WSOP: Guy Dunlap Wins $1K PLO, Shane Daniels a Bridesmaid Once Again

Guy 'PhilLaak' Dunlap took home a WSOP bracelet and a $133K payday after winning Event #15 ($1,000 Pot Limit Omaha) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online.

Nine days ago, Shane ‘danish01’ Daniels finished runner-up to Nathan Gamble in Event #6 ($600 Pot Limit Omaha 8-or-better). Early Thursday morning, Daniels had a chance to becoome the second player of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online to post a runner-up finish and then follow it with a victory when he reached the heads-up stage of Event #15 ($1,000 Pot Limit Omaha).

Unfortunately for Daniels, Guy ‘PhilLaak’ Dunlap wasn’t quite ready to let that story repeat itself.

Dunlap beat Daniels heads-up and topped the 663-entry field to win his first career bracelet and $133,780. Daniels had to settle for $82,069 and yet another runner-up finish.

Anthony ‘heheh’ Zinno came to the final table with the shortest stack and was unable to change his fate. From the cutoff, Zinno raised to 240,000 and Matt ‘jacksup’ Matros called. The flop came AdKd3s and Matros bet 520,000 and Zinno called. Matros showed JdTh9h3d for a flush draw and gutshot straight draw while Zinno tabled AcAsJh6c for a set of aces. The 2d turn filled Matros’ flush and Zinno got no full house help with the 7s river and was eliminated in eighth.

Despite picking up his opponent’s stack, Matros was next out the door. Matros raised to 180,000 from middle position, Dunlap called from the cutoff and Todd ‘chi.t.420’ Sladek re-raised to 840,000 from the button. Matros responded by moving all in for 1,975,532, Dunlap folded but Sladek called and turned over AcAd6c4s which put him ahead of Matros’ KdKhTd9h. The Tc4c3d flop kept Sladek ahead and gave him a flush draw to eliminate one of Matros’ outs. The 8d turn gave Matros a flush draw but the Jh river filled the board and missed both players to give Sladek the pot and eliminated Matros in seventh place.

Sladek ended another player’s tournament just 12 minutes later. Sladek raised to 200,000 from UTG with Js9s8d7d before Blake ‘shampainpopn’ Whittington moved all in for 317,760 with KdKs9d6h. Sladek called and then picked up a pair and a flush draw on the 8s3c2s flop. The Ad turn changed nothing. The river was the 7c to give Sladek two pair and eliminate Whittington in sixth.

Four-handed play lasted 20 minutes before the two shortest stacks went head-to-head. From the button, Keith ‘thxsimgod’ Ferrera raised to 420,000, Daniels called from the small blind and Dunlap folded his big blind. The flop came Js6d5d and Daniels bet 575,328 and Ferrera called. Daniels showed Ah7s6c4h for a straight draw and middle pair while Ferrera held AdTd9d9s for the nut flush draw and a pair of nines. The 2h turn was a brick but Daniels made two pair on the 4c river to bust Ferrera in fifth place.

Five minutes later, Daniels busted another player. After Daniels raised to 270,000 from UTG, Jacob ‘Bandit275’ Powers re-raised to 870,000 from the big blind and Daniels called. The 8c7d2s flop got Powers to bet 120,000. Daniels shoved for 1,322,276 and Powers called all in for 596,640. Daniels showed Ah9h7s6s for a straight draw while Powers showed KdKs2c2d for bottom set. The Td turn filled Daniels’ straight draw and Powers was unable to improve to a full house on the 5c river and was eliminated in fourth.

It took 35 minutes of three-handed play to get heads up. Daniels raised to 600,000 fromthe button with AdQsJd5d and Sladek moved all in for 679,800 from the big blind with KsQhTh3s. The board ran out Js9c9sKhTd to give Daniels an ace-high straight and eliminate Sladek in third place.

Dunlap was ahead 8,437,368 to the 4,822,632 of Daniels when heads up play started and it took almost 15 for Dunlap end the tournament. On the final hand, Daniels raised to 400,000, Dunlap re-raised to 1,200,000 and Daniels called. After the Kd9c8d flop, Dunlap bet 1,800,000 and Daniels called all in for 1,622,632. Dunlap showed AcAsKs3c while Daniels was going to need help with AhJc6c5d. Dunlap improved to trip kings on the Kc turn before the 4c river gave both players a flush. Dunlap’s nut flush eliminated Daniels in second place and gave him his first career bracelet and $133,780.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Guy ‘PhilLaak’ Dunlap – $133,780
  2. Shane ‘danish01’ Daniels – $82,069
  3. Todd ‘chi.t.420’ Sladek – $56,749
  4. Jacob ‘Bandit275’ Powers – $39,870
  5. Keith ‘thxsimgod’ Ferrera – $28,469
  6. Blake ‘shampainpopn’ Whittington – $20,659
  7. Matt ‘jacksup’ Matros – $15,305
  8. Anthony ‘heheh’ Zinno – $11,526

Faces in the Crowd

The amazing WSOP of Robert Kuhn continued Wednesday. The Event #3 winner picked up his ninth cash of the Series with a 15th place result for $5,416.71. He wasn’t the only 2020 WSOP Online bracelet who finished in the money. Nathan Gamble finished 28th for $3,023.38 and Michael Lech came in 43rd place for $2,852.38. Other well known players who cashed in this event included David ‘Twizzlers’ Prociak (40th – $2,582.38), Kevin MacPhee (44th – $2,582.38), Ryan Laplante (58th – $2,015.52), Ari ‘philivey’ Engel (71st – $1,826.56), and Shawn ‘Saygoodnight’ Daniels (72nd – $1,826.56).