WSOP Europe: Michael Addamo Conquers €25K Super High Roller

Michael Addamo picked up his second bracelet of 2018, winning the €25,500 Super High Roller (WSOP photo).

As the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe festival winds down in Rozvadov, there are two storylines emerging. The first is the three bracelet wins for Isreali players through the first five events. The second is the players who won a bracelet this summer and have added another one to their collection this week – and that’s the one that played out Thursday night.

Michael Addamo, who won the $2,620 Marathan No Limit event this summer, beat Germany’s Christian Rudolph heads-up to win the €25,500 Super High Roller event for €848,702 ($962,276 US). Addamo started the final table, which included Manig Loeser, Dominik Nitsche, Mikita Badziakouski and Benjamin Pollak, with just 19 big blinds but managed to work his way up and eliminated the final three players standing between himself and his second career bracelet.

The first elimination at the final table came after 45 minutes of play in a blind vs blind confrontation. Action folded to Loeser in the small blind and he moved all in for his last 9,300,000 with Kc8d and Yu called from the big blind with As8s. The AcJcTs flop gave Yu a pair and kept him in the lead. The 8h turn changed nothing and the Jd river ended Loeser’s run with an eighth place finish.

Just a few minutes later, James Romero followed Loeser out the door. From the cutoff, Christian Rudolph raised to 1,300,000 with AsQd. Action folded to Romero in the big blind and he moved all in for 7,800,000 with AdTh. Rudolph called and watched as the board ran out 9s7c5s6s2d to give him the pot and eliminate Romero in seventh.

Rudolph found another final table victim just about 30 minutes later. From the hijack, Pollak raised to 1,600,000 with AsKs and Rudolph called from the cutoff with 9c9h and Yu also came along from the button with AdTd. The 9d8h2d flop missed Pollak, but gave Rudolph top set and Yu the nut flush draw. After Pollak checked, Rudolph put out a bet for 2,600,000. Yu raised to 8,500,000, Pollack folded and Rudolph moved all in and Yu called all in. The 7s turn and 4s river were both safe cards for Rudolph and Yu was eliminated in sixth place.

Rudolph’s path of destruction didn’t slow down and ten minutes after Yu was sent packing, Dominik Nitsche joined him. Nitsche raised all in from UTG for 13,00,000 holding AcJd and Rudolph called from the small blind with 8c8s. The flop came QcQh5h leaving Rudolph in front. Nitsche was unable to improve after the Ks turn and 7d river and was eliminated in fifth place.

Four-handed play lasted two hours and the next elimination didn’t involve Rudolph. After Pollak and Rudolph both folded, Mikita Badziakouski raised to 16,500,000 from the small blind with Ac5c. Addamo responded by moving all in with Ad3sand Badziakouski called off the rest of his stack. The 6d3h3d flop all but officially ended Badziakouski’s run. The 8h turn eliminated any runner-runner hop the Belarussian had. The river was the Jc.

The next player sent to the rail was also a victim of Addamo. The Australian called from the button holding [7d7s, Pollak moved all in from the small blind with AhQh and Addamo called. The board ran out Ks6c6h6s5s to miss Pollak and eliminate him in third spot.

Heads up play began with Addamo holding two more big blinds than Rudolph. Rudolph briefly held the chip lead, only to surrender it to Addamo for the final time. One hour later, Addamo put the finishing touches on his second bracelet win of 2018. Rudolph moved all in from the button with Ad7c and Addamo called with 5d5h. The Qs8d3d8cTh runout eliminated Rudolph in second place.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Michael Addamo – €848,702
  2. Christian Rudolph – €524,532
  3. Benjamin Pollak – €370,219
  4. Mikita Badziakouski – €266,767
  5. Dominik Nitsche – €196,328
  6. Winfred Yu – €147,642
  7. James Romero – €113,505
  8. Manig Loeser – €89,253