Win Your Way Into The 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event For $5

Win your way into the 2019 WSOP Main Event on 888poker.

It goes without saying that playing in (and winning) the World Series of Poker Main Event is the dream scenario for every poker player on the planet.

And if it’s not, then it’s for sure in the top 5. But even in today’s world of regularly offered high rollers where players buy-in for astronomical amounts and seven-figure scores are broadcast to fans everywhere, for the average poker player, posting the $10,000 buy-in for the WSOP Main Event is a non-starter.

Even the most dedicated online grinder would have a very difficult time walking up to the cage at the Rio in Las Vegas and place a brick of hundred dollar bills on the counter in return for a single tournament.

That’s where 888poker comes in.

888poker an official partner of the 2019 World Series of Poker and one of the only online sites authorized to help players qualify for the Main Event.

In traditional, 888poker style, they are helping players win their way in for the absolute minimum. Here’s how you can climb the ladder and take your seat in the biggest poker tournament of the year starting at just $5.

The Buy-In

888poker has WSOP Main Event qualifiers for players with every size of bankroll.

This one is for the low-rollers. Those who are working their way up the ranks can hop into a Step Four satellite to the WSOP for just $5.

The truth is players can start even lower. They start at the very bottom and work their way up from the first step for as low as $0.01. However, we’re going to assume that if those who think enough of their game to want to take a shot in the Main, can rip off a five dollar bill and get started.

However, for those that DO want to start from the bottom, here’s the beginning of the Steps satellites:

  • Step 1 – $0.01 – winners receive a $0.10 seat to Step Two
  • Step 2 – $0.10 – winners receive a $1.00 seat to Step Three
  • Step 3 – $1.00 – winners receive a $5.00 seat to Step Four

Get In The Game

The $5 Step 4 to the World Series of Poker tournaments run every day with tournaments popping up in the Live Events > Tournaments tab in the 888poker client.

Players will notice that the $5 satellites run a little less often than the earlier steps, however when looking in the lobby players should see one open for registration in the not-too-distant future at all times of the day and night.

What You Win

The winners of the $5 satellite are playing for either a $16.50 tournament ticket or a $30 tournament ticket. There are two different Step 4 satellites, so you can pick which ladder you want climb up. That earned ticket can be used in any 888poker tournament or satellite of an equal amount.

Since we are talking about working your way into the $10K Main Event, players are going to want to use that to buy into either the $16.50 or the $30 super satellite (depending on the payout) to the WSOP Main Event, which can be found in the same tournament lobby.

Tournament Info

Players who have started in the earlier steps will see an improved structure from the earlier steps. Players are given a 2,500 chip starting stack with eight-minute levels.

This tournament is a pure freezout. There are no re-entries, no second chances in these. There are no add-ons either. When it comes to winning this satellite, you have one shot per tournament. If you do bust, there will likely be another $5 satellite firing again in the near future.

Four players are needed for the tournament to take place. While there’s the occasional chance for some overlay (if only the minimum is met), if the tournament takes place there should be plenty of players battling for the tickets.

Depending on the time of day, sometimes these steps are hard to get off the ground so we recommend checking in at all the convenient times to take your shot.

Take The Next Step

Once you have won your next seat, it’s time to hop into one of the first direct super satellites to the World Series of Poker Main Event.

You’re just three wins away from a summer seat in Las Vegas.