Worlds Collide: GPI, The Hendon Mob, PocketFives Share Online and Live Poker Results


The largest live poker database,; its holding company, Global Poker Index; and the leading online poker rankings and community site have agreed to share information with each other, allowing each site to have more data available for its readership.

Global Poker Index CEO Alex Dreyfus said that he was looking forward to the three marquee poker brands collaborating effective immediately: “I’m excited that the leading rankings companies are building a relationship that will help expose poker players globally and locally, both online and offline. Our common goal is to promote poker, and offering theses results to our respective audiences will be a huge advantage for the future. This exclusive agreement will definitively help each company be stronger and bring more innovation into poker.”

The PocketFives community and its 130,000 worldwide members and nearly 500,000 monthly unique visitors can view the GPI rankings of many players as well as the latest live results from The Hendon Mob database. All of that data can now be found in a player’s PocketFives profile. For example, the profile of Sam “TheSquid” Grafton on PocketFives now links directly to his GPI profile (pictured below) and shows his The Hendon Mob results.

Conversely, the more than four million visitors per year to GPI’s and The Hendon Mob’s websites will be able to see a person’s PocketFives online poker ranking as well as their latest online tournament results. PocketFives worldwide ranking data will be displayed in players’ GPI and Hendon Mob profiles, with links back to PocketFives where full online poker results can be displayed.

PocketFives Co-Founder Cal Spears talked about the meshing of online and live poker over the years: “These days, a lot of online poker players are heavily accomplished in the live poker world and vice-versa, so it makes sense for information about both to be linked. In the early days of PocketFives, it was two separate worlds: there were live players and there were online players, and neither was a big fan of the other. Now, with the two worlds intermingled, we’re very excited to be working with GPI and Hendon Mob to make the complete picture of player results more accessible.

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