Weekday Tournament Review for November 5, 2010

Published on Nov 5th, 2010

PocketFives.com members were victorious in eight major tournaments this week, which began with the Full Tilt Poker $1k Monday ($1000+60 NLHE). The event had 377 entrants and 29th ranked player Nick agriffrod Mitchell (pictured) was our highest finisher, placing runner-up for just over $60,000. Massachusetts player caecilius, who earlier this summer had a runner-up finish in this same event for $60k, placed 4th this week and earned an additional $34,800. Triple Crown winner HITTHEPANDA placed 6th for $18.8k, followed by D1rtyR1v3r in 8th for $9.4k and toetagu in 9th for $7,500.

The $100 rebuy 6-max on PokerStars had 233 entrants on Monday and a final table packed with five P5s community members. Switzerland player ronaldgrauer (pictured )was victorious this week, walking away with just over $21k for his win. Runner-up finisher Andrew SkillVille Weisner, who this past August took down FTOPS Event #9 for $110.6k, pocketed $14.6k for his finish this week. This year's WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Champion pureprofitfour finished third for $10.9k, followed by telks in 4th for $7.3k and inissint in 6th for $3,700.

Eight PocketFives.com members were seen crowding Monday's Nightly Hundred Grand final table on PokerStars, led by Pckt Bullets, who captured his largest online score to date after winning this event outright for $22,300. DuckU placed runner-up for $15.9k in his first of two major final tables this week, followed by hitthehole in 4th for just over $9,000. Santo pghchipstack Lisanti of Pennsylvania earned $6.3k for his 5th place finish while theflop was close behind in 6th for $5,100. Other finishes include Artie Party (7th for $3.8k), steeve (8th for $2.6k) and OBVAMENTS (9th for $1,500).

Tuesday's Nightly Hundred Grand event on PokerStars had five community members at its final table. Kevin Specialk Calenzo of Las Vegas was our top finisher, outlasting 808 other players to win this event outright and the $22.7k top prize. Chicago's boondock11 walked away with $16.3k for his runner-up finish, followed by OBVAMENTS in 5th for $6.3k in his second major final table of the week. Also making a final table appearance were vinnetou and weavel who placed 8th and 9th for $2.7k and $1.7k respectively.

The Super Tuesday on PokerStars had 403 entrants this week, over 100 more than last week's field. This is a $1,000+50 buy-in tournament and five P5s community members reached the final table, led by 21st ranked player Greg DuckU Hobson (pictured), who had an outright win in this event for $77,900. Placing runner-up for his largest online cash to date was New Zealands EeeTee, who added $58.4k to his bankroll. Less than a week after his win in Sunday's $55 DNG Sunday Special for $45.7k, pessagno finished 4th in this event for an additional $33,200. Ohio playerRobert little kraut Deppe (ranked #71) placed 6th for $17.7k followed by jornx in 7th for $13,700.

Five P5s community members were seen at Wednesday's $100 rebuy 6-max final table on PokerStars. Romania player ramondemon77 was victorious in this event, walking away with the $24.1k top prize less than two weeks after his win in the Sunday Million where he earned his largest online score of $246,400. Sixty-fourth ranked player Jon PearlJammer Turner (pictured) placed runner-up for $16.8k in his first of two major final tables Wednesday, followed by thecronic420 who also had two deep runs that night, placing third in this for $12,600. DeezAA had a fourth place showing for $8.7k and Kovalski walked away with $4.3k for 6th place.

The $100k Guarantee on Full Tilt Poker had 430 entrants on Wednesday. This is a $100 rebuy 6-max tournament, usually attracting some of the top tournament professionals and known to be one of the toughest weekly events. This week saw three PocketFives.com members seated at the final table, led by Australia's Brendon BrendonR Rubie, who earned $17.1k for placing third. Christopher A2steaksauce Seeger placed 4th for $12.7k and thecronic420 was eliminated in 5th for $8,900.

The Quarter Million on PokerStars had 995 entrants this week. This is a $300+20 buy-in tournament and six P5s members were seen at the final table this week. Matt mattster24 Sterling was part of a 3-way chop, earning the largest share of $43.6k, his largest online cash to date. TJ ucfchamp Tsanadis just missed out on the chop, but still walked away with $21.6k for his 4th place finish, followed by caio_pimenta in 5th for just over $15,000. Other notable finishes include thor (6th for $12k), Bdybldngpkrplyr (7th for $9k) and Metsfan512 (8th for $6.1k).

Nine P5ers packed the final table of the $150k Guaranteed tournament on UB.com. This week 146 players ponied up the $1,050 buy-in and in the end, Triple Crown winner Eric gpokerg Wasserson was the winner, earning the $39.7k first place prize. Jack o11pokerdr Pan, a three-time Triple Crown winner, had a 2nd place showing for $24,000. United Kingdom player 810ofclubs (pictured) finished in 3rd place for $17.6k, followed by bigdogpckt5s in 4th for $14.2k and Squee451 (ranked #10) in 5th for $10,800. Other final table finishes include PearlJammer (6th for $9k), sheets (7th for $7.1k), apphilivey00 (8th for $5.2k) and FrankRiccard (9th for $3.7k).

