WSOP Europe: Dominik Nitsche Wins One Drop High Roller, Bracelet #4

Dominik Nitsche won his fourth career WSOP bracelet Sunday at WSOP Europe (WSOP photo)

Over the past few years, German players have dominated the exploding Super High Roller scene. But while that’s been happening, one of the country’s best has been unable to find the winner’s circle. That changed on Sunday at WSOP Europe as Dominik Nitsche won the €111,111 One Drop High Roller for his fourth career WSOP bracelet and €3,487,463.

“It’s not about the bracelets for me, mostly. It’s about playing really well. I’m more proud of how I played rather than that I won,” said Nitsche. “The bracelets are nice, but the bracelets show me that my hard work pays off. I’m not the kind of guy to go trophy chasing. I’m more the kind of guy to play in a high roller because I love competing against the best.”

Martin Kabrhel has already won one bracelet over the last two weeks, on Sunday he came close to winning another one. Having held the chip lead multiple times during the first two days of this event, some expected Kabrhel to contend entering Day 3. Nitsche put a stop to all of that. With blinds of 600,000/1,200,000 (200,000 ante), Nitsche raised to 2.5 million from the hijack before Kabrhel made it 12,000,000. Nitsche responded by moving all in and Kabrhel called. Nitsche showed KdTd which put him slightly behind Kabrhel’s AdKc. Nitsche picked up a flush draw on the Qd5h2d flop. The Qs turn kept Kabrhel ahead, but the 3d river gave Nitsche his flush and eliminated Kabrhel in eighth.

Nitsche was responsible for the next elimination as well, this time sending the lone amateur at the final table, Ahadpur Khangah, out. Action folded to Khangah in the small blind and he defended, Nitsche raised to 3,200,000 and Khangah responded by moving all in. Nitsche called and showed QdQs and found himself racing against Khangah’s AdKc. The board ran out Tc7c7sJcQh to give Khangah Broadway that turned out to be second best to Nitsche’s full house.

It took about an hour for another player to run out of chips and this time, it was one of the four Germans who made the final table. Mikita Badziakouski raised to 4,500,000 from the button before Christoph Vogelsang re-raised all in for 13,600,000. Badziakouski tabled Ac7h which put him behind Vogelsang’s [ah[]qd]. The AdTh7d flop put Badziakouski ahead with two pair and neither the 8c turn or Jc river were able to bring Vogelsang’s hand back from the dead and he was eliminated in sixth place.

German-on-german violence lead to the next elimination. Andreas Eiler moved all in from the button for just over 60,000,000 and Steffen Sontheimer called from the big blind. Elier held Kc8c and Sontheimer was ahead with AdJc. The KhTd6s flop moved Eiler in front. Neither the 4d turn or 3d river were any help for Sontheimer and he was sent to the cashier window in fifth place.

A few hands later, Nitsche went back to working his role as executioner. From UTG, Nitsche raised to 4,500,000 and action folded to Thomas Muehloecker in the big blind. He moved all in for 5,025,000 and Nitsche called. Muehloecker turned over 4s2s which put him well behind Nitsche’s 6h6s. The board ran out 7c7h3s9cTc to eliminate Muehloecker and further Nitsche’s lead.

Nitsche assumed the role of bystander for the next elimination. Eiler opened to 5,500,000 from the button, Badziakouski moved all in from the big blind for 59,200,000 and Eiler called. Badziakouski showed 8h8s while Eiler tabled AsKs. The Tc9h4d flop was a safe one for Badziakouski, but the Ad turn moved Eiler in front. The 5h river changed nothing and Badziakouski was eliminated in third.

The final two players played for another 2.5 hours before Nitsche finally put Eiler away. Down to just eight big blinds, Eiler moved all in and Nitsche called. Eiler got good news when he turned over Kc9c and found himself ahead of Nitsche’s QdTh but the Ts8s3h flop moved Nitsche in front. The 5d turn was no help and the Td river gave Nitsche trips to finish Elier off in second and give Nitsche his fourth career bracelet.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Dominik Nitsche – €3,487,463
  2. Andreas Eiler – €2,155,418
  3. Mikita Badziakouski – €1,521,312
  4. Thomas Muehloecker – €1,096,206
  5. Steffen Sontheimer – €806,758
  6. Christoph Vogelsang – €606,694
  7. Ahadpur Khangah – €466,421
  8. Martin Kabrhel – €366,762