Weekday Tournament Review for December 18, 2010

Published on Dec 18th, 2010
PocketFives.com members were victorious in eight major tournaments for the first part of this week, which was kicked with the Full Tilt Poker $1k Monday ($1000+60 NLHE). The event had 407 entrants and a chop was agreed upon when play reached 3-handed. Colorado player Clint InaneFool Coffee (pictured) walked away with the largest cut of $80k for having the chip lead at the time. That same night, Coffee also had 2nd place finishes in the UB.com $75k Guarantee and PokerStars $200+15 NLHE [Turbo,2X Chance] events for $10,300 and $12,100 respectively. Two-time Triple Crown winner PDI88 earned $13.2k for his 7th place finish and caecilius took 8th for $10,100.The $100 rebuy 6-max on PokerStars featured a final table of three P5s community members this week, led by Triple Crown winner Dylan ImaLucSac Linde, who outlasted 249 other players to win this event outright for $21,400. This win came after a long heads-up battle with Steve dub_star Williams, who walked away with $14.9k for second place. Taking third was Canadian professional ocrowe (ranked #51) who earned himself just over $11,200.

Three PocketFives.com members were seen at Monday's Nightly Hundred Grand final table on PokerStars. Philadelphia player GrimeRat420 (pictured) captured his largest online score in this event after outlasting 961 other players to secure the victory and $26.1k in prize money. Also reaching this week's final table were LuckySpecial (6th for $5.9k) and Balla-B13 (9th for $1.8k).

Tuesday's Nightly Hundred Grand event on PokerStars had seven P5s members featured at its final table this week. Ash AshTheDonkey Mason of the United Kingdom was victorious in this tournament, earning just over $23k after besting a field of 838 players. JDsmith9 of North Carolina earned $12.4k for his third place finish, followed by donut604 in 4th for $9.3k and jrice1201 in 5th for $6,500. Other notable finishes include marroca5 (7th for $4k), therookieqq9 (8th for $2.7k) and 4XTRADER (9th for $1.6k).

The Super Tuesday on PokerStars had 412 entrants this week. This is a $1,000+50 buy-in tournament and five P5s community members reached this week's final table. New York City player koolkeith13 was our top finisher, earning $70.5k after chopping heads-up with player "BadCardsAA" who earned $67.2k for runner-up. Canadian player Drewfus81 just missed out on the chop and was eliminated in 3rd place for $43,200. Player dwf1029, who this past September captured a $100k score for his 3rd place finish in the Full Tilt $1 Million Guarantee, had a 5th place finish this week good for an additional $23,000. Other finishes include $JMONEY$ in 6th for $17.5k and NicholasJ in 7th for $13,300.

Tuesday's $100 rebuy had four P5s members under the blue lights this week. Joshua pbdrunks VanDuyn had a runner-up finish in this event for $14.4k, followed by raza14 in 3rd for $10,800. Canada's mvpat earned $8.1k for placing 4th while Scarypooper5 placed 7th for $3.3k.

The $100k Guarantee on Full Tilt Poker had 444 entrants on Wednesday. This is a $100 rebuy 6-max tournament, usually attracting some of the top tournament professionals and known to be one of the toughest weekly events. Six PocketFives.com members packed this week's final table, which culminated in a two-way chop. Triple Crown winner JohnnyGstaks (pictured) earned a cut of $35.3k while da_professional received $30,000. Jeff YoungSupremacy Hakim finished third this week for $18.8k, followed by InaneFool in 4th for $13.9k, T Money in 5th for $9.8k and Roothlus in 6th for $6,400.

Wednesday's $100 rebuy 6-max on PokerStars had 292 entrants this week and Andrew Drewfus81 StJean (pictured) was our highest finisher, placing runner-up for $18.2k in his second major final table this week. Triple Crown winner mr_dynomite earned $13.6k for 3rd place, followed by holdplz in 4th for $9,500. Other finishes include gator93 (5th for $7.1k) and Big Huni (6th for $4.7k).

The Quarter Million on PokerStars had 1,002 entrants on Wednesday. This is a $300+20 buy-in tournament and six PocketFives.com members were seen at the final table, led by New York's pwnsmyself, captured his largest online score to date after winning this event outright for $54.1k. Runner-up finisher inissint earned just over $39k for his finish, followed close by becomelegendary (3rd for $29.1k). Zach kor44 Korris placed 5th for $15.1k, comandr_cool in 6th for $12.1k and bbbbb33 was eliminated in 7th place for $9,100.

Seven P5ers packed the final table of the $150k Guaranteed tournament on UB.com. This is a $1,050 buy-in tournament and #12 ranked player JohnnyBax (pictured) was our top finisher, placing runner-up for $26k after battling heads-up with player "BUKTA," who earned $43.1k for first. Florida's win0rgohome, who finished 2nd in this same event this past August for $38.1k, was back again this week and earned an additional $19.1k for placing third. darrenelias of Pennsylvania won $15.4k for 4th place, followed by DrunkPPlaya in 5th for $11,800. KEJ10 took 6th place for $9.7k, improved in 8th for $5.7k and BusK9 was eliminated in 9th place for $4,000.

UB.com also held its Sniper $80k Guarantee ($200+15) on Wednesday, which saw a final table packed with eight P5s community members. This week's top finisher was mikey202020, who outlasted 486 other players to claim victory and the $21.8k top prize. Runner-up finisher whitE_mAmbA earned $13.1k, followed by blizair in 3rd for $8.9k and JohnnyBelow in 4th for $6,100. Other notable finishes include sandler1860 (5th for $5.2k), grtwhitehoop (7th for $3.5k), marroca5 (8th for $2.6k) and xenute (9th for $1.7k).

