WSOP: Malaysian Paul Ming Juen Teoh Ships $1K Short Deck Title

Malaysia's Paul Ming Juen Teoh wins WSOP Online Event #47 ($1,000 Short Deck) for $82,202 and his first career bracelet. (King's Casino photo)

Sitting at a World Series of Poker Online final table for the third time this week on Sunday, Paul Ming Juen Teoh bested his 5th and 7th place finishes by beating 486 other players to win Event #47 ($1,000 Short Deck) for his first career WSOP bracelet.

Teoh previously made the final table of Event #37 ($1,050 Bounty Pot Limit Omaha) where he finished fifth and Event #40 ($2,500 Pot Limit Omaha) where he finished seventh.

His win comes just four months after he shipped the Asian Poker Tour $400 buy-in Short Deck Championship event also on the GGPoker network.

Nine-handed play went on for over an hour without anybody hitting the rail. Then, in the blink of an eye, two players were eliminated on a single hand. First to act, Shota Nakanishi moved all in for 3,945,510 before Boon Heng Siong shoved over the top for 12,640,688. Andrei Konopelko called from the button. Nakanishi showed [ac][kh], Siong tabled [as][qs], and Konopelko was behind both with [ad][js]. The [9h][7c][7s] flop changed nothing but the [tc][8s] runout gave Konopelko running cards to a straight and eliminated Nakanishi in ninth place and Siong in eighth.

It took just three minutes for the next elimination. Mykhailo Krasnytskyi moved all in for 2,020,568 from early position and Michael Watson made it 16,400,608 to go and Konopelko called. Krasnytskyi was behind with [ac][td] to Watson’s [ah][qh] and Konopelko’s [as][kc]. The [ad][tc][6h] flop gave Krasnytskyi two pair but the [kh] turn returned the lead to Konopelko. The [jd] river gave Watson a straight to give him the pot, taking a significant chunk from Konopelko and eliminating Krasnytskyi in seventh.

Down to just 216,700 after losing a massive pot to Michelle Shah, Jose Luis Masliah moved all in and was called by Orsino, Teoh, Watson, and Shah. Everybody checked through the [qd][qh][jd] flop. The turn was the [7d] and Watson bet 814,011 and only Orsino called. The river was the [8s] and Orsino check-called Teoh’s bet of 2,047,361. Teoh showed [ac][qs], Orsino had [kc][qc] and Masliah tabled [js][tc] to finish in sixth.

The five remaining players battled for an hour before saying bidding adieu to somebody. Joseph Orsino moved all in from UTG for 17,195,148 before Watson re-shoved for 23,775,784. Orsino showed [kh][qh] while Watson had the lead with [ad][jd]. The [ks][6c][6h] flop made top pair for Orsino but the lead was short-lived after the [as] turn paired Watson. The [9h] river changed nothing and Orsino was out in fifth.

It took yet another hour to get the next elimination. Shah moved all in from the cutoff for 39,016,736 and Konopelko called all in from the button. Shah showed [kd][qs] and Konopelko turned over [as][qc]. The [ts][9c][6c] flop gave Shah a gutshot which came in on the [kc] turn. Konopelko still had outs, however the [7h] turn was not one of them and he was out in fourth.

Ten minutes later Teoh sent the tournament to heads up. The Malaysian pro moved all in for 76,670,112 and Watson called with his tournament life on the line. Watson was ahead with [jc][jd] to Teoh’s [th][ts] but the [ah][9d][8h][qs][js] runout gave Teoh a straight to end Watson’s run with a third place finish.

Teoh had Shah outchipped by a 2.5-1 margin when heads up action began and he needed just 15 minutes to collect them all. Teoh opened to 4,500,000 and Shah shipped her last 17,387,104. Teoh called and turned over [qh][jd] while Shah had [ah][js]. the [kd][qs][8d] flop gave Teoh second pair and gave Shah outs to a straight. The [9c] turn and [8h] river were both blanks for Shah and she was eliminated in second place giving Teoh the bracelet and $82,202.

Final Table Payouts

Paul Ming Juen Teoh – $82,202
Michelle Shah – $60,254
Michael Watson – $44,166
Andrei Konopelko – $32,373
Joseph Orsino – $23,730
Jose Luis Masliah – $17,394
Mykhailo Krasnytskyi – $12,750
Boon Heng Siong – $9,345
Shota Nakanishi – $6,850