WSOP: Alek Stasiak Wins $1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief Event

Canada's Alek Stasiak picked up a $343K score and a WSOP bracelet after winning Event #33 ($1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief) on Sunday.

Event #33 of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online was supposed to wrap up on July 19. The issues GGPoker suffered on the opening day of their WSOP Online events forced it to be postponed until the following Sunday. Alek Stasiak probably has no problem with having to wait a week now.

Stasiak outlasted 2,323 players to win Event #33 ($1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief Event) for $343,203 and his first career bracelet. The event raised funds for the Caesars Cares assistance fund, which helps Caesars employees who have suffered financial hardships as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The $111 rake from each entry was donated and after GGPoker doubled the total donation following the issues on the original Sunday, a total of $354,750 was raised.

Stasiak was the first player to take a turn in the role of dream crusher. Stasiak raised from UTG to 5550,000 with AdQc before Norihiro Otani moved all in for 2,712,724 with 6c6s. Stasiak called and then connected with the KhQc4c flop to take control of the pot. The turn was the Qd and the river was the 3h to eliminate Otani in ninth.

Stewart Kilpatrick nursed his short stack for another 15 minutes before he took a stand. Harry Lodge raised to 618,000 from UTG+1 and Kilpatrick called from the big blind. The flop came 8c7d5d and Kilpatrick moved all in for 1,991,100 and Lodge called. Kilpatrick showed 4h5h for bottom pair and a straight draw while Lodge showed Ts8h for top pair. The Tc turn gave Lodge two pair and the 7s river completed the baord to eliminate Kilpatrick in eighth place.

Down to fewer than seven big blinds, Andreas Phouli moved all in from the hijack with AsTd and David Montoya move all in over the top from the button with JdJh. The board ran out Qc8c3c4h2h to eliminate Phouli in seventh.

A standard race ten minutes later led to the next elimination. Lodge raised to 824,000 from the hijack with 8d8s before Evan Parkes moved all in for 4,764,664 from the small blind with AsKs. Montoya folded his blind and Lodge called. THe 9h4c2s flop changed nothing and Parkes was unable to make a pair through the Tc turn or Th river and was out in sixth place.

The two players responsible for the previous two eliminations then clashed in a dramatic hand. Montoya moved all in from the cutoff for 7,169,640 with Jd8d and Lodge called from the small blind with 9c9s. Montoya made two pair on the Js8c5s flop but Lodge improved to a set on the 9h turn. The river was the 7h to eliminate Montoya in fifth.

Stasiak then got back into the elimination game. From the button, Stasiak raised to 1,200,000 and Abhinav Iyer moved all in for 6,514,824 and Stasiak called. Iyer tabled Ah3h while Stasiak showed Ad5d. The 9h6c4h flop gave Iyer all kinds of outs. The Tc turn was not one of them and when the 2s completed the board, he was eliminated in fourth.

Just over 15 minutes later, Stasiak ended another player’s shot at WSOP glory. Lodge moved all in from the small blind with Kh5c and Stasiak woke up with 8c8d in the big blind and called. The board ran out 9c5h4s3d9d to eliminate Lodge and send the tournament to heads up.

Stasiak actually started heads up play with a slight chip deficit to Ilobera but it took him just 10 minutes of play to capture the chip lead and all of the chips in play. Ilobera moved all in from the button with 2d2h and Stasiak called with Ah6s. The AdQsTd flop gave Stasiak the lead and he kept it with the 4s turn and Ks river completing the board to eliminate Ilobera in second place.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Alek Stasiak – $343,203
  2. Martin Ilobera – $246,765
  3. Harry Lodge – $177,426
  4. Abhinav Iyer – $127,571
  5. David Montoya – $91,724
  6. Evan Parkes – $65,951
  7. Andreas Phouli – $47,419
  8. Stewart Kilpatrick – $34,095
  9. Norihiro Otani – $24,514