WSOP Europe: Norbert Szecsi Denies Shaun Deeb, Wins PLO/NLHE Mix

Hungary's Norbert Szecsi wins 2018 World Series of Poker Europe Event #6 for €86,956 and his second career gold bracelet.

Hungary’s Norbert Szecsi and World Series of Poker Player of the Year points leader Shaun Deeb battled heads-up for the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe Event #6 (€1,650 Mixed Pot-Limit Omaha/No Limit Hold’em) title with Szecsi denying Deeb of his sixth career bracelet and emerging victorious for his own second career gold bracelet.

Szecsi, who has a previous WSOP win back in 2013, defeated the field of 241 players and went on a final table run that included hitting a royal flush on the river to take home the €86,596 first place prize. Szecsi finds himself is in the midst of a career peak. In addition to his victory in Rozvadov, Szecsi recently finished as the runner-up in a €10K High Roller during August’s EPT Barcelona for a career-high cash of $731K.

Deeb may have been denied his third bracelet of 2018 but with his deep run the former #1-ranked PocketFiver has very likely wrapped up his first WSOP Player of the Year award. Additionally, Deeb takes home €63,731 as the runner-up.

Almost two a half hours into the final table, the first player was felted. After an under the gun open in No Limit Hold’em from Julien Sitbon, Van Tiep Nguyen re-shoved his ten big blind stack holding 5d5s. Sitbon asked for a count and ended up making the call with QcJh. The flop came down JcKd2h putting Sitbon in a comfortable lead in the hand. The turn was the Td and with only two outs left for Nguyen, the river was the 3d. Nguyen finished in eighth place for €7,606.

Ten minutes later, while playing PLO, Vittorio Castro found himself all-in and at risk. Szecsi opened on the button with AhAdTs9c and Castro, holding KdKhTh5h, raised pot. Szecsi re-raised all in and Castro quickly called. The flop fell As6c3s providing top set for Szecsi and little hope for Castro. The Qd turn opened the door a little, but the 8h river closed it for good and Castro headed for the cashier to collect €9,953 for seventh place.

Jaroslav Peter was sitting on fewer than ten big blinds when he made his move during PLO. Netanel Amedi opened from the hijack with 8c8d4s4d. Right behind him Peter re-shoved all-in with AsAdJh5h. The flop came 2h9sKc which provided little for Amedi. Fortunes change on the 8h turn which provided Amedi with a set with one card to come. The river was an inconsequential 2d, ending Peter’s run in sixth place for €13,334 for his third cash of the series.

Only a few hands later another all-in confrontation occurred. Deeb raised from the button with Ac8c only to be shoved on by Germany’s Samuel Albeck in the small blind and his As3c. Albeck had fewer than ten big blinds and Deeb made the call. The flop came Td9dTh, providing some chop outs for Albeck. The turn was the 6c and the river 8s actually hit Deeb and gave him the pot. Albeck finished in fifth for €18,276 for a new career-high live cash.

Despite getting his final ten big blinds in good, Sitbon was the next to fall. After an open from Amedi in PLO, Sitbon three-bet shoved with QdQsAc4c. Amedi made the call holding JhJdQh3s]. The AdKdAh improved Sitbon’s hand to trips. The 5d hit the turn changing nothing. However, when the Jc came on the river, Amedi improved to a full house ending Sitbon’s tournament run. The Frenchman finished in fourth place for €25,618.

Israel’s Amedi nearly brought a fourth 2018 WSOPE bracelet 2018 to the country, however, he would fall just short. Playing NLHE, the key hand for Amedi came when he raised from the button with AdQd and Szecsi three-bet shoved from the small blind. With the action back on Amedi, he thought about it and made the call. Szecsi turned over a dominated AhJh. The flop came KhTh6c giving both a straight draw and Szecsi the flush draw as well. The turn was the Td but the river came Qh giving Szecsi a royal flush to take the hand. Amedi was crippled to fewer than three big blinds and he was eliminated on the very next hand in third place for €36,705 leaving the two previous bracelet winners to battle it out for the win.

Szecsi held a slight chip over Deeb lead as the pair squared off for heads-up play. After trading the chip lead back and forth an action hand during PLO would deliver Szecsi his second WSOP gold bracelet.

Deeb raised the button with QsQcAcTc and Szecsi flatted with AdAh6h3h. The flop came AsTd6d giving Szecsi top set and Deeb top two pair. Szecsi simply check-called Deeb’s small bet. The turn was the 4c, Szecsi checked again and Deeb bet again. This time Szecsi check-raised pot. Deeb thought about it for a moment and re-raised pot committing himself. Szecsi snapped called and Deeb discovered he was drawing dead. The river ended up being the 2h but by then both participants were already out of their seats with Deeb headed to collect his €63,371 for second place.

Szecsi takes home €86,596 and his second career gold bracelet. He is now the fourth player in Rozvadov to win their second bracelet during the 2018 WSOPE. Szecsi now sits with over $2.4 million in lifetime career earnings.

Final Table Results:

1st: Norbert Szecsi – €86,596
2nd: Shaun Deeb – €63,731
3rd: Netanel Amedi – €36,705
4th: Julien Sitbon – €25,618
5th: Samuel Albeck – €18,276
6th: Jaroslav Peter – €13,334
7th: Vittorio Castro – €9,953
8th: Van Tiep Nguyen – €7,606