WSOP: Anatoly Suvarov Turns $150 Into $183,526, WSOP Bracelet

Anatoly Suvarov. turned his $150 buy-in into a six-figure score and a WSOP gold bracelet over the weekend.

It took just over 14 hours to complete the most recent one day WSOP bracelet event on GGPoker, and the latest player to take home some hardware was Anatoly Suvarov. For defeating the massive player pool of 9,835, Suvarov will take home a career-best $183,526. Let’s take a closer look at the final table action to see how all of the chips ended up in Suvarov’s stack. 

William Overmire was the first casualty of the final table. He would get it all in after the flop came down KsJs4c holding QdJd, and he was ahead of the As4s flush draw held by Jean-Francois Alexandre. Alexandre would complete his flush on the river, sending Overmire to the rail in ninth for $10,195.

The next player out the door was Andre Grohnert. He would shove from the small blind with Js3h, but David Edelstein picked up Ah6s in the big blind. Edelstein would flop trip sixes, and the hand was over by the turn. 

Seventh place would eventually go to Adam Cader. He moved all-in from the cutoff for 5,800,000 with Ah8h , but unfortunately for him, Amine Hamza called from the big blind with AdQc The board ran down Ks9d3d3hTc, and Cader would take home $21,000 for his showing. 

Six handed play would last over an hour before Hector Caldero bowed out. He would get his final chips in ahead, holding Kc8h to the Ks5s of Edelstein. A five would come right on the flop to change the script, sending Caldero to the rail in sixth, good for $30,140. 

Edelstein would make it back-to-back eliminations, after busting Jean-Francois Alexandre next. Alexandre would get his final 6,200,000 in from the button with Qc9c, and Edelstein called with AhJs. Neither player improved on the five-card runout, meaning the ace-high was good enough to score the elimination. Alexandre took home $43,256 for his efforts. 

The rapid-fire eliminations continued, as not long after, Amine Hamza would bow out in fourth. The money would go into the middle after the flop came down Ts3c4d. Hamza was in good shape, holding Tc6d to the 6h5h of Anatoly Suvarov. However, a seven would come right on the turn, leaving Hamza drawing dead to a chop. That wouldn’t happen on the river, and Hamza would have to settle for $62,081. 

Three-handed play would drag for a bit before Tom Hoseth busted out after a big race preflop. He would get his final chips in holding pocket nines, and he was flipping against the AcQc of Suvarov. The Russian would catch two clubs on the flop and was able to river a flush to secure the knockout.

Heads up play looked like it would last a while, as both players had about 50 big blinds, and the chip lead would pass back and forth for over an hour before Suvarov sealed the deal.

On the final hand, David Edelstein raised to 3,200,000, Suvarov three-bet to 9,384,000.  Edelstein shoved for 42,500,000 and Suvarov called it off with TsTd. He was flipping against the KdQh, and a jack on the flop was the only face card that would come, bringing no help to Edelstein.

Edelstein will have to settle for turning $150 into $127,872 for 2nd place, while Anatoly Survarov earns his first WSOP bracelet, along with $183,526. This win alone is worth more than all of Suvarov’s live earnings to this point. 

Final Table Payouts

  1. Anatoly Suvarov – $183,526
  2. David Edelstein– $127,872
  3. Tom Hoseth – $89,098
  4. Amine Hamza – $62,081
  5. Jean-Francois Alexandre – $43,256
  6. Hector Caldero – $30,140
  7. Adam Cader – $21,000
  8. Andre Grohnert – $14,632
  9. William Overmire – $10,195