WSOP: Kevin ‘TheRealKG’ Gerhart Wins Event #20 for Bracelet #2

Kevin Gerhart scores $97K winning Event #20 of the 2020 World Series of Poker online. (World Poker Tour photo)

Kevin ‘TheRealKG’ Gerhart came out on top in the Event #20 ($500 PLO 6-Max) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online scoring a $97,511.65 payday and his second career bracelet.

Besting 1,136 other entries, Gerhart started the final table as the chipleader and was dominant from the get-go.

The first final table casualty was Shanmukha ‘Shanmukha’ Meruga. Meruga opened on the button to 560,000 and Gerhart completed from the big blind. Gerhart bet 1,200,000 on the Ks9d3c flop to put Meruga all in. Meruga called for his tournament life. The at-risk Meruga turned over Ts9s8c6s for second pair whilst chipleader Gerhart had bottom pair with his hand of Ac8d4c3d. Gerhart improved to two-pair on the turn with the 4h and the 5h on the river ended the tournament for Meruga.

Fifteen minutes later Adam ‘AdamJ080584’ Jones was sent to the virtual rail in fifth place. His 1,514,816 three-bet jam in the small blind was called by pre-flop raiser ‘Duckmoney420.’ ‘Duckmoney420’ showed AsKdQc6c which was behind Jones’ KcTdTh4c. Jones was unable to hold as the board ran out Qd9d5dQs6s giving Duckmoney420 queens full of sixes.

The very next hand, Gerhart claimed another final table scalp eliminating Chris ‘Robotbob47’ Moorman for fourth. Moorman raised from the button to 600,000 and again Gerhart defended his big blind. The Englishman moved all-in for 933,119 on the JsTc7s and Gerhart snapped called with Th5s7c9c for bottom two-pair. Moorman’s Ac6c8h4h improved to a pair on the 4d turn and despite making two-pair on the river with the 6d, it wasn’t enough to keep him in the running for WSOP glory.

The action didn’t let up as it went from three-handed to heads up in 14 minutes. Jenny ‘Mobey’ Svancara was denied the chance of becoming the first female 2020 World Series of Poker winner after Gerhart sent his third player from the final table to an early exit. In blind versus blind action, Gerhart raised to 600,000 from the small and Svancara called from the big. The flop came Kh4h3c, Gerhart bet 1,200,000, Svancara jammed her 2,665,016 stack and Gerhart called. Svancara was ahead on the flop with 8d4cKc8c for two-pair but a Jh on the turn meant Gerhart’s 5sKs7hJs improved to a bigger two-pair. The 5h on the river eliminated Svancara for a $41,290.15 score.

After a back and forth heads up battle between Gerhart and ‘Duckmoney420’, both players took over the chip lead on several occasions. Even with a 7:1 chip lead for ‘Duckmoney420’ at one stage, it wasn’t enough to put away Gerhart. Gerhart took the chip lead once again after fading the diamond draw held by ‘Duckmoney420’. All the chips went in on the 7c6d4d flop, Gerhart flopped the straight with QdTd5c3c. The turn and river came the Js and 4h respectively meaning ‘Duckmoney420’ missed his nut diamond flush draw with AdKd8d2c.

The final hand started with a 1,800,000 button raise from Gerhart which was defended by ‘Duckmoney420’. The flop came AdTc6s, Duckmoney420 moved all in for 2,555,954 and Gerhart didn’t hesitate calling the flop jam.

‘Duckmoney420’: KsQsQc6d

Gerhart: 9h8h7c4c

The 7s turn gave Gerhart the straight but ‘Duckmoney420’ was still alive with a flush draw. The spade didn’t come on the river and the 2c put the proverbial final nail in the coffin for ‘Duckmoney420’ and eliminated him in second place for $60,323.53 while giving Gerhart his second career WSOP bracelet and a $97,571.65 payday.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Kevin ‘TheRealKG’ Gerhart – $97,571.65
  2. ‘Duckmoney420’ – $60,323.53
  3. Jenny ‘Mobey’ Svancara – $41,290.15
  4. Chris ‘Robotbob47’ Moorman – $28,601.23
  5. Adam ‘AdamJ080584’ Jones – $20,210.17
  6. Shanmukha ‘Shanmukha’ Megura – $14,479.69

Faces in the Crowd

Notable names such as Daniel Negreanu (25th – $2,814.07), Shaun Deeb (36th – $2,302.42), Ryan ‘JoeyIsAMush’ DePaulo (51st – $1,381.45) and 15-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth (95th – $920.97) all added another WSOP cash to their resume’s but failed to reach the final table.

Negreanu rolled back the years and eliminated Hellmuth. Negreanu, holding 8s4h6h5d called Hellmuth’s all-in pre-flop shove. The ‘Poker Brat’ was a favorite with QdKdKhTs on the AsJd7c flop but the 4c on the turn and the 3s on the river gave Negreanu the straight to eliminate Hellmuth.