WSOP Europe: Hong Kong’s Anson Tsang Wins Bracelet, €91K In PLO

Anson Tsang wins World Series of Europe Event #7 (€2,200 PLO 8-Handed) for €91K and his first gold bracelet.

It was a roller coaster ride for Hong Kong’s Anson Tsang at the final table of the World Series of Poker Europe Event #7 (€2,200 Pot Limit Omaha 8-Handed).

In the end, Tsang weathered his setbacks, eliminated three of the final eight players and ramped up the aggression to build a commanding chip lead that would carry him to his first WSOP gold bracelet and the €91,730 first place prize.

It didn’t take very long before the first elimination of the day occurred. Final table chip leader Ilya Bulychev opened the pot holding KcQcJd7d only to be three-bet from the small blind by Sweden’s Alexander Norden and his AcAs5h2c. Bulychev made the call and the pair saw the flop of KhQdQs. First to act, Norden shipped the remainder of this short stack only to be snapped off by Bulychev who flopped the full house. Only an ace would save Norden’s tournament, but the Ks turn and 5d river was of no use. Norden collected €8,886 for eighth place.

Denmark’s Gisle Olsen would only last another ten minutes himself. Tsang opened the cutoff with AhJc5h4c and Olsen in the big blind three-bet with KsKd7h5d. After Tsang called, the flop came 7s4h4d. Tsang flopped trips and all the chips made their way into the pot with Olsen at risk. The turn was the 2h and the river was the 5c giving Tsang a full house and the hand. Olsen bowed out in seventh place for €11,469.

After two lightning fast eliminations, it took over an hour for the next player to fall. Hokyiu Lee from Hong Kong raised from under the gun with 8h6s5s4s only to be three-bet by Bulychev on the button with the KcKdQdQs. Lee made the call and the flop came Tc6d3d. Lee fired first, betting pot putting Bulychev’s overpair to the test. Bulychev stuck in the remainder of his chips and Lee called, barely covering Bulychev. The turn came 3h and the river the 4h leaving Lee unimproved, doubling up Bulychev. Lee had less than a big blind remaining after the hand. His tournament ended the very next hand in sixth place for €15,134.

Another hour of action passed before the next all-in confrontation. Jason Gray from the UK opened in early position with the AcKhTs8c and when folded back to Ludvig Sterner’s 8h7c5s2d big blind, he made the call. The flop unfolded 4s7c6c and Sterner led out. Gray put in a raise, Sterner shipped and Gray quickly called. The 9c turn gave Gray the nut flush and ended the hand, leaving Sterner drawing dead to the 9d river. Sweden’s Sterner headed to the rail €20,405 richer for his fifth place finish. The cash officially puts Sterner over $100,000 in career live earnings.

After losing a couple of critical pots, China’s Quan Zhou was crippled and at risk holding KdTdTs2s against both Tsang and Gray. After the flop of Kh9c8c Tsang bet Gray out of the pot and showed down AsKcKs9d for top set. The turn came the 3s leaving Zhou without outs and as the Qs hit the river he was headed for the cashier to pick up his €28,100 payday for fourth place.

After a short break, the final three got back to business. After an open from Bulychev, Gray three-bet from the small blind. Bulychev shoved his stack. Gray made the call and the cards were on their backs. Gray held the AcKhTc2d while Bulychev turned over the AhAsJs6h. The board ran out Kc8d7hTh9h giving Bulychev the nut flush. Gray fell in third place for €39,508. It was his second cash of the 2018 WSOPE.

Heads-up play began with both Tsang and Bulychev close in the chip counts, however, within a matter of hands Tsang would extend his chiplead and eventually end the contest.

On the final hand, Tsang raised his Kh6h3h3s in position and Bulychev made the call with Ac7c5c2c. The flop came 6s4h3d giving Tsang a set and Bulychev a flopped straight. Tsang c-bet and Bulychev check-raised, inviting a shove by Tsang. Bulychev snap called and needed to fade some outs. The turn was the Ah giving Tsang some flush outs. The river brought the Qh delivering Tsang the nut flush and the victory. The Russian Bulychev received €56,684 for his runner up finish.

Tsang secured his first WSOP gold bracelet and €91,730 with the win. It was Tsang’s fourth cash of the 2018 WSOPE and propels the pro to over $2.4 million in career recorded cashes.

Final Table Results

1st: Anson Tsang – €91,730
2nd: Ilya Bulychev – €56,684
3rd: Jason Gray – €39,508
4th: Quan Zhou – €28,100
5th: Ludvig Sterner – €20,405
6th: Hokyiu Lee – €15,134
7th: Gisle Olsen – €11,469
8th: Alexander Norden – €8,886