WPT: Brady Holiman Conquers Choctaw for $469K

Brady Holiman wins WPT Choctaw for $469K and his first WPT title.

The World Poker Tour’s second stop of season 17 wrapped up on Tuesday as the final table of WPT Choctaw crowned a winner.

Brady Holiman, a car salesman from Texas, brought the chip lead to the final table and stormed his way to his first WPT Championship and the $469,185 first place prize.

The final table came together boasting a variety of experience. Three players, including chip leader Holiman, Timothy Domboski and Christopher Smith were all assured the largest cash of their career simply by making the final table. Viet Vo, had already earned over $1 million in career earnings and Tony Ruberto is not only a WSOP Circuit ring winner but a previous WPT Champion. However, it was Anthony Zinno that claimed the most experience as the former WPT Player of the Year sat down at the final table looking to win a record-tying fourth WPT title.

The first elimination came roughly 30 minutes into play. Timothy Domboski, who entered the final table second in chips, ran into the aggression of the chip leader Holiman. Domboski put in a raise only to be three-bet by Holiman. After spending a time-extension chip, Domboski put his entire stack in the middle holding KdKc. Holiman calls with AhKs and the Ad4c6s flop puts Domboski looking for the one-outer. The turn and river are unable to provide Domboski his one time and the bad beat sent him to the rail in sixth place for $95,780 for what is far and away the largest cash of his career. Holiman’s chip lead surged to over 50% of the chips in play.

A little less than an hour later, the three-time WPT Champ, Anthony Zinno would play his last hand of the tournament. With just over 10 big blinds he pushed all-in with Ad4h. Holiman, still with an abundance of chips, made the call out of the big blind with QsTs. The flop Qc6c4s brought bottom pair for Zinno, but put Holiman in the lead with top pair. When the Ah appeared on the turn, Zinno looked to be in great shape to double up. The Qd on the river shut the door on Zinno’s aspirations to win his fourth title, as Holiman improved to trips to take the hand.

Zinno exited in fifth place for $125,630. His impressive World Poker Tour resume increases to 24 total cashes for over $2.7 million. WPT Choctaw was Zinno’s fourth WPT final table and the only one where he didn’t walk away with the title.

The very next hand saw the elimination of another WPT Champion. Tony Ruberto, also sitting on a short stack, made his final stand with Js7c. Once again it was Holiman who had to do the dirty work, making the call with two red queens. The board was rather uneventful, only providing Ruberto the hope of a gutshot on the turn. The Season 10 bestbet Jacksonville winner bowed out in fourth place and earned over $166,000 for his efforts in Oklahoma.

The bustouts continued to come quickly as Christopher Smith found himself all-in from the small blind holding KcTd. He was called by the surging Viet Vo with AhTc. Although Vo hadn’t been involved in any knockouts until this time, he had been climbing up the chip counts and was comfortably in second place. With the cards on their backs, the flop came Qs5c3h, leaving much to be desired for Smith. The turn came the 8c which was no help and finally when the river was dealt the 6h, Smith was eliminated. The Texas resident took home $223,370 for third place, the amount eclipsed his entire career total to date.

Holiman held a 3:2 chips lead at the start of heads-up play. Vo briefly closed the gap, to bring the pair to even, Holiman continues to do what he had done for the entirety of the final table and keep his foot on the gas.

On the 17th hand of heads-up play, the pair got their stacks in the center in the hand which determined the winner of  WPT Choctaw.

Vo opened the button and Holiman three-bet out of the big blind. Vo took a dip in the tank and came out four-betting. Holiman took some time of his own and shipped. Vo was covered and snap called, turning over KdKh. Holiman needed help, showing down the AsJs.

Help arrived for Holiman in the form of a JcJh6d flop. Vo was drawing to one of the two kings left in the deck. The turn and river didn’t change anything and Vo had to settle for second place and a massive $320,725 payday.

Holiman finished the final table going wire-to-wire with the chip lead and joining the WPT Champions Club. He earned a career-making $469,185 for the win as well as entry into the season-ending Tournament of Champions.

The World Poker Tour will now make their way to the East Coast for the WPT Borgata Poker Open which kicks off on September 16.

WPT Choctaw Final Table Results

1. Brady Holiman – $469,185
2. Viet Vo – $320,725
3. Christopher Smith – $223,370
4. Tony Ruberto – $166,605
5. Anthony Zinno – $125,630
6. Timothy Domboski – $95,780