WSOP: Bradley Ruben Makes Second PLO Final Table, Gets Bracelet #1

Bradley Ruben had already made on WSOP final table this summer, but on Sunday he went one step further and shipped his first career bracelet (SHRPO photo)

Bradley Ruben has had a successful World Series of Poker Online so far this summer, with six cashes, including the final table of Event #27 ($1,050 PLO Bounty). He finished fourth in that event for nearly $40,000, but on Sunday he was able to get to the top, taking home his first WSOP bracelet, and over $220,000 for winning Event #62 ($1,500 PLO).

The final table ended up starting short-handed with eight players, as there was a double elimination with ten players left. At virtually the same time, Simon Mason busted in 10th place, while Adam Hendrix quickly followed him out the door in ninth place. This left Canadian Patrick Serda holding the lead eight-handed. 

After shipping a double up over to another opponent, a short-stacked Tal Peretz got his final 360,000 and change in the middle, and Sami Kelopuro three-bet the pot to get everyone else out of the hand. Peretz held JhJc6s4s, and he was trailing the AhAcKdTs of Kelopuro. The flop of AsKc5s gave Kelopuro top set, but also gave Peretz a flush draw. However, two hearts closed out the board, and Peretz busted in eight place, earning $17,858.

Despite starting the final table as the chip leader, Serda was the next person out, busting in a huge pot against Dorel Eldabach.  Eldabach raised to 280,000 from late position, and Serda defended his big blind. The flop of 7s4s3c saw Serda check call bet of 215,151, and the Ts hit the turn. Serda checked again, and Eldabach fired 310,000. Serda check-raised to 910,000, and Eldabach called. The Td river saw Serda move all-in for 1,868,679, and Eldabach put him at risk, showing AsKc7c3s for the best flush possible. Serda showed Qs8c6d4d for a complete bluff, and he’d had to settle for $33,910 in seventh.

Next out the door was Sami Kelopuro. He made it 560,000 to go from the hijack, and Blaz Zerjav three-bet to 1,920,000, a pot sized bet. It folded back to Kelopuro, and he moved all in for another 1,344,671 on top of his raise. Zerjav called with KhKcJc8d, and he was well in front of the 9s9c3h3c. Zerjav flopped top set, and Kelopuro was drawing dead by the turn. He earned $46,727.14 for his finish.

Despite picking up that elimination, it was Zerjav who bowed out next in fifth. He raised it up under the gun, and Ruben three-bet to 1,500,000 on the button. Zerjav made the call, and the flop came 7c6c6s. Zerjav check, then called all-in for 2,500,000 and change after Ruben shoved. Zerjav showed 9h9c8d7d, which was drawing very live against the AsAcKsTd of Ruben. However, the Qc turn and Jc river provided no further help. The Slovenian took home $64,389 for his efforts.

Ruben made it back-to-back eliminations after taking out Naman Madan in fourth. Ruben started by raising to 420,000 in the cutoff, and Madan three-bet to 1,560,000. Ruben made the call, and the flop came down Qh5h5s. Ruben checked, and Madan bet the pot, 3,420,000. Ruben moved all in for the one million Madan had left, and the cards were shown. 

Madan: KsKdTc8d 

Ruben: QdQs7d6s

Ruben had flopped top set, leaving Madan drawing rather thin. No further help came, and Madan settled for $88,727 in fourth.

Jens Lakemeier just missed out on heads up play, bowing out in third. In his final hand, he made it 504,000 to go from the button. Ruben three-bet the pot to 1,752,000 and that was called by Lakemeier. The flop came down 8c7d6s, and Ruben bet the pot, setting Lakemeier all-in. He called with AsJs8d5d, and had a ton of outs against the KdKsQhJc of Ruben. The Kc gave Ruben top set, and the Ac river changed nothing. Lakemeier bowed out in 3rd place, taking home $122,264.05.

Heads-up didn’t last very long, as Ruben was simply unstoppable towards the end. On the final hand,  Dorel Eldabach three bet after a raise from Ruben. Ruben called, and after the flop of Jh8h4c flop, he called the all-in from Eldabach. 

Ruben: Ah9s6s6h

Eldabach: KhKc5s2c

Eldabach’s kings were in the lead, and the kings held on the 7d turn. However, the Qh river gave Ruben the nut flush, ending the tournament. 

Eldabach will take home $168,477.54 for his runner up spot, while Ruben earned his first WSOP bracelet and $220,159.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Bradley Ruben – $220,160
  2. Dorel Eldabach– $168,478
  3. Jens Lakemeier – $122,264
  4. Naman Madan – $88,727
  5. Blaz Zerjav – $64,389
  6. Sami Kelopuro – $46,727
  7. Patrick Serda – $33,910
  8. Tal Peretz – $24,608
  9. Adam Hendrix – $17,858