WSOP: Ireland’s Eoghan O’Dea Takes Down $400 PLO Event for $100K

Eoghan O'Dea is bringing a World Series of Poker home to Ireland after his victory in Event #51 on Thursday.

As far as father-son World Series of Poker bracelet winners go, Doyle and Todd Brunson have a stranglehold on the category with 11 combined bracelets. Early Thursday morning however, another duo joined the mix when Ireland’s Eoghan O’Dea took down Event #51 ($400 Pot Limit Omaha) for a six-figure score.

Eoghan’s father Donnacha won his only WSOP bracelet in 1998 when he beat Johnny Chan heads up to win a $1,500 PLO event.

The first 30 minutes of the final table couldn’t have gone any worse for Spain’s Daniel Juncadella. After entering the final table fourth in chips, Juncadella was forced to shove his two-blind stack from early position and Jarred Solomon re-raised to 1,835,436 to force the rest of the table to fold. Juncadella showed 7d5c4s3s and Solomon had AdKhJsTh. The As8h2s2d7h runout gave Solomon top pair which was good enough eliminate Juncadella in ninth.

Just over 20 minutes later, Solomon sent another player to the rail. Solomon opened to 600,000 before Lorenzo Bazei called from the big blind. The flop came Ah9s5s and Bazei moved all in for 1,047,861 and Solomon called. Bazei showed AcJc8c7c for top pair but Solomon was ahead with AdTh9h8d. The turn was the Kc and the 8h river gave Bazei a second-best two pair holding and he was out in eighth place.

Solomon took a back seat on the next elimination. Ruslan Nazarenko raised to 1,050,000 from the button and Nital Jethalal called from the big blind. After the 9d5d5h flop, Jethalal checked and Nazarenko moved all in for 1,201,360 and Jethalal called instantly. Jethalal showed 5c4s3s2h for trip fives while Nazarenko had AcAsKd9c. The 2s turn and 8h river failed to save Nazarenko from busting in seventh.

O’Dea found his first victim of the night 15 minutes later. Chi Chung Ho moved all in from middle position for 1,386,592 and O’Dea defended his big blind. Ho showed AsKh2d2h and O’Dea tabled KsJc9h4c. The Js7d3s flop gave O’Dea top pair. He improved to trip jacks on the Jd turn and Ho was officially out in sixth as the 8h completed the board.

The two players responsible for the first three final table bustouts clashed in a hand 15 minutes later that send one of them home earlier than they were hoping. Jethalal raised to 1,000,000 from the button before Solomon re-raised to 3,400,000. Jethalal put in another raise this time to 5,800,000 and Solomon called all in. Jethalal showed KhQdJcTh while Solomon was slightly ahead with AcKsQh9d. The Qs9s7d flop gave Solomon two pair but the 8c turn filled Jethalal’s straight draw. The 2h river was a brick for Solomon and he was finished in fifth place.

Five minutes later O’Dea got back into the mix. Voreland raised from the button to 880,000 and O’Dea called from the big blind. The flop came Qh5s2c and O’Dea check-called a bet of 980,000. Both players checked the Tc river to get to the Ts river. O’Dea checked and Voreland bet 1,960,000. O’Dea responded by raised to 9,800,000 and Voreland called all in. O’Dea showed QcTh9c3c for a full house and Voreland showed AsQsJh4h and was eliminated in fourth.

Five minutes later Robert Le Roux opened to 800,000 from the button and O’Dea fired back a re-raise to 2,800,000 from the small blind. Jethalal folded his big blind and Le Roux moved all in for 5,696,112. O’Dea called and showed AhQdQs8c while Le Roux needed some help with AcKc7c2d. The Tc7s4s flop didn’t offer Le Roux much assistance. The 3d turn gave him outs to a wheel but the Qh river gave O’Dea a set to end Le Roux’s run in third place.

O’Dea needed just 10 minutes to go from holding 65% of the chips to holding all of them. On the final hand O’Dea raised from the button to 1,250,000 and Jethalal called from the small blind. The flop came Ah6c5h and Jethalal checked before O’Dea bet 1,100,000. Jethalal raised to 5,800,000 and O’Dea responded by re-raising to 19,900,000 and Jethalal called all in. Jethalal showed 6s5d4h3s for bottom two pair and a straight draw but O’Dea showed AcAs for top set. The turn was the Kc and the 9s river completed the board to make Jethalal the runner-up and give O’Dea the first WSOP bracelet win of his career.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Eoghan O’Dea – $100,945
  2. Nital Jethalal – $81,963
  3. Robert Le Rous – $59,480
  4. Ben Voreland – $43,165
  5. Jarred Solomon – $31,325
  6. Chi Chung Ho – $22,732
  7. Ruslan Nazarenko – $16,497
  8. Lorenzo Bazei – $11,972
  9. Daniel Juncadella – $8,688