WSOP: Fedor Holz Conquers $25K Heads-Up for Second Bracelet of Career

Fedor Holz added another WSOP bracelet to his collection on Sunday after taking down the $25K Heads Up title. (PokerCentral photo)

Fedor Holz is known to many as simply, “The Prince”. But on Sunday, Holz captured the top crown all for himself after beating Sergi Reixach and Brunno Botteon to win the 2020 World Series of Poker $25,000 Heads Up No Limit Hold’em title.

The win is the second bracelet for the former #1-ranked PocketFiver and marks the second time that he won the highest buy-in event on the schedule. In 2016, Holz won the $111,111 buy-in High Roller for One Drop for his first career bracelet.

Sunday’s action saw Holz, Reixach, Botteon, and Oktay Kahyaoglu return to the felt following a five-day break. Holz drew Reixach in the first round while Botteon drew Kahyauglu.

Despite the fact that he got down 3-2 in chips very early on, Holz needed just 35 minutes to build his stack back up and get through Reixach. On the final hand, Holz raised to 2,000 with Tc7c and then called after Reixach raised to 8,800 with AdJd. The flop came Ac5s2c and Reixach bet 6,000 and Holz called. The Kc turn completed Holz’s flush draw. Reixach check-called Holz’s bet of 11,200. The river was the Kh and Reixach checked again. Holz bet 49,040 and after taking some time to consider his options, Reixach called and was given the bad news.

The other semi-final took quit a bit more time. Just over 90 minutes of back and forther battling between Oktay Kahyaoglu and current #3-ranked PocketFivers Bruno Botteon had Botteon holding more than 70% of the chips. Kahyaoglu raised to 5,000 from the button with Td4d and Botteon called with AdTs. After the Th5c3c flop, Botteon check-raised to 11,250 and Botteon called. The turn was the Ah and Botteon lead out for 10,075 and Kahyaoglu called. The river was the 4h and Botteon bet 114,856 and Kahyaoglu called off his last 32,494 only to learn his two pair was second best.

There was no time to rest for Botteon as the final started just one minute later. The Brazilian took the first lead, but it was short-lived. Holz took over the lead just five minutes in and never surrendered it back. Just 18 minutes after the final began, it was over. Botteon raised to 1,500 from the button with ThTs and Holz called with 5c5h. The flop came 8h5d4h and Holz checked to set off a series of re-raises. Botteon bet 2,011, Holz raised to 8,100, Botteon clicked back to 19,680 before Holz made it 72,630. Botteon called all in. Neither the 9s turn or 4s river were good enough to save Botteon from a runner-up finish as Holz collected his second career WSOP victory.

Final Four Payouts

  1. Fedor Holz – $1,077,025
  2. Brunno Botteon – $622,300
  3. Oktay Kahyaoglu – $311,150
  4. Sergi Reixach – $311,150