Congratulations to all P5ers who cashed in weekday major tournaments. Here are the final table results of covered events:



Full Tilt Poker $1K Monday $1,000+60

407 entrants - $407,000 paid out to 45 spots (3-way chop)

coffmeister - $80,000 (InaneFool)

Mr_Deer - $74,000

Eunjong Byun - $57,640

vamonovomaestr0 - $36,630

Isaac Baron - $27,472

ALEX1824 - $20,350

pdi88 - $13,227 (PDI88)

canofcorn22 - $10,175 (caecilius)

DAnBrQwN - $8,140


PokerStars 100r $100+9 6max

250 entrants - $93,400 paid out to 30 spots

ImaLucSac - $21,482 (ImaLucSac)

HR_Dub - $14,944 (dub_star)

ocrowe - $11,208 (ocrowe)

bEatNicK"OG" - $7,472

scbm8 - $5,604

LaAtizadora - $3,829


PokerStars Nightly 100k $150+12

962 entrants - $144,300 paid out to 108 spots

GrimeRat420 - $26,118 (GrimeRat420)

TheTaker - $18,759

jahddd - $14,069

Jarcom - $10,533

cyberkanguru - $7,431

spoonface - $5,988 (LuckySpecial)

razorrayma - $4,545

fuzzynutz420 - $3,189

Balla-B13 - $1,847 (Balla-B13)



PokerStars Nightly 100k $150+12

838 entrants - $125,700 paid out to 99 spots

DYBYDX - $23,065 (AshTheDonkey)

SeeYouAnte18 - $16,466

jdsmith9 - $12,444 (JDsmith9)

donut604 - $9,364 (donut604)

jrice1201 - $6,536 (jrice1201)

DonMalbec - $5,279

marroca5 - $4,022 (marroca5)

TherookieQQ9 - $2,765 (therookieqq9)



PokerStars 100r $100+9

265 entrants - $96,300 paid out to 36 spots

a$$ou - $19,741

pbdrunks - $14,445 (pbdrunks)

RAZA14 - $10,881 (raza14)

MVPAT - $8,185 (mvpat)

HouseBlouse - $5,681

volkano99 - $4,333

Scarypooper5 - $3,370 (Scarypooper)

DanSituation - $2,407

radko1717 - $1,685


PokerStars Super Tuesday $1000+50 300k Guarantee

412 entrants - $412,000 paid out to 54 spots (2-way chop)

koolkeith13 - $70,500 (koolkeith13)

BadcardsAA - $67,272

Drewfus81 - $43,260 (Drewfus81)

WatchTheSea - $32,960

DWF1029 - $23,072 (dwf1029)

$30K - $17,510 ($JMONEY$)

CPT CRUX - $13,390 (NicholasJ)

Eugoogleizer - $9,270

BRA|Daniel - $6,839



PokerStars 100r $100+9 6max

292 entrants - $119,100 paid out to 36 spots

Paolo69 - $26,202

Drewfus81 - $18,281 (Drewfus81)

Ti_Thompson - $13,696 (mr_dynomite)

holdplz - $9,528 (holdplz)

gator93 - $7,146 (gator93)

Big Huni - $4,764 (Big Huni)


PokerStars Quarter Million $300+20

1002 entrants - $300,600 paid out to 117 spots

AngelinaWins - $54,108 (pwnsmyself)

inissint - $39,078 (inissint)

plz be live - $29,158 (becomelegendary)

Celina Lin - $21,793

alando44 - $15,150 (kor44)

Comandr_Cool - $12,144 (comandr_cool)

bbbbb33 - $9,138 (bbbbb33)

rockthrock - $6,162

Jezabel7 - $3,757


Full Tilt Poker $100k Guarantee $100+9 rebuy 6max

444 entrants - $179,100 paid out to 54 spots (2-way chop)

JohnnyGstaks - $35,371 (JohnnyGstaks)

da_professional - $30,000 (da_professional)

YoungSupremacy - $18,805 (YoungSupremacy)

coffmeister - $13,969 (InaneFool)

TMoney209 - $9,850 (T Money)

Roothlus - $6,447 (Roothlus)


UB.com $150k Guarantee $1000+50

163 entrants - $163,000 paid out to 18 spots

BUKTA - $43,195

JOHNNYBAX - $26,080 (JohnnyBax)

JOCKINJZ - $19,152 (win0rgohome)

DARRENELIAS - $15,485 (darrenelias)

SALTTHEEARTH - $11,817 (DrunkPPlaya)

KEJULES10 - $9,780 (KEJ10)

NATASHA99 - $7,742

IMPROVED - $5,705 (improved)

BUSK9 - $4,075 (BusK9)


UB.com Sniper $80K Guarantee $200+15

487 entrants - $87,660 paid out to 45 spots

SUPERUSED - $21,871 (mikey202020)

SARAHPALIN12 - $13,149 (whitE_mAmbA)

BLIZAIR - $8,985 (blizair)

JOHNNYBELOW - $6,136 (JohnnyBelow)

SANDLER1860 - $5,259 (sandler1860)

REDJOKER72 - $4,383

SPANK_WAGON - $3,506 (grtwhitehoop)

MURIBE - $2,629 (marroca5)

XENUTE - $1,753 (xenute)


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