WSOP Europe: Andreas Klatt Wins €1,100 Pot Limit Omaha


Earlier this year, German poker pro Andreas Klatt took home the title of WPT/PokerStars Championship MonteDam Swing winner. While it showcased his ability in a couple different events in different countries, it’s not exactly the most prestigous title in the poker world. Klatt picked up something with much more prestige on Tuesday afternoon, beating 522 other players to win Event #2 (€1,100 Pot Limit Omaha) at WSOP Europe for €56,400 and his first career WSOP bracelet.

Once the final table of eight was seated, it took over 2.5 hours to get the first elimination out of the way. Ehlers raised to 65,000 from UTG and Vasile Stancu called from the button. After the Kd7s5c flop, Ehler bet 80,000 only to have Stancu move all in for 242,000 behind him. Ehlers called and tables AcKh9s7c for top two pair while Stancu tabled KsQhQsTc for top pair. The turn was the As and the river was the 4s to eliminate Stancu in eighth.

Almost 20 hands later, there were just six players remaining after an all in pre-flop confrontation. Michal Maryska raised from the button to 140,000 before Georgios Zisimopoulos made it 460,000 to go from the big blind. Maryska called all in and turned over AsKh3d2h while Zisimopoulos tabled KdKs9d6s. Zisimopoulos moved even further ahead after the Kc8d4d flop and locked the hand up after the 9c turn. The 6d river gave Zisimopoulos an unneeded flush and Maryska was out in seventh.

Zisimopoulos was on the good side of the next elimination as well. Krzysztof Magott raised to 175,000 from UTG and Zisimopoulos called from the hijack. Magott moved all in after the KhJs4s flop and Zisimopoulos called. Magott was ahead with AcKd5d5c while Zisimopoulos was drawing with the AhQhQsJd. The Th turn completed his straight draw and Magott could only pack up his things as the Jc river completed the board and sent him home in sixth.

Having already made the final table in the opening event, Sergio Fernandez was the one player people had their eye on when the final table began. He began the final table with the second biggest chip stack, but couldn’t improve upon his third place finish in Event #1. Ehlers raised to 175,000 from the button before Fernandez moved all in for 385,000. Ehlers called and flipped over JcTc8h7h while Fernandez was just ahead wiht KhJsTd8c. The flop came 7s6s6c to put Ehlers ahead. Neither the 4h river or 3d turn was any help for Fernandez and he was out in fifth place.

Ehlers picked up another elimination 45 minutes later. Action folded to Ehlers in the small blind and he raised to 240,000 and Aidonopoulos called from the big blind. The flop came 9h3h2h and Ehlers bet 480,000 and Aidonopoulos called. Ehlers showed Adtd]Th6s while Aidonopoulos was behind with KdQs5c3s. The turn was the Jc and the river was the 8c to eliminate Aidonopoulos in fourth.

Three-handed play lasted about an hour before Klatt picked up his first victim at the final table. Zisimopoulos raised to 300,000 from the small blind and Klatt made it 900,000 to go. Zisimopoulos called all in and showed Ad6s6c2d while Klatt turned over JdTc9s6d The QdTs3s flop made Klatt the favorite and the 8s turn completed his straight draw to eliminate Zisimopoulos in third. The meaningless river was the 9c

Klatt entered heads up play with 4-3 chip lead and need a little more than half hour to eliminate Ehlers and claim the title. Klatt button-raised to 200,000 and Ehlers called. Both players checked the Qd9c6s flop to see the 8c turn. Ehlers bet 200,000 before Klatte raised to 1,000,000 even. Ehlers moved all in for just over 2.1 million more. Klatt called and turned over AcJsTd2h for the nut straight while Ehlers had a smaller straight and a flush draw with KcQc7h5s. the river was the Qs to eliminate Ehlers and give Klatt his first career title.


  1. Andreas Klatt – €56,400
  2. Nico Ehlers – €34,860
  3. Georgios Zisimopoulos – €23,979
  4. Theodoros Aidonopoulos – €16,809
  5. Sergio Fernandez – €11,985
  6. Krzysztof Magott – €8,700
  7. Michal Maryska – €6,433
  8. Vasile Stancu – €4,847