WSOP: Gold Bracelet Glory for Jonathan Lessin in Seniors Event

Jonathan 'SugarJ' Lessin wrapped up the bracelet events winning Event #30 for $64k

For the penultimate 2020 World Series of Poker Online bracelet event on, Jonathan ‘SugarJ’ Lessin rolled back the years to win Event #30 ($500 Seniors Event). Lessin secured the victory for $64,411.20 and his first career bracelet.

Allen ‘Nucman’ Pock started the final table as chip leader and did not waste anytime putting his 3 million strong chip stack to use. Following an early position all in of 234,618 by Al ‘BigAl16’ Riccobono, Pock called after looking down at AcKs which dominated his opponents AdTc. The board ran out a safe Jc4c3d9c8d for Pock sending Riccobono to the rail in ninth.

In unusual fashion for this year’s final tables, it took another half hour for the next final table bust-out. Brian ‘ggtdm’ McGill opened to 150,00 in early position with TdTh and then made the quick call when Carmen ‘cjdstable’ Dimaria moved all in for 371,944 from the hijack with JdJs. Dimaria was looking at a certain double up but McGill moved ahead making a set on the AsTc7s flop. Only a jack would keep Dimaria in the tournament but he didn’t find the help needed on the 4d turn and 5d river.

Now in the usual fashion, the next elimination came 2 minutes later. The then chip leader ‘muskrrr’ raised to 150,000 from middle position and called the 343,198 button jam from ‘bigfatpirate’.

‘bigfatpirate’: AsKc

‘muskrrr’: Qs9d

‘bigfatpirate’ enjoyed seeing the JdJc5s flop, the Ts meant the at-risk player was still ahead but ‘muskrrr’ picked up additional outs with an open-ended straight draw. The 8d river completed the straight draw for ‘muskrrr’ and sunk the ship of ‘bigfatpirate.’

McGill picked up another victim shortly after the game turned six-handed. McGill had the easy decision to call ‘dusty16’s’ all in for 161,644 after opening for 150,000 from under the gun. This time McGill, with KdQd, was the dominator pre-flop crushing the Kc5h held by ‘dusty16’. However a lifeline appeared for the short stack on the 8c6s5d flop, a safe 3c came on the turn but the Qs river sealed the hand for McGill causing ‘dusty16’ to be eliminated in sixth.

Shortly after losing a significant percentage of their stack to Pock, ‘gwitsch’ moved all in with Qc3c for 132,402 from under the gun. Lessin, holding KsTh, isolated the all-in player with a three-bet to 324,804. King high was enough on the AdJd4h9c2h run-out to scoop the pot and cut the tournament short for ‘gwitsch’.

Four-handed play just lasted three minutes, Pock raised to 120,000 on the button and called the 879,054 three-bet jam from McGill in the small blind. McGill needed help after seeing his Kc4c was behind Pock’s Ah5s. Both players didn’t connect on the Js9s8h flop and Pock’s ace-high held on the 6h turn and the Td river.

Neither player wanted to miss out on a chance to play heads up for a bracelet and the $64K top prize but unfortunately for Pock it wasn’t meant to be. Pock defended his big blind after ‘muskrrr’ opened to 320,000 on the button to see the Ks9c5h flop. Pock called ‘muskrrr’s’ continuation bet of 355,000 to then see the 5s peel off on the turn. All the chips went in on the turn as Pock check-jammed for 2,366,954 over ‘muskrrr’s’ bet of 1,065,000 and they snap called. Despite holding top pair with KcJs, Pock needed help to over come the 6c5d held by ‘muskrrr’. The Ac river meant ‘muskrrr’ would have a commanding chip lead going into heads up play.

By the next break Lessin had clawed back some chips to cut the lead held by ‘muskrrr’ to just 900,000. Going into the final hand Lessin, who now held a narrow chip lead himself, opened to 320,000 and called ‘muskrrr’s’ 800,000 three-bet. The flop came 5d4d2h and the 2,473,504 flop jam from ‘muskrrr’ was snap called by Lessin.

  • ‘Muskrrr’: AhTc
  • Lessin: 5c4s

Lessin sealed the victory after turning a full house with the 4h and the inconsequential Jd gave the New Jersey native his first WSOP title.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Jonathan ‘SugarJ’ Lessin – $64,411.20
  2. ‘muskrrr’ – $39,819.60
  3. Allen ‘Nucman’ Pock – $27,864
  4. Brian ‘ggtdm’ McGill – $19,796.40
  5. ‘gwitsch’ – $14,256
  6. ‘dusty16’ – $10,432.80
  7. ‘bigfatpirate’ –  $7,743.60
  8. Carmen ‘cjdstable’ Dimaria –  $5,832
  9. Al ‘BigAl16’ Riccobono –  $4,471.20

Faces in the Crowd

The Seniors Event attracted a few of notable names from the poker-sphere. Among those who fell short of the final table but managed to finish in the money were Roland Israelashvili (107th – $648) and Lena Evans (95th – $680.40). Phil Hellmuth couldn’t secure bracelet #16 as he finished in 67th for $842.40 and both Greg Raymer (43rd – $1,263.60) and Terry Fleischer (17th – $2,203.20) picked up four-figure paydays.