WPT: Pavel Plesuv Stays Hot, Wins Seminole Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open

Pavel Plesuv won the World Poker Tour Seminole Rock 'N' Roll Poker Open (WPT photo/Joe Giron)

Pavel Plesuv made quick work of the final table at the World Poker Tour Seminole Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open on Wednesday for his second live tournament win of 2018.

Plesuv, who won the $3,500 Mid-States Poker Tour Championship at the Venetian in June, eliminated the final three players standing in his way to pick up $504,820 which includes entry to the WPT Tournament of Champions event at the end of the season.

The Czech poker pro, who also won a partypoker Powerfest High Roller title in September, started the final table with the biggest stack. After the two short stacks busted, Plesuv went to work.

Ravi Raghavan started the final table with 17 big blinds and it didn’t take him long to find a spot to get it all in. On just the second hand of the day, Plesuv raised to 175,000 from the cutoff before Raghavan moved all in from the small blind. Marius Gierse re-raised all in from the big blind for 6,100,000 and Plesuv folded. Raghavan turned over AcJh but found himself in trouble after Gierse tabled AhKd. The board ran out 5s4d2s8h8d to eliminate Raghavan in sixth place.

Just 13 hands later, Jeremy Joseph raised to 225,000 from UTG before Chris Kennedy called from the button and Plesuv defended his big blind. After the 9s8c7s flop, Plesuv checked, Joseph bet 225,000 and Kennedy moved all for 2,625,000. Plesuv folded, but Kennedy called and turned over Jd9d for top pair with a gutshot. Joseph showed KdKs for an overpair and then sweated through the 4h turn before the Kc river gave him an unneeded top set to send Kennedy out in fifth.

Plesuv’s stack got a major boost after taking down a massive pot against Joseph. With the board showing 8d7c3h9c5c, Plesuve bet 3,000,000 into the 4,200,000 pot. Joseph used up four of his time banks before calling and getting the bad news after Plesuv showed Th6c for a turned straight. Joseph mucked his JdJh as Plesuv raked in the 10,325,000 pot.

On the very next hand, Plesuv picked up even more chips and ended one player’s run. James Gilbert raised to 250,000 from the cutoff, Plesuv called from the button before Gierse moved all in for 4,950,000 from the big blind. Gilbert folded but Plesuv called and flipped over 9d9h while Gierse showed AcQc. The 7c6s3d3s6d runout gave Gierse no help and he was eliminated in fourth.

Not surprisingly, Plusev was responsible for the next elimination as well. From the small blind, Plesuv raised to 400,000 and Joseph called from the big blind. After the Th7c6s] flop, Plesuv bet 550,000 and Joseph called. The turn was the 3h and Plesuv lead out again, betting 1,300,000. Joseph raised to 3,500,000 and Plesuv responded by moving all in. Joseph called and showed Qh9h for a flush and straight draw while Plesuv showed KdKs. The Ac river was a brick for Joseph and he was sent to the rail in third place.

Heads up play began with Plesuv holding a nearly 6-1 chip lead over Gilbert. Despite this it took 68 hands for Plesuv to finish off his final opponent. Gilbert opened to 750,000, Plesuv moved all in and Gilbert called all in. Gilbert was ahead with 9d9h against Plesuv’s AdJs but the AcQs3c flop changed that. The Jc turn and Qh river finalized Gilbert’s bustout.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Pavel Plesuv – $504,820
  2. Jim Gilbert – $326,565
  3. Jeremy Joseph – $240,945
  4. Marius Gierse – $179,710
  5. Chris Kennedy – $135,505
  6. Ravi Raghavan – $103,310