WSOP: Alek Stasiak Becomes First Double Bracelet Winner of 2020

Alek Stasiak won his second bracelet of 2020 after taking down Event #52 on Thursday.

When the final table of Event #52 ($1,000 NLHE) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online began late Thursday night, Canadian Alek Stasiak had just six blinds. Two hours later he was the last player standing and became the first double bracelet winner of 2020.

Stasiak scored his first WSOP bracelet on July 27 when he won Event #33 ($1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief Event). That win came with a $343,203 payday. Thursday’s added another $273,505 to his bankroll. The event drew 2,006 entries and had a $1,905,700 prize pool.

Stasiak was a spectator on the first few eliminations. Dejan Kaladjurdjevic opened to 400,000 from middle position before Federico Molina moved all in for 2,614,061 from the cutoff. Kunal Bhatia made it 6,026,122 to go and Kaladjurdjevic laid his hand down. Bhatia showed AsKs which was bad news for Molina as he tabled AhQd. The 6s4s3c flop was an awful one for Molina as he lost one of his queen outs. The Jh turn was a blank and both players made top pair on the Ad river but Bhatia’s kicker played and Molina was out in ninth.

Five minutes later Jimmy Guerrero saw his second final table of the week come to an earlier than he was hoping for. Guerrero, who finished ninth in Event #49 on Monday, move all in for 2,744,640 from the cutoff before Vincas Tamasauskas re-shoved from the small blind for 3,813,987. Guerrero had two live cards as he showed Kh7h against Tamasauskas’ AdQh. The Ac8d6d flop gave Tamasauskas top pair. Guerrero picked up some straight outs on the Td turn but found a brick in the 5c river to bust in eighth place.

Another five minutes past before another all in preflop situation lead to the third final table elimination. With blinds of 100K/200K, Denis Peganov was down to 2,804,982 and moved all in from UTG. Jesse Mercado called all in from the hijack and flipped over 8c8d and Peganov showed AhJd. The Jd8h4h gave Peganov a set of eights and left Mercado drawing very thin. The 3c turn rendered the Ks river meaningless and Mercado was out in seventh.

Peganov was back to flopping sets 20 minutes and it meant the end of the night for another player. Action folded to Thomas Hueber in the big blind and he moved all in fro 6,289,872 with QhJs and Peganov snap-called from the big blind with TcTs. The KsTd8c flop gave Peganov middle set and left Hueber drawing to his open-ender. The 3d turn was no good and neither was the Qc river to send Hueber to the rail in sixth place.

Another blind versus blind spot six minutes later resulted in the next elimination. Tamasauskas moved all in for 3,927,449 from the small blind with Td9d and Kaladjurdjevic from the big blind with As4d. The 4c3s2cAh3d run out gave Kaladjurdjevic two pair and eliminated Tamasauskas in fifth.

Just a few hands after Stasiak had assumed the final table chip lead, he put that stack to use in sending another player out. Peganov moved all in for 5,717,464 from UTG and Stasiak called from the big blind. Peganov was ahead with QhQs against Stasiak’s Ah5h but the As6h3s flop flipped that. Peganov watched the 8c turn and 4d river complete the board to eliminate him in fourth.

Stasiak found another willing combatant 15 minutes later and used to send the tournament to heads up. From the button, Stasiak opened to 800,000, Bhatia called from the small blind but Kaladjurdjevic decided to move all in for 14,712,114 from the big blind. Stasiak came over the top for 18,544,954 and Bhatia folded. Kaladjurdjevic showed 2h2s and Stasiak was racing with AcQd. The QhTh4s flop gave Stasiak control. The As turn improved his holding to two pair and the 5c river made Kaladjurdjevic’s third place result official.

Stasiak had a better than 2-1 chip lead over Bhatia when heads up play began. Bhatia managed to briefly take over that chip lead, but Stasiak battled back and finished things off after after 25 minutes of play. Working with just 13 big blinds, Bhatia moved all in for 7,903,724 from the button and Stasiak called. Bhatia was ahead with Ah4s to Stasiak’s KsQh. the 8d7h3h flop was a safe one for Bhatia and the 3s turn changed nothing. The Kd river however gave Stasiak top pair and eliminated Bhatia in second place.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Alek Stasiak – $273,505
  2. Kunal Bhatia – $207,190
  3. Dejan Kaladjurdjevic – $150,358
  4. Denis Peganov – $109,114
  5. Vincas Tamasauskas – $79,184
  6. Thomas Hueber – $57,464
  7. Jesse Mercado – $41,701
  8. Jimmy Guerrero – $30,263
  9. Federico Molina – $21,962