WSOP: Allen ‘Acnyc718’ Chang Dominates Final Table to Win Event #5

Allen Chang took down Event #5 ($1,000 NLHE Freezeout) early Monday morning to win his first career bracelet and $161,286.44.

Starting the final table with the biggest stack, Allen ‘Acnyc718’ Chang eliminated five of his eight opponents to take down Event #5 ($1,000 NLHE Freezeout) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online to win his first bracelet and a $161,286 payday.

The tournament was the first freezeout on the schedule and attracted 854 runners to create an $811,300 prize pool, the second largest of through the first five events, trailing only Event #2 ($1,000 NLHE).

The win was the 12th career WSOP cash for Yang and his first final table.

Starting the final table with the second shortest stack at just 8.5 big blinds, Quintin ‘AA_QTiP_KK’ Trammell moved all-in from the cutoff for 699,132 with KhQs after ‘iseefoodtuna’ opened to 120,000 from middle position with TdTs. ‘iseefoodtuna’ called and then sweated through a Js9c7d7h6s runout to eliminate Trammell in ninth.

Two minutes later, Chang put his big stack to work to end the other short stack home. Action folded to ‘charliefrog’ in the cutoff and they moved all in for 532,132 with AsJh and Chang called from the small blind with QsJs. The AdTc7c flop gave ‘charliefrog’ top pair and left Chang drawing to Broadway. The 5h turn changed nothing but the Kd river filled Chang’s straight draw and eliminated ‘charliefrog’ in eighth.

Alexander ‘ShadowFiend’ Condon raised to 200,000 with QdQh from late position before John ‘Slapshot1085’ Forlenza moved all in for 790,158 with AdQs from the cutoff. The board ran out 8s7d6sQsKc to give Condon middle set and eliminate Forlenza in seventh place.

Condon got into another all-in preflop situation 15 minutes later that had a very different outcome. Condon raised to 240,000 with AdKs from late position and Chang moved all in for 6,353,967 from the button with JdJs and Condon called. The Qh5h3d2d7d runout gave Condon no help and he was eliminated in sixth.

Chang found another victim just a few minutes later. Down to just 12 big blinds, ‘married’ moved all in from UTG with 2c2s and action folded to Chang in the big blind who called with KhKs. The Ad8c6s flop kept Chang in front and ‘married’ was unable to pick up one of their two remaining outs through the 7s turn and Jd river and busted in fifth place.

Four-handed play lasted a full 30 minutes. From UTG, ‘iseefoodtuna’ moved all in for 2,278,039 holding Ah2c. Philip ‘tomte’ Yeh moved all in for 3,305,205 from the small blind with AdAs. The TcTd2d flop gave ‘iseefoodtuna’ some hope but the Ks turn and 5c river couldn’t save them from a fourth place result.

Chang continued to use his big stack in optimal spots and earned yet another elimination. Action folded to Chang on the button and he raised to 360,000 and Felipe ‘McBain’ Leme called from the big blind. The flop came Ah9s5c, Leme checked, Chang bet 350,000 and Leme called. The turn was the 7h and Leme moved all in for 2,342,150 and Chang called. Leme showed Kh9h for second pair and the nut flush draw while Chang turned over AdKs for top pair. The 2d river was a blank and Leme was eliminated in third.

Chang started heads-up play with a 2.5-1 chip lead over Yeh. It took 25 minutes before the pair clashed in a hand the resulted in Chang’s victory. Yeh moved all in for 2,900,000 with 8c6c and Chang called with QhJs. The board ran out Jh7c4h4c2d to give Chang top pair and eliminate Yeh in second place.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Allen ‘Acnyc718’ Chang – $161,286
  2. Philip ‘tomte’ Yeh – $99,709
  3. Felipe ‘McBain’ Leme – $69,772
  4. iseefoodtuna – $49,570
  5. married – $35,697
  6. Alex ‘ShadowFiend1’ Condon – $26,124
  7. John ‘Slapshot1085’ Forlenza – $19,390
  8. charliefrog – $14,603
  9. Quintin ‘AA_QTiP_KK’ Trammell – $11,196

Faces in the Crowd

Ryan ‘Protential’ Laplante just missed out on the final table, finishing in 11th place for $8,680.91. He wasn’t the only familiar face who worked their way into the money. A few well known online grinders and players who have found success early on in the Series also cashed including Michael ‘itwasthator0’ Gagliano (12th – $8,680.91), Event #2 winner Louis ‘PokeThese’ Lynch (50th – $2,758.42), Daniel ‘redsoxnets5’ Sewnig (94th – $1,703.73), Jed ‘jchak’ Hoffman (110th – $1,622.60), Katie ‘katelin’ Lindsay (113th – $1,622.60), and fresh off of his fourth place finish in Event #4 on Saturday, Frank ‘spaghettiii’  snuck into the money with 124th finish worth $1,622.60.