Weekday Tournament Review for Nov-14-2009


PocketFives.com members picked up a number of impressive online tournament cashes for the first part of this week, as Joe pokerjoe9 Elpayaa (pictured) of Illinois finished runner-up in this week's Super Tuesday on PokerStarsfor $56,000. In late August, Joe had another runner-up finish in this tournament for $49.3k and two months later earned a victory in the Full Tilt Poker$100 rebuy tournament for $49,600. William Reynolds XO Reynolds made his way to this week's final table, finishing just behind Elpayaa in 3rd for $42,400. Isaac mr. menlo Baron earned $31.8k for 4th, THAY3R finished 6th for $16.9k and Ronald jus2awsum Lee was eliminated in 9th, awarding him $6,700.

Full Tilt Pokerwas the host of FTOPS #12 ($1,060 NLHE 6-max) on Monday. This tournament had a prize pool of $1.5 million and five P5ers reached the final table, led by neverbluff67 of the United Kingdom, who finished runner-up for $198,000. Amit amak316Makhija walked away with $138k for his 3rd place finish, ShannonShorrearned $105k for 4th, Dan WretchyMartin finished 5th for $72.7k and Norway's hikkespetttook 6th for $49.5k.

Four P5ers were seen deep in Monday's Nightly $100k Guarantee tournament, which had 1,108 entrants this week. Thirty-first ranked player Bjorn kleathKleathersson was our top finisher, taking 2nd place for $21,600. Just three months ago, Bjorn earned a victory in the Wednesday Quarter Million for $49.3k. Zach zfahmieFahmie of California was eliminated in 6th place for $6.6k while tEh_R3aLde4Land aheggem finished in 8th and 9th respectively for $3.3k and $1.9k.

Tuesday's Nightly $100K had just three P5ers at its final table this week. Triple Crown winner and 35th ranked player Alex AJKHoosier1Kamberis walked away with $10.6k for finishing fourth. Hemal masterhpPatel of Georgia, who had several final tables this week, started things off with a 5th place finish in this tournament for $7.4k. Matt Dr_Zoidberg2Goldman of Washington also made an appearance at this final table, taking 8th place for just over $3k.

Tuesday's $100 rebuy tournament on PokerStars had 337 entrants this week, paying out over $130,000 in prizes. Fourty-seventh ranked player 1SickDiseasefinished on top of this field and took home the $25.7k top prize. Just last month, he also captured a victory in the Sunday $50+5 $200k Guaranteed tournament for $31.6k. Thayer THAY3RRasmussen (right), who is currently ranked #56 worldwide in online tournament play, finished runner-up in this week's event for $19.5k, followed by Joe hoodini10Udine in 3rd for $14.5k and PearlJammerin 4th for $11.1k. PocketFivers phatchoy888, redirkulous, and rodmaster198placed in the top 9 of this tournament.

The $100k Guaranteed on Full Tilt Poker was replaced this week by FTOPS #17, which was a $300 rebuy 6-max event that attracted 1,080 players and had a prize pool exceeding $1,000,000. This tournament attracted some of the top tournament professionals and PocketFives.com member Taylor taypaurPaur was our top finisher, chopping with Full Tilt Poker player gametime1111 heads-up for $189,000. Just last week, Taylor captured a victory in the $100 rebuy event on PokerStars for $36.1k. Jonathan driverseatiTamayo (left) took 3rd in this FTOPS event, taking home just over $108k. MicahJplaced 4th for $81k, Mohsin chicagocards1Charania took 5th for $58k and pinapplsearned $37.2k for 6th. More info on this tournament and other FTOPS events can be found in this weeks FTOPS Review.

The Quarter Million on PokerStars had 992 entrants this week and Pocketfives.com member James croll103Carroll captured his largest online score of $53.5k for winning this event outright. terrellk11of North Carolina finished runner-up to Carroll, earning $38.6k. In April '09, this player earned $113k for his runner-up finish in the $1 Million Guarantee on Full Tilt Poker. Triple Crown winner and 18th ranked player Jonathan xxjondxxDelong took 3rd in this week's Quarter Million, awarding him $28.8k. Alex ArgentinaBoy Queen of Pennsylvania walked away with just over $12k for placing 6th, followed by mman_statusin 7th for $9k and masterhpin 9th for $3.7k.

Wednesday's $100 rebuy tournament on PokerStars had seven P5s members at its final table, led by Australian player CNT_CRUSHER, who outlasted 441 other hopefuls to win the $34.7k top prize. Arizona player Lee Bill IveyGaines pocketed $25.8k for his runner-up finish, followed by wawa711in 3rd for $18.9k and paulgees822in 4th for $14.4k. Forty-eighth ranked player blizairtook 5th for just over $10k, JasonGrayearned $7.8k for 6th and toetaguwas eliminated in 9th place, taking away just over $3k for his finish.

