WSOP: Japan’s Shoma Ishikawa Wins First Bracelet on GGPoker

Shoma Ishikawa made history on Sunday after becoming the first player to win a WSOP online bracelet from outside of the United States. (APT photo)

While the first official day of World Series of Poker Online events on GGPoker got off to a rough start it ended with a historic moment as the first online bracelet awarded outside of the United States went to Japan’s Shoma Ishikawa.

Ishikawa outlasted 2,213 other players in Event #34 ($525 Super Turbo Bounty NLHE Six Max) to win $82,425 and his first career WSOP bracelet.

The final table began nine-handed and it took just four hands for the first player to bust. In a battle of the blinds, Dimitar Yosifov was all in with AdTd against the 3d3s of Mulgyeol Kim. The board ran out Qc7h4cKc8d to eliminate Yosifov in ninth.

Kim got to see two more hands before his night was over. After losing most of his stack to Diego Ostrovich, Kim was forced to move all in with AsTd only to have Gary Johnson call with AcAd. Kim was out in eighth place after the Jd8c3d3cJc runout failed to connect with his hand.

Ostrovich ended another opponents tournament 15 minutes later. Ostrovich opened from the button and Ilya Anataski defended his big blind. The flop came 6d5d3s and all of the money went in. Anatski tabled Qd9d for a flush draw with two overs while Ostrovich showed Ks9h. The 7s turn was a bruck and the 9c river gave both players top pair with Ostrovich out-pipping Anataski.

Tom Delaine became the next casualty once the event had just six players remaining. Ostrovich raised to 1,200,000 from the cutoff before Delaine moved all in for 1,311,542. Ostrovich called and showed Qh3c while Delaine had Td7c. The AsKh8c missed both players and kept Ostrovich in front. Delaine got no relief from the 9h turn or 8h river and was eliminated in sixth.

One minute later the most decorated player at the table sent another player home. Daniel Strelitz, who has a WSOP bracelet and a World Poker Tour title to his name along with $4.7 million in live earnings, opened from UTG with QcJc before Yulian Bogdanov shoved from the big blind with Td8d. The board ran out Th6s4cQd7d to give Strelitz top pair eliminate Bogdanov in fifth place.

The two players responsible for the first two eliminations then clashed in a hand that ended the tournament for one of them. Ostrovich moved all in from the button with JdTc and Strelitz called for his last 8,784,311 with 9d9h The Td4s3d flop gave Ostrovich a pair of tens leaving Strelitz needing help. The 7s turn was a blank as was the Ah river and Strelitz was out in fourth.

Ostrovich continued to push around the rest of the table. Ishikawa folded his button, Ostrovich jammed all in for 29,197.178 with AhKs and Gary Johnson called all in from the big blind with Ac8s. The board ran out 9d6h4h5hTh to give Ostrovich the nut flush and end Johnson’s run in third place.

The heads up battle began with Ostrovich holding a 3.5-1 lead over Ishikawa but the Japanese pro turned the tables relatively quickly and doubled into the lead with Ah9h against Ostrovich’s KsTc on a Ad9d4sThQs runout. Ishikawa wrapped up the bracelet on the next hand. Ishikawa bet 34,000,000 with 9h6s and Ostrovich, with 2,000,000 already committed as the big blind, tank-called off his last 4,410,528 with 5s3d. The Ah8h3h flop gave Ostrovich some hope but the 9s turn gave Ishikawa control and the 5h improved him to a flush to eliminate Ostrovich in second and lay claim to the first online bracelet ever awarded outside of the United States.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Shoma Ishikawa – $82,425
  2. Diego Ostrovich – $59,263
  3. Gary Johnson – $42,610
  4. Daniel Strelitz – $30,637
  5. Yulian Bogdanov – $22,028
  6. Tom Delaine – $15,839
  7. Ilya Anatsky – $11,388
  8. Mulgyeol Kim – $8,188
  9. Dimitar Yosifov – $5,887