WSOP: Eight-time Circuit Ring Winner Michael Lech Wins Bracelet #1

Michael Lech took down WSOP Online Event #13 ($1,500 NLHE High Roller) to win his first career WSOP bracelet. (WSOP photo)

Michael Lech is one of 13 players with at least eight World Series of Poker Circuit rings to his name. Early Tuesday morning the Arkansas native won Event #13 ($1,500 NLHE High Roller) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online to become just the fifth player of that group to own a WSOP bracelet.

Lech topped the 649-player field in Event #13 to win $164,248.92 for his first career bracelet and seventh cash since the Series started on July 1. The final table included Connor Drinan chasing his first career bracelet and a potential six-figure payday from a bracelet bet with Daniel Negreanu. Megan ‘wolverine17’ Milburn, the player Mike Matusow berated during his YouTube live stream earlier in the Series, also made the final table.

The final table had barely begun and one player was shown the door. From the button, Michael ‘wsopmd’ Dolle moved all in for 836,123 with Ah7d and Lech called with QdQs. The KsTc8c9sJh runout gave Lech a king-high straight to beat Dolle’s jack-high straight and eliminate Dolle in ninth place.

A few moments later, Milburn moved all in for 775,161 from UTG+1 with AcQs before ‘Bingooo‘ re-shoved for 1,630,010 from the small blind with AhJh. The Jc7h3c flop gave ‘Bingooo’ control and all Milburn could do was watch as the 2s turn and 3s river completed the board to eliminate Milburn in eighth.

Ten minutes later, ‘Bingooo’ eliminated another opponent. From the cutoff, ‘Bingooo’ min-raised to 240,000 and Christopher ‘pokeher2014’ Fuchs called from the big blind. The flop came Ah7s4c and Fuchs moved all in for 342,320 and ‘Bingoooo’ called. Fuchs showed 8h6h for a gutshot straight draw while ‘Bingooo’ tabled Ac6c for top pair. Fuchs picked up a pair on the 8s turn but the Ad river made his seventh place finish official.

The most high profile player at the final table was the next player shown the exit. Connor ‘666666’ Drinan, who is one of a handful of players with a six-figure bracelet bet against Negreanu, moved all in from UTG for 1,421,573 with Ac8d before William ‘SlaweelRyam’ Romaine called from the big blind with AsKh. The Td6s3c4dJs runout was of no help for Drinan and he was out in sixth.

Romaine wasn’t done playing executioner. From UTG, Romaine raised to 627,347 with Ad2h and Paul ‘ToTheMoon’ Dewald called all in from the cutoff with 5d5s. The Ah9s7h flop moved Romain ahead and Dewald missed his chance to improve on the Tc turn and 7d river and was eliminated in fifth place.

Despite having picked up a pair of eliminations earlier, ‘Bingooo’ was the shortstack four-handed. Sean ‘SPS8710’ Seifert moved all in from the button for 2,054,764 with 6c6s and ‘Bingooo’ called all in from the big blind with Ah5d. Seifert moved way ahead on the Qd6h2c flop. The 3c turn gave ‘Bingooo’ some hope but the Tc river snuffed it out to eliminate them in fourth.

It took 25 minutes of three-handed play to get down to just two players. Down to less than three big blinds, Seifert moved all in from the button with Qc7h and Leach called from the big blind with 8h5d. The AcJd6s4d7s runout gave Lech a runner-runner eight-high straight to eliminate Seifert in third.

Lech held a slight lead when heads-up play began and it took nearly 15 minutes for Lech to finish off Romaine. Lech raised to 560,000 and Romaine called. Romaine checked the KcTd3d flop and Lech bet 868,000. Romaine moved all in for 4,898,890 and was immediately called by Lech. Romaine showed Tc8s for second pair but got bad news when Lech tabled AhKs for top pair. Neither the Qs turn or 7h river were able to save Romaine and he was out in second place giving Lech the title and $164,249.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Michael ‘miguelfiesta’ Lech – $164,249
  2. William ‘SlaweelRyam’ Romaine – $110,979
  3. Sean ‘SPS8710’ Seifert – $77,408
  4. Bingooo – $56,599
  5. Paul ‘ToTheMoon’ Dewald – $40,600
  6. Connor ‘666666’ Drinan – $29,964
  7. Christopher ‘pokeher2014’ Fuchs – $22,381
  8. Megan ‘wolverine17’ Milburn – $18,404
  9. Michael ‘wsopmd’ Dolle – $14,982

Faces in the Crowd

He wasn’t playing in a Whole Foods parking lot on Monday night, but Event #12 winner Ryan ‘Joeyisamush’ Deangelo finished 23rd for $6,381.29. Negreanu finished also earned $6,381.29 for coming in four spots behind Deangelo. Other notables who finished in the money incldued David ‘bewater’ Goodman (32nd – $5,456.46), David ‘Twizzlers’ Prociak (47th – $3,976.74), Philip ‘tomte’ Yeh (57th – $3,421.85), Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo (83rd – $2,219.58), Chris ‘Robotbob47’ Moorman (86th – $2,219.58).