WSOP: Nathan Gamble Wins Second Career PLO8 Bracelet

Nathan Gamble won his second career World Series of Poker bracelet on Tuesday morning. (PokerCentral/Drew Amato)

After five straight days of No Limit Hold’em action in the 2020 World Series of Poker Online, the four-card wizards got their first chance to shine with on Monday night with a Pot Limit Omaha 8-or-better event and Nathan Gamble emerged to win his second career WSOP bracelet in this variant.

Event #6 ($600 Pot Limit Omaha 8-or-better) drew 833 runners for a $449,820 prize pool and when the final table began, Gamble sat right in the middle of the chip counts with a less-than-average stack.

Ten minutes into the final table, action folded to Simon ‘bagelbites’ Lam in the cutoff and he raised to 350,000 and ‘danish01‘ called from the button. After the Qd5c4s flop, Lam shoved for 576,136 and ‘danish01’ called. Lam showed KdKsJcTh for a pair of kings while ‘danish01’ turned over Ac7h6d3h for a wrap and the only low draw. The Ad turn actually gave ‘danish01’ top pair and that held up through the 4h river which gave both players two pair to bust Lam in sixth.

From the button, ‘rainman3817‘ raised to 350,000 and ‘hansdigalo’ and ‘SSJTimmy’ defended the small and big blinds respectively. After the 8c6c6s flop, ‘hansdigalo‘ bet 120,000, ‘SSJTimmy‘ called all in for 43,644, and ‘rainman3817’ called. The turn was the 8d and ‘hansdigalo’ bet 771,822 and ‘rainman3817’ called. The 9c river completed the board and ‘hansdigalo’ and ‘rainman3817’ both checked. ‘rainman3817’ showed AhTs3s2h for missed flush and low draws, ‘SSJTimmy’ turned over JdJh5h3d for jacks and eights, while ‘hansdigalo’ showed KcKsJs8s for trip eights to eliminate ‘SSJTimmy’ in fifth place.

Twenty minutes later Gamble picked up his first elimination of the night on his way to the title. Gamble opened to 320,000 as first to act and ‘hansdigalo’ replied with a three-bet to 1,120,000 from the small blind. Gamble called to see a KhQsTs flop. ‘hansdigalo’ moved all in for 1,799,668 and Gamble called. Gamble showed AcQdTh2s for two pair with multiple straight draws while ‘hansdigalo’ was behind with AsAh6d5c. The turn was the 5s and the river was the 7d to give Gamble the pot and eliminate ‘hansdigalo’ in fourth.

Just five minutes passed before Gamble went back to work. ‘rainman3817’ opened to 320,000 and Gamble called. The flop came Td8d4c and Gamble bet 720,000 and ‘rainman3817’ called. The turn was the 9d and Gamble fired 1,520,000 into the pot and ‘rainman3817’ called for his last 1,257,760. Gamble showed QsTh5d2d while ‘rainman3817’ showed KcQhJc9h. The 3d river changed nothing and Gamble’s flush was good enough to take