WSOP: Andy Hun Wei Lee Takes Down Event #37 for $162K

Malaysia's Andy Hun Wei Lee won Event #37 of the World Series of Poker Online on GGPoker. (Star photo)

Malaysian-born Andy Hun Wei Lee beat out 970 other entries to win World Series of Poker Online Event #37 ($1,050 Bounty Pot Limit Omaha) to earn $161,886 and become the third player from his home country to win a WSOP bracelet.

Lee had all the chips at the end of the final table, but the early gooing consisted almost entirely of Craig Timmis playing the role of bounty hunter on his way to eliminating the first four players.

Shortly after the final table began, Timmis opened to 200,000 from the hijack before Alex Difelice raised to 750,000 from the button. Timmis bet 1,300,000 and Difelice called all in. Timmis showed Ad6s5s4d while Defilice tabled JsJdJs6h. The Td8c2d flop gave Timmis a flush draw. The 9s turn added a straight draw and the 7h completed the straight to eliminate Difelice in ninth place.

Timmis went right back to work five minutes later. Attila Kuna raised to 250,000 from UTG., Timmis called from middle position with KcKsQhTs and Shaul Meir called from the small blind with Ah7d7h5d. The flop came Jd9d6c. Meir moved all in for 436,092, Kuna folded and Timmis called. The turn was the 9c and Meir missed all of his draws on the 3h river and was out in eighth.

Timmis waited 15 minutes before sending his next victim to the rail. Nikolaus Eigners raised to 350,000 from middle position with AdAsQhTh. Timmis re-raised from the small blind to 1,100,000 with KdQc7s2c and Eigners called all in for 946,658. The Tc6c2h flop gave Timmis bottom pair and a flush draw. Timmis further connected with the 7d turn for two pair and then made a full house with the 7h river to bust Eigners in seventh place.

Timmis continued to be the only player responsible for eliminations when he ended another player’s tournament 20 minutes later. Kuna raised from the button to 420,000 and Ming Juen Teoh and Timmis defended their blinds. After the AhTs6c flop, Jung Teoh and Timmis checked. Kuna bet 175,8000 and Timmis called and then checked on the 2d turn. Kuna move all in for 906,444 and Timmis called. Kuna showed KhKsTc5d and Timmis showed 7h6h4c2c. The river was the 3h river was a blank and Timmis’ two pair was good enough to send Kuna out in sixth.

Five-handed play went on for 40 minutes before Lee got involved in the elimination game. Action folded to Lee in the small blind and he raised to 600,000 before Jung Teoh re-raised to 1,800,000. Lee responded by betting 3,600,000 total and Jung Teoh called. Jung Teoh was ahead with AhKdKs3c to the As9s5h2h that Lee held. The Td6c3s flop seem harmless enough. The Js turn gave Lee a flush draw but the 4c river filled his gutshot straight draw instead and Jung Teoh was finished in fifth place.

Lee turned another player into a railbird just five minutes later. Bradley Ruben called from the button, Janne Peltoniemi folded the small blind and Lee checked his big. The Kh8s7d flop was good enough for Lee to bet 300,000. Ruben raised to 1,400,000 and Lee re-raised to 4,700,000 and Ruben called all in. Lee showed Qd8d8h3s which put him in front of Ruben’s Kc7h6h5c. The Qc turn and 3h river completed the board to eliminate Ruben in fourth.

Despite having built up a huge stack thanks to all of those early eliminations he was responsible for, Timmis couldn’t finish the job. On the button, Timmis raised to 400,000, Peltoniemi folded the small blind and Lee defended his big blind. The flop came Qs6c5h and Timmis bet 675,000. Lee made it 2,925,000 to go and Timmis moved all in for 3,906,564 and Lee called. Lee showed KdQh[4][2] with Timmis tabling Jh6d4s3c. Timmis was unable to improve on the 9c turn or Kc river and was forced to settle for a third place finish.

Holding a 5-1 chip lead, it took Lee just five minutes to eliminate his final opponent. Peltoniemi raised to 720,000 from the button and then called all in when Lee raised to 2,160,000. Peltoniemi had Kd8d8h7d while Lee was ahead with AdJcTdTs. The board ran out Ac9s3h2c4d to officially eliminate Peltoniemi in second place and give Lee his first career bracelet and $79,896

Final Table Payouts

  1. Andy Hun Wei Lee – $161,886 (including bounties)
  2. Janne Peltoniemi – $64,246 (including bounties)
  3. Craig Timmis – $66,836 (including bounties)
  4. Bradley Ruben – $39,472 (including bounties)
  5. Ming Juen Teoh – $37,083 (including bounties)
  6. Attila Kuna – $25,287 (including bounties)
  7. Nikolaus Eigners – $14,537 (including bounties)
  8. Shaul Meir – $12,031 (including bounties)
  9. Alex Difelice – $10,442 (including bounties)