyngen193’ (Event #53-L), ‘Sw33ney’ (Event #53-M), ‘Twiggie1990’ (Event #54-L), ‘n1ceAK’ (Event #54-M) all winning WCOOP titles they’ll treasure for a long time.

High Event Results:

Event #42 (High) $5,200 NLHE
Prizepool: $700,000
Entries: 136

1. ‘elliottpet’ – $146,931
2. ‘SmilleThHero – $113,744
3. Str8$$$$Homey – $88,053.91

Event #43 (High) $2,100 PLO8 6-Max
Prizepool: $266,000
Entries: 133

  1. ‘PaGaOVelhinho’ – $55,834
  2. ‘shhharp’ – $42,916
  3. ‘BodogAri’ – $32,987

Event #44 (High) $530 NLHE 7-Max PKO Freezeout
Prizepool: $464,500
Entries: 929

  1. ‘joker180785’ – $35,556 (Bounties) $32,993 (Prize)
  2. ‘offQbert45’ – $4,873 (Bounties) $32,993 (Prize)
  3. ‘rafitia’ – $6,015 (Bounties) $18,707 (Prize)

Event #45 (High) $1,050 NLHE 8-Max PKO
Prizepool: 833,000
Entries: 833

  1. ‘Ebaaa11’ – $70,640 (Bounties) $60,669 (Prize)
  2. ‘Dannyz0r’ – $8,167 (Bounties) $60,668 (Prize)
  3. ‘MAMOHT_T’ – $2,148 (Bounties) $37,659 (Prize)

Event #46 (High) $1,050 FL Badugi 6-Max
Prizepool: $53,000
Entries: 53

1. ‘Camilancefieldg’ – $18,632
2. ‘donthnrmepls’ – $12,340
3. ‘Muka82’ – $8,173

Event #48 (High) $530 NLHE 6-Max Freezeout
Prizepool: $250,000
Entries: 494

  1. ‘davideriksso’ – $44,358
  2. ‘marthijn_own’ – $31,683
  3. ‘FutureofMe’ – $22,630

Event #50 (High) $530 NL08 6-Max
Prizepool: $142,000
Entries: 284

  1. ‘vincelis’ – $27,104
  2. ‘PIPON777’ – $20,090
  3. ‘mnstrkll’ – $14,892

Event #53 (High) $5,200 6-Max Turbo High Roller
Prizepool: $535,000
Entries: 107

  1. ‘simon1471’ – $127,846
  2. ‘mnstrkll’ – $98,155
  3. ‘Tomatee’ – $75,359

Event #54 (High) $1,050 NLHE 8-Max Turbo PKO Freezeout
Prizepool: $320,000
Entries: 320

  1. ‘drogba060193’ – $44,386 (Bounties) $26,340 (Prize)
  2. ‘karimmae’ – $7,593 (Bounties) $26,340 (Prize)
  3. ‘oriente1’ – $7,964 (Bounties) $16,939 (Prize)