WSOP: Terrell ‘heezahustla’ Cheatham Wins $500 Turbo NLHE for $116K

In a little over one hour, 'heezahustla' picked up a WSOP bracelet and $116K in Event #16 ($500 NLHE Turbo)

One hour and one minute. That’s all it took for Terrell ‘heezahustla’ Cheatham to go from third shortest stack at the final table to bracelet winner on Friday morning in Event #16 ($500 NLHE Turbo).

The tournament, which had 1,528 entries, took just 7.5 hours to play down to a champion.

The third hand of the final table delivered the first elimination. From the cutoff, ‘cmbezz99‘ moved all in for 2,857.851 with As6s and Cheatham called from the button with JcJs. THe Jd6d5h9h3s runout gave Cheatham set of jacks to eliminate ‘cbmezz99’ in ninth place.

Four minutes passed before the next player hit the rail. Phillip ‘AvonB’ Rhodes raised to 560,000 from the hijack before Lev ‘Methinks’ Milman re-raised to 1,750,000 from the cutoff. Rhodes responded by moving all in for 5,045,170 and Milman called. Rhodes showed AdKh while Milman turned over TcTs. The Qs8h4h flop changed nothing and Rhodes found no help with the 2h turn or Js river and was out in eighth.

It took two minutes to go from seven to six players. Down to five big blinds, ‘http401’ shoved for 1,464,529 from UTG with Ah9h and ‘Mojoesmarc’ re-shoved for 3,219,416 from the small blind with AsKs. ‘http401’ failed to connect on the QcTs4d7cKd runout and was eliminated in seventh place.

Mojoesmarc‘ ended another opponent’s tournament just five minutes later. Daniel ‘StayActive’ Chan, who began the final table with the shortest stack, moved his last 1,259,772 into the middle from the cutoff with Ac6h and ‘Mojoesmarc’ re-raised all in for 3,741,067 from the small blind with AsKh. The board ran out Qc4h2h4cAd and giving both players two pair but ‘Mojoesmarc’ had the king play to eliminate Chan in sixth.

‘Mojoesmarc’ was not finished there. Parmann raised to 640,000 from the cutoff, ‘Mojoesmarc’ called from the button, and Andrea ‘Andrewbull88’ Buonocore moved all in for 4,072,112 from the small blind. Parmann folded but ‘Majoesmarc’ called and tabled KhKs while Buonocore showed 6s6h. There was no help for Buonocore and the Ts4c2d flop, Ac turn, or Jd river and he was out in fifth.

The fast pace of the first five eliminations meant the stacks of the four remaining players were a little deeper. After 15 minutes of play, ‘Mojoesmarc’ was back in preflop confrontation but this one did not go their way. From UTG, ‘Mojoesmarc’ moved all in for 4,441,788 with Ts9s before Cheatham re-raised all in for 6,201,976 AsJc. The JsTc7h gave ‘Mojoesmarc’ an inside straight draw and second pair while Cheatham picked up top pair. The 2h turn and Jh river failed to save ‘Mojoesmarc’ from a fourth place result.

Despite holding the lead for most of the final table, Milman couldn’t avoid a cold run of cards. After losing the chip lead after Cheatham rivered a flush, Milman stuck around for just two more minutes before Cheatham took the rest of his chips. Cheatham opened to 1,218,750 and Milman moved all in for 12,834,282 from the small blind. Cheatham snap-called and showed AdAh while Milman turned over AcQc. The 9s9d2s flop left Milman drawing to runner queens. The Kc turn and 8c river completed the board and made Milman’s third place finish official.

Those two pots allowed Cheatham to hold a nearly 3-1 chip lead when heads up play began. After 20 minutes of play, Parmann was down to just 10 big blinds and moved all for 10,134,370 with Ah3h and Cheatham called with As2s. The JsTc2c flop gave Cheatham contol and Parman couldn’t catch up through the 9d turn or 6h river and was eliminated in second place to give Cheatham the title and $116,204.40.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Terrell ‘heezahustla’ Cheatham – $116,204.40
  2. Julian ‘Julian’ Parmann – $71,647.92
  3. Lev ‘Methinks’ Milman – $51,570.00
  4. Mojoesmarc – $37,474.20
  5. Andrea ‘Andrewbull88’ Buonocore – $27,572.76
  6. Daniel ‘stayactive’ Chan – $20,490.48
  7. http401 – $15,402.24
  8. Phillip ‘AvonB’ Rhodes – $11,689.20
  9. cbmezz99 – $9,007,56

Faces in the Crowd

Former #1-ranked PocketFiver Calvin ‘projector52’ Anderson just missed out on a final table finishing in 11th place for $7,013.52. Other familair faces who made the money in Event #16 included David ‘bewater’ Coleman (36th – $2,819.16), Jonathan ‘Art.Vandelay’ Dokler (58th – $1,719), Daniel Negreanu (86th – $1,168.92), Jack Salter (101st – $962.64), Frank ‘Spaghettiii’ Marasco (123rd – $962.64), Darren Elias (140th – 893.88).