WSOP: Chris Conley Goes From ‘tonkaaaa’ Home Game to Main Event


Chris Conley is hoping to turn his domination of the ‘tonkaaaa’ home game into a huge Main Event score.

Canadian poker pro Chris Conley is hoping to become the answer to a trivia question one day with an answer that doesn’t even seem possible.

Which World Series of Poker Main Event winner paid the least to be in the Main Event they won?

If Conley goes on to outlast the 2,000 or so remaining players in the 2017 Main Event, his answer is technically -$388.

Conley is playing the Main Event after working his way up through the home game put on by Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot on 888poker. The buy-in for that game was $12 and the winner got the standard MTT cash prize plus a seat to a sit-n-go that awarded a Main Event prize package. Conley won the home game for $400 and then won the sit-n-go.

Conley, who serves a chat moderator for Talbot’s Twitch channel, almost busted the freeroll after nature called. Just not for him.

“On the final table, my two-year old came to me with a poopy diaper. It was running down his leg, it was one of those ones,” said Conley. “I had 25 or 26 big blinds and ace-king, and I didn’t even look at the action before me I just clicked shove, ran into the other room to grab a diaper and some baby-wipes, changed him, came back and realized that I doubled up,”

He went on to put those chips to good use in winning the seat, but never even thought to look at the hand history to see exactly how the hand played out.

“I might have cracked aces, I don’t even know,” joked Conley.

The Main Event has been a real roller coaster for Conley though. He finished Day 1 with just 7,600 chips from a starting stack of 50,000. There were only 63 players with a smaller stack. He doubled up on the first hand of Day 2C and then built his stack up throughout the day. He finished Day 2C with 130,200.

Conley and his family recently moved from a Vancouver, BC to suburb to Prince George, a city in northern BC, to take advantage of more affordable real estate and enjoy what some people would consider a typical Canadian climate.

“I grew up in Langley, the summer doesn’t get past 25 and the winter doesn’t get past 5 and you never really have three feet of snow to go out and play in,” said Conley. “With four kids, and a quiet part of Prince George, I’m really excited to go out and go out sledding with the kids, make snow angels, do all that stuff. And then in the summer, they have a few really good golf courses in the area.”

Even though he’s playing the Main Event on a freeroll win, he’s not going to use any potential winnings on something silly. He and his wife have already talked about best uses for a windfall.

“We were kind of joking around, at the various different stages of cashes and what we would do with them. From the min-cash, that we would go and renovate the kitchen, the next stage up is like the $30-40,000 cash and we can do the kitchen reno and I can boost my bankroll and we can do the windows, all the way up to the $100,000, which is we can get the nice full house reno and I can have a $50,000 bankroll,” said Conley.