WSOP Adds $50,000 ‘Final Fifty’ Gold Bracelet Event

The WSOP announced a 90th bracelet event added to the summer schedule.

In breaking news Tuesday, the World Series of Poker added a new bracelet event as part of the 2019 WSOP schedule. Starting Monday, July 8, the ‘Final Fifty’ has a $50,000 buy-in and makes for the 90th gold bracelet event of the summer.

WSOP officials confirmed the addition of the event shortly after it hit the website and began making the rounds on social media. As it is an open gold bracelet tournament, the Final Fifty will count towards WSOP Player of the Year rankings.

“I don’t think it has a huge effect [on WSOP Player of the Year] because it was added in enough time,” Daniel Negreanu said. “It’s not like it was added three days before. It gives people plenty of time and it’s around the $100K. Overall, I wish they wouldn’t do that, because it complicates things, but I think it should count for WSOP Player of the Year.”

The event is now the second $50,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournament on this summer’s schedule. WSOP officials informed PocketFives that the event was added after player feedback. It seems several players voiced a desire to have an additional $50,000 no-limit hold’em event later in the summer after missing the first one that took place May 31-June 3.

“It’s abnormal an event gets added late in the year, but we got some feedback from players who thought [the first one] was too early in the Series and they weren’t around for it,” Seth Palansky, WSOP Vice President of Corporate Communications, told PocketFives.

Palansky pointed out that there is no $25,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em event on this summer’s schedule, so in a way this event takes the place of that but with a larger buy-in.

“We decided to make it a $50K instead of $25K to properly close out the 50 theme of the WSOP this year,” Palansky said. “The event is well positioned right before the $100K.”

The $50,000 Final Fifty starts Monday, June 8, and is scheduled to be a three-day event. Players start with 300,000 in tournament chips, levels are 40 minutes in length, and registration is open until the start of Day 2 with unlimited re-entry allowed. Day 2 starts June 9 at 4 p.m. PT and the tournament will use a play clock.

“I have no idea why it was added,” Negreanu said with a laugh. “I’m guessing because Cary Katz wanted to play a tournament.”

Following the newly added Final Fifty is the $100,000 High Roller, scheduled to start on Thursday, July 11.

One wrench thrown into the system for players such as Negreanu is how the addition affects the $25K Fantasy league. Should the added event count or not? As things stand right now, it’s likely going to take some time to iron out a decision one way or another.

“It’s a little bit of annoyance for the $25K Fantasy because we never foresaw something like this happening and there aren’t any rules that discuss what to do if events are added, although all of our rules say that every open bracelet event counts and this is an open bracelet event,” Negreanu said. “My thought, as the commissioner, is that if we had a consensus to not count it then we would, but a straight vote doesn’t work because people are going to vote in their own interest. If you have a team full of no-limit guys, you’re thinking, ‘Yeah, it should count!’ If you have all mixed-game guys, you’re like, ‘No!’ We might have to take it to arbitration.”

Looking forward to the 2020 WSOP, Palansky mentioned the series will likely go back to having a $25,000 buy-in event in place of one of the $50,000 ones.