When is it Time to Play Like an Agro-Monkey?


On September 7, Poland’s Barry86came away with the win in the 888 Poker Mega Deep for $35,000. The $215 buy-in poker tournament attracted 765 entrants and Barry86 defeated a final table consisting of four other PocketFivers. He just passed $750,000 in online tournament winnings and seems poised to make a quick run at $1 million.

“I feel pretty good about my win because it was my first win in a Sunday Major,” he told PocketFives. “In the last three Mega Deeps, I finished around 10th, so I was very close, but didn’t make a final table. This time, it went a lot better and I’m also satisfied with how I played at the final table.” It was his largest tracked score to date.

Players get 10,000 in starting chips in the Mega Deep and the price of poker goes up every half-hour. He said the structure “allows a lot of room for play” and added, “Most of the time, the stacks are pretty deep. The final table lasted around 2.5 hours, so at around five players left, it got a little shallow. For me, it went well.”

He said he had an average chip stack during the early stages of the Mega Deep and ultimately jumped to third place after winning a coin flip with two tables left. He explained, “I started the final table second in chips and got a good draw because the two other big stacks were sitting on my right. I managed to take most of the chips from the chip leader and then took the lead. I think I played quite well from there and tried to put as much pressure on the other players as I could.”

He knocked out the one-time chip leader and cruised to victory from there, entering heads-up with a 5:2 edge. Heads-up play lasted all of 15 minutes and ended in a coin flip that saw Barry86 win with 7-7 against K-Q.

As far as his plans for the money, Barry86 told us, “The money will go to my bankroll. I don’t have any special use for it right now and my buy-ins will remain the same. I don’t like to create much variance by playing high-stakes MTTs or high-stakes Turbos. I’m comfortable with what I am playing right now. If I get more scores like this, I will think about playing bigger games, but at the moment I’m fine with playing what I played before.”

While Barry86 doesn’t anticipate his game mix changing in the near future, he plans to go over the 888 Mega Deep with friends in order to continue to improve. As he explained, “Strategy-wise, I plan to review this tournament with my friends and see what I could do better and where I made mistakes. I got a confidence boost, but I hope I will use it the right way and not become an agro-monkey.”

The experience seemed to leave a mark on the Polish player, who told us, “It was just another day in the office, but this time I was lucky enough to get the cherry on top of the cake. Now, I’m going to keep grinding and working on my game and maybe I can get more scores like this one.”

He is the sixth-ranked member of the Poland pokercommunity and sits at #203 worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings. You can find him on PokerStarsunder the user name OMGACEACEACEand on 888 as ForzaMilan00.

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