UltimateBetis the host for two large tournaments on Wednesday. The Sniper 80k Guarantee tournament had 560 entrants this week. P5er BigDaddyKing of Georgia took 3rd in this tournament for $10.3k, followed by Scott stpauli111Hall (right) in 6th for $4.7k and whitE_mAmbAin 9th for $1.9k. Five P5ers reached the final table of the $150k Guaranteed tournament, which is a $1,000+50 buy-in event. This week 235 players entered this tournament and Mike dochahaSedore of Connecticut captured his largest online score of $61.1k for taking down this event. His previous big score came in early August when he took 5th in the $750k Guarantee on Full Tilt Poker for $36.3k. Triple Crown winner CapTinBisKuitfinished 3rd in this week's event, earning $25.8k. Tydeanplaced 4th for $18.8k, Believer82took 6th for $12.9k and Akat11finished in 8th place for $8.2k.

Congratulations to all P5ers who cashed in weekday major tournaments. Here are the final table results of covered events:


Full Tilt Poker FTOPS #12 $1,000+60 6-max
1,366 entrants – $1,500,000 paid out to 174 spots

OmadJoped – $300,000
neverbluff67 – $198,000 (neverbluff67)
amak316 – $138,000 (amak316)
BLUFFforRENT – $105,000 (ShannonShorr)
Wretchy – $72,750 (Wretchy)
hikkespett – $49,500 (hikkespett)

PokerStars Nightly 100k $150+12
1108 entrants – $166,200 paid out to 126 spots

CronCron9 – $29,916
kleath – $21,606 (kleath)
hook2120 – $16,121
acehighdro – $12,049
dblgutshot – $8,376
zfahmie – $6,648 (zfahmie)
MattLiquor40 – $4,986
tEh_R3aLde4L – $3,324 (tEh_R3aLde4L)
aheggem – $1,994 (aheggem)


PokerStars Super Tuesday $350k Guaranteed $1,000+50
386 entrants – $386,000 paid out to 45 spots

BadcardsAA – $74,691
bigegypt – $55,970 (pokerjoe9)
Altrum Altus – $42,460 (Reynolds XO)
westmenloAA – $31,845 (mr. menlo)
rob42359 – $22,002
THAY3R – $16,984 (THAY3R)
LosChief – $13,124
clemdog34 – $9,264
jus2awsum – $6,755 (jus2awsum)

PokerStars Nightly 100k $150+12
979 entrants – $146,850 paid out to 117 spots

thebighouse6 – $26,433
artbrancusi – $19,090
tigris95 – $14,244
AJKHoosier1 – $10,646 (AJKHoosier1)
Masterhp – $7,401 (masterhp)
yungman – $5,932
zelmo7 – $4,464
Bumpasaurus – $3,010 (Dr_Zoidberg2)
kingmatthi – $1,835

100r $100+9
337 entrants – $132,300 paid out to 45 spots

1$ickDisea$E – $25,798 (1SickDisease)
THAY3R – $19,514 (THAY3R)
hoodini10 – $14,553 (hoodini10)
PearlJammer – $11,113 (PearlJammer)
BadcardsAA – $7,607
supadphat – $5,953 (phatchoy888)
munson1049 – $4,630 (redirkulous)
th'Kick – $3,307
rodmaster198 – $2,315 (rodmaster198)


PokerStars 100r $100+9
442 entrants – $180,600 paid out to 54 spots

delaney_kid – $34,765 (CNT_CRUSHER)
Bill Ivey – $25,825 (Bill Ivey)
Wawa711 – $18,963 (Wawa711)
paulgees81 – $14,448 (paulgees822)
Ericb09 – $10,113 (blizair)
JasonGray – $7,856 (JasonGray)
Mumtum23 – $6,050
taktix907 – $4,244
toetagU – $3,070 (toetagu)

PokerStars Quarter Million $300+20
992 entrants – $297,600 paid out to 117 spots

croll103 – $53,568 (croll103)
terrellk11 – $38,688 (terrellk11)
xxjondxx – $28,867 (xxjondxx)
WPThero – $21,576
floes – $14,999
BoyArgentina – $12,023 (ArgentinaBoy)
mman_status – $9,047 (mman_status)
EOxxx – $6,100
Masterhp – $3,720 (masterhp)

Full Tilt Poker
FTOPS Event #17 $300+22 rebuy 6-max
1,080 entrants – $1,095,000 paid out to 120 spots

gametime1111 – $228,307
ambiguosity – $152,205 (taypaur)
driverseati – $108,405 (driverseati)
MicahJ – $81,030 (MicahJ)
chicagocards1 – $58,035 (chicagocards1)
rumprammer – $37,230 (pinappls)

UltimateBet Sniper 80k Guarantee $200+15
560 entrants – $100,800 paid out to 54 spots (2-way unknown chop)

BELLAXOXO – ~$19,908
LS2_POWER – ~$19,908
69INSTASHUV – $10,332 (BigDaddyKing)
HAZ06 – $7,056
SCOTTYDOG25 – $4,788 (stpauli111)
EASYMONEY545 – $3,780
JUANQUI111 – $2,772
SARAHPALIN12 – $1,965 (whitE_mAmbA)

UltimateBet $150k Guarantee $1000+50
235 entrants – $235,000 paid out to 27 spots

YOD0UG623 – $61,100 (dochacha)
ROLLEMM – $36,425
BLUMESIUSX – $25,850 (CapTinBisKuiT)
WHITHERED – $18,800 (Tydean)
IMMAREALOG – $15,392
BELIEVER1982 – $12,925 (Believer82)
FILEN – $10,575
AKAT11 – $8,225 (Akat11)