WSOP: Enrico Camosci Wins Event #50 for Bracelet, Massive Bounty

Enrico Camosci earned over $350,000 and a WSOP bracelet on Tuesday (PokerStars photo).

Enrico Camosci did such a phenomenal job of navigating his way through the 1,168-entry field in Event #50 ($2,100 NLHE Bounty Championship) that he basically finished first AND second in the event.

Camosci’s total earnings of $327,319.28 came from the first place share of $184,579 from the prize pool and then another $142,740 in bounties – that was more than Omer Ozsirkinti share of the prize pool for coming in second place.

Former WSOP Main Event final tablist Damian Salas started the final table with the third shortest stack and just two minutes later, he was out. Aki Virtanen raised from middle position to 352,000 before Salas moved all in for 1,292,833 in the big blind. Virtanen called and turned over QcQh and Salas showed 5c5d. The AhQs8s flop gave Virtanen an even firmer grasp on the pot. The 5h turn gave Salas some hope but the Qd gave Virtanen quad queens to send the Argentian to the rail in ninth place.

2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure winner Dominik Panka was the shortest stack at the final table and lasted four minutes after Salas departed. Panka moved all in for 864,000 for middle position before Murilo Figueredo came over the top from the button for 1,616,000 forcing the blinds to fold. Panka showed Ah4h but found himself dominated by Figueredo’s AcQc. The Jc9c3s flop took away one of Panka’s outs. The 8d turn changed nothing and the 3h river sealed Panka’s eighth place finish.

Virtanen sent another player to the rail four minutes later. From the cutoff, Virtanen raised to 352,000 before Connor Drinan jammed his last 2,310,707 into the middle from the small blind. Virtanen called and sshowed 6d6s which had him racing against Drinan’s AcKs. The 9h8s4cJcTh runout didn’t connect with Drinan and he was out in seventh.

It took 10 minutes for the next elimination to occur and once again it was Virtanen doing the dirty work. Virtanen opened to 352,000 from the cutoff and Renato Valentim jammed his last 1,904,000 and Virtanen called. Valentim showed As8s while Virtanen was behind with KhQs. The KsQc8c flop changed things in a hurry and Valentim didn’t find any help on the 7d turn or Jc river and was eliminated in sixth place.

The remaining five players played for nearly a half hour without busting anybody before the short stack couldn’t hold out any longer. Camosci raised to 480,000 from UTG and Figueredo moved all in from the big blind for 714,952 and Camosci called. Figueredo turned over Kh6c while Camosci had Ah9d. The 9c5d4s flop gave Camosci top pair and the Ad turned that into an even stronger holding. The meaningless 6d river ended Figueredo’s night with a fifth place finish.

Camosci continued to accumulate chips and soon found himself taking out another player. Camosci raised to 600,000 from the button and Alexander Fitasov moved all in from the big blind for 5,565,902. Camosci called and turned over AcTc while Fitasov held QdQs. Camosci improved on the AsKd5h flop. Fitasov picked up some extra outs on the Ts turn but couldn’t turn it into anything with the 8c river and was out in fourth.

Virtanen’s night ended three minutes later. Omer Ozsirkinti raised to 600,000 from the button and Virtanen defended his big blind. The flop came KdQd5d, Virtanen checked, Ozsirkinti bet 666,666 and Virtanen raised all in for 4,059,740. Ozsirkinti called and showed AdTc while Virtanen showed Td9d for a flopped flush. The 9s turn changed nothing but the 3d river gave Ozsirkinti the nut flush to bust Virtanen in third place.

Camosci had 63% of the chips when heads up action started and it took just 10 minutes for him to acquire the rest. The final hand was one for SportsCenter. Camosci raised to 800,000, Ozsirkinti re-raised to 2,600,000, Camosci moved all in for 18,772,267 and Ozsirkinti called all in. Ozsirkinti showed AdKh while Camosci showed 7h7s. The AsJs5s flop gave Ozsirkinti top pair but gave Camosci nine more outs to a flush. The Tc turn was a blank but Camosci caught the 3s river to eliminate Ozsirkinti and lay claim to his first career WSOP bracelet and a $327,319.28 score.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Enrico Camosci – $327,319.28
  2. Omer Ozsirkinti – $182,563,69
  3. Aki Virtanen – $144,249.40
  4. Alexander Fitasov – $77,292.64
  5. Murilo Figueredo – $69,849.10
  6. Renato Valentim – $44,463.19
  7. Connor Drinan – $26,960.24
  8. Dominik Panka – $19,565.05
  9. Damian Salas – $14,198.44