UB.com also held its Sniper $80k Guarantee ($200+15) on Wednesday, which saw six P5s community members at its final table, led by philbort of Germany, who outlasted 442 other players to win this event and $19.9k in prize money. Tomif gsd of Hungary earned $12k for his runner-up finish, followed by JakeSchindler in 4th for $5,600. Triple Crown winner CapTinBisKuiT finished in 5th for $4.8k, FatsoFat6969 in 7th for $3.2k and apphilivey00earned $1.6k for 9th place in his second final table of the night.

*PocketFives has not yet received data for Tuesday's $100 Stars rebuy event.

Congratulations to all P5ers who cashed in weekday major tournaments. Here are the final table results of covered events:



Full Tilt Poker $1K Monday $1,000+60

377 entrants - $377,000 paid out to 36 spots

StoneheadGolem - $94,250

agriffrod - $60,320 (agriffrod)

paigowpro - $45,240

canofcorn22 - $34,872 (caecilius)

vamonovomaestr0 - $26,390


ZLucky93 - $12,252

D1rtyR1v3r - $9,425 (D1rtyR1v3r)

toetagu - $7,540 (toetagu)


PokerStars 100r $100+9 6max

233 entrants - $91,400 paid out to 30 spots

ronaldgrauer - $21,022 (ronaldgrauer)

SkillVille - $14,624 (SkillVille)

PureProfitFo - $10,968 (pureprofitfour)

munchenHB - $7,312 (telks)

wmdbaker - $5,484

inissint - $3,747 (inissint)


PokerStars Nightly 100k $150+12

811 entrants - $121,650 paid out to 99 spots

Stubblefield - $22,323 (Pckt Bullets)

DuckU - $15,936 (DuckU)

11PSUshark11 - $12,043

hitthehole - $9,062 (hitthehole)

pghchipstack - $6,325 (pghchipstack)

theflop - $5,109 (theflop)

H0LLERRR - $3,892 (Artie Party)

jonnysauce - $2,676 (steeve)




PokerStars Nightly 100k $150+12

809 entrants - $121,350 paid out to 90 spots

Specialk66 - $22,753 (Specialk)

boondock1219 - $16,382 (boondock11)

EyeMstilGood - $12,135

kobsame - $9,101


CRIS.WG - $5,157

Bonsy - $3,943

g.karolis - $2,730 (vinnetou)

Betudontbet - $1,711 (weavel)


PokerStars 100r $100+9

*data not yet received by PocketFives*


PokerStars Super Tuesday $1000+50 300k Guarantee

403 entrants - $403,000 paid out to 45 spots

DuckU - $77,980 (DuckU)

EeeTee2008 - $58,435 (EeeTee)

ringosnuff - $4,330

Pessagno - $33,247 (pessagno)

Drew843 - $22,971

Little Kraut - $17,732 (little kraut)

jornxx - $13,702 (jornx)

JUMPJC - $9,672

Bennyfox - $7,052



PokerStars 100r $100+9 6max

281 entrants - $109,700 paid out to 36 spots

ramondemon77 - $24,134 (ramondemon77)

PearlJammer - $16,838 (PearlJammer)

TheCronic420 - $12,615 (thecronic420)

deezAA - $8,776 (DeezAA)

ely_cash41 - $6,582

Kovalski1 - $4,388 (Kovalski)


PokerStars Quarter Million $300+20

995 entrants - $298,500 paid out to 117 spots (3-way chop)

mattster24 - $43,681 (mattster24)

hieumeo - $38,957

FoolMeTwice - $38,850

UcfChamp - $21,641 (ucfchamp)

caio_pimenta - $15,044 (caio_pimenta)

laburro - $12,059 (thor)

bdybldngpkr - $9,074 (Bdybldngpkrplyr)

Metsfan512 - $6,119 (Metsfan512)

TheTaker - $3,731


Full Tilt Poker $100k Guarantee $100+9 rebuy 6max

430 entrants - $163,000 paid out to 54 spots

ZLucky93 - $35,860

RJules - $23,635

Brendooor - $17,115 (BrendonR)

The_Backdoors - $12,714 (A2steaksauce)

LeoEleven - $8,965 (thecronic420)

SwagHarbor - $5,868


UB.com $150k Guarantee $1000+50

146 entrants - $150,000 paid out to 18 spots

ELMUW - $39,750 (gpokerg)

011POKERDR - $24,000 (o11pokerdr)

810CLUBS - $17,625 (810ofclubs)

BIGDOGPCKT5S - $14,250 (bigdogpckt5s)

SQUEE451 - $10,875 (Squee451)

PEARLJAMMED - $9,000 (PearlJammer)

SHEETSWORLD - $7,125 (sheets)

APPHILIVEY00 - $5,250 (apphilivey00)

FRANKRICCARD - $3,750 (FrankRiccard)


UB.com Sniper $80K Guarantee $200+15

443 entrants - $80,000 paid out to 45 spots

PHILBORT - $19,960 (philbort)

DEADHORSE86 - $12,000 (Tomif gsd)


CALLTHEFEDS - $5,600 (JakeSchindler)

BLUMESIUSX - $4,800 (CapTinBisKuiT)

CUBSWIN111 - $4,000

FATSOFAT6969 - $3,200 (FatsoFat6969)

22SCOOPS - $2,400

APPHILIVEY00 - $1,600 (apphilivey00)


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