WSOP: Kartik Ved Goes From 3.5 BBs to Bracelet Winner in Event #64

Kartik Ved climbed all the way back from a 3.5 big blind stack to take down Event #64 ($840 Turbo Bounty NLHE) to become the fifth player from India to win a bracelet.

When the final table of Event #64 ($840 Turbo Bounty NLHE) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online started on Sunday night, India’s Kartik Ved had the smallest of the eight remaining stacks with just 3.5 big blinds. Over the hour that followed Ved watched other players busting out before him while he continued to accumulate chips and he beat Konstantin Maslak heads-up to become the fifth Indian bracelet winner.

Kirian Loeffler and Gueorgui Gantchev were eliminated in 10th and ninth place respectively on the final hand of hand-for-hand play on the final table bubble, setting up an eight-handed final table.

Ricardo Da Silva was looking to become the fifth Brazilian bracelet winner of 2020 and thought he’d found a dream spot for a double up just five minutes after the final table started. Down to just 2.5 big blinds, Da Silva moved all in from late position with 976,618 with AdAh and Maslak moved all in over the top from the button with KdJh. Maslak made top pair on the Js7c6h flop and improved to two pair thanks to the Kh turn. The Ks river actually gave Maslak a unneeded full house to eliminate Da Silva in eighth.

GGPoker ambassador and fellow Brazilian Felipe Ramos followed him out the door. Action folded to Ramos on the button and he moved all in for 2,215,249 with JcTh only to have Ved call from the big blind with As9c. Ramos picked up an open-ended straight draw on the Qh9s7d flop. Ved improved to two pair with Ad turn and the 9h river missed Ramos to eliminate him in seventh place.

Ved found another spot just four minutes later to send another player to the rail. Jon Clark moved all in from the hijack for 3,699,024 with KdQs and Ved moved all in from the small blind with JcJh having Clark covered. The KcQdJs flop gave Clark top two pair but left Ved with a set of jacks. The turn was the 5c and the Ah river made Clark’s sixth place finish official.

Four minutes later, Ved further moved up the chip counts at the expense of another player’s tournament life. Dan Borlan moved all in for 618,764 on the button with Kh9d and Ved called from the big blind with AhTc. The board ran out 6h6s4c4h8c to eliminate Borlan in fifth place. At this point Ved had 60% of the chips in play.

Former #1-ranked PocketFiver Tim West was the next player sent packing. Maslak moved all in from the button for 14,631,604 with 8d8h and West called all in from the small blind with 7c7h before Javier Fernandez called from the big blind with AsKc. The AhKs9s flop gave Fernandez control of the pot and neither West or Maslak managed to find any salvation with the Td turn or 9h river. West was eliminated in fourth place while Fernandez tripled up.

Fernandez wasn’t able to create any momentum with that pot and only ended up with a 10 minute stay of execution. Maslak folded his button and Fernandez moved all in for 11,282,860 from the small blind with As2d before Ved called from the big blind with Ks9c. Both players caught a piece of the AcKh3d flop but Ved moved well ahead after the Kd hit the turn. The 6s river was no help for Fernandez and he was out in third.

Ved had a better than 6-1 lead over Maslak when heads up play began. Over the first 30 minutes of heads up play, Maslak picked up a pair of double ups and eventually took over the chip lead. Ved battled back and reassumed the top spot before finally putting Maslak away. Down to an 11 big blind stack, Maslak moved all in for 17,097,520 from the button with Kh6c and Ved called with Jh8h. The Tc5d3c flop changed nothing but Ved made top pair on the Jd turn. Needing a king to stay alive, Maslak got no good news with the Td river and Ved eliminated him to win the bracelet and earn

Final Table Payouts

  1. Kartik Ved – $131,461.47 + $102,971.90 in bounties
  2. Konstantin Maslak – $94,520.60 + $24,270.31 in bounties
  3. Javier Fernandez – $67,961.12 + $11,534.37 in bounties
  4. Tim West – $48,864.65 + $8,093.75 in bounties
  5. Dan Borlan – $35,134.02 + $22,848.43 in bounties
  6. Jon Clark – $25,261.67 + $11,531.25 in bounties
  7. Felipe Ramos – $18,163.34 + $6,012.50 in bounties
  8. Ricardo Da Silva – $13,059.52 + $16,884.37 in bounties
  9. Gueorgui Gantchev – $9,389.90 + $11,268.75 in bounties