What's Your Dreaded Poker Hand?

Published on Feb 25th, 2013

Recently, a thread popped up in our poker forum asking respondents what poker hand they dreaded the most. The original poster, who hails from Ireland, referred to the "disgusting abomination of a so-called hand" that is A-Q, saying, "I seem to lose virtually all flips with it. And with that, I have to renew my laptop every so often."

The destruction of laptops was a common theme that ran throughout the thread no matter where in the world a player was located. Take New Zealand's norv, for example, whose under-title is "Norm MacDonald of Photoshop." The PocketFiver since 2010 said, "I hate A-10 in late position. One day, I swear I will throw my laptop off my roof."

Pocket kings was another hand that members of PocketFives cursed to no end. California's rizniles chimed in about his distaste for K-K: "Looks so pretty when you get it. Seem to either win the blinds or bust or get crippled often." Germany's NoLimitFan112 also singled out kings as one hand that didn't sit well with him, adding, "Every time I 3bet, I get floated and an ace hits the flop and A-3 offsuit improves. Sometimes, I shove as often as possible pre-flop, even with like 30 big blinds."

New Jersey's William Jameson, who joined PocketFives last November, slammed A-K: "A-K aipf for me always runs into any pocket pair and never improves. The exact opposite happens when I have a pocket pair versus A-K: A-K always improves." Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised given that A-K is a coin flip versus many pocket pairs.

The United Kingdom also got in on the lambashing, including roboshaq, who called out A-10 for being his arch-nemesis. He wrote in the thread that he last had the hand on the final table of a live tournament with five players left. After a 10-high flop with raising pre-flop, an opponent called with just middle pair and a three kicker, only to spike two pair on the hand's final card to win.

While nines, tens, and jacks all failed to receive much love from our community, the U.K.'s sggirb cursed just about every hand under the sun: "I dread of getting pretty much any hand at the moment. I can't seem to help but anticipate the variety of interesting ways that I'm going to get screwed over." He also singled out K-Q as a major offender.

Speaking of nines, we'll turn to another U.K. poker player, ronnieb122 (he will clean your car for a badge), who said, "Just a mind thing, but I swear I lose every time I'm all-in with them."

The thread sparked comments from players around the world in a global witch hunt of hated hands. Nations represented in the thread include Ireland, Costa Rica, New Zealand, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany. Needless to say, if you hate a particular hand, you're definitely not alone.

Weigh in by visiting this PocketFives thread.

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  1. Pocket Kings ( The Butchers ) are the devil, its virtually impossible to win with them

  2. 10 3 off suit. Honestly this hand never wins! - I have been up against pocket aces and kings so many times and never won with it. Don't even get me started on 3 8 off.

  3. I agree with AQ suited or offsuite doesn't matter u probably going to lose ur money or chips. and the funny part is that this blood sucking hand always dealt to me when i m on UTG in most case. I am not that stupid to break my laptop i just put a side and jump from the leaning tower of PISA with parachute.

  4. A10.. Fml

  5. Dont think moorman has enough badges, can we give him a badge for having the most...I dont like 86cc

  6. hahaha Moorman1, kings? Really? I love kings myself! But, AQ, is like my Achilles heel. Nice Article Dan :)

  7. Boo Hoo, Ace plus broadway, cowboys.

    66 is the worst. Need the mark of the devil to win with it almost every time.

    Is that really who you want to get in good with to win at this game?

  8. pocket treys obv. has anyone ever made a set with treys? already pretty sure there are only two treys in common poker decks

  9. As the Poker Gods discuss their worse hands playing all over the world or in Final Tables for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the rest of us Poker Mortals struggling to play decent poker (fail) also get two cards, also get knocked out of tournaments with that damned AQ, also get big pocket pairs cracked by other players that you swear would go all in even if they lost one of their cards :(For a while you get to thinking that if AA and KK were eggs, your Poker Site could feed the world with omelettes, they get cracked so often!Yet the real villain hand for improving amateurs is KQ because we still have not put this hand in its place, play it too often in the wrong places, and are learning from painful experience which flops only look good.

    Originally Posted by moorman1 View Post

    Pocket Kings ( The Butchers ) are the devil, its virtually impossible to win with them

    I feel better now reading the master's words...

    No joke, my last 4 main events (Micromillion Scoop and FTOPS) I had the good old KK vs AA pre... And I even couldn't win one of them..

    I still threat any hand the math value they are and will never change any part of my game because of non-strategic reason. It is a very key part in poker, never fall into this, life is so much easier that way.

  11. Any hand I get in ahead with

  12. 2's the worst...always priced in, NEVER HIT...

  13. AJ

  14. I HATE Jacks!! If I could get back all the money I have lost with JJ over the last few years, I would be a happy man!

  15. Kings are the worse! They fall victim so many times to some hero 3 or 4 betting all in with Ace-Anything. When your kings are fortunate to hold up it still a sweat until the river is delt

  16. pocket 9s look like a monster so u stack aff with them plus never won a flip with them in my life these are facts

    Originally Posted by moorman1 View Post

    Pocket Kings ( The Butchers ) are the devil, its virtually impossible to win with them

    This hand puts me on tilt more than any other. Always an ace on the flop....always..always!!!

  18. I hate them all. But, you need cards to play. Doyle was right about AQ...it's the biggest stack killer. Easier to let go of kings when an Ace falls if you haven't overcommitted pre-flop.

  19. LOL, I get my name mentioned in an article and the writer gives me a back handed shot across the face. The highs and lows of poker I guess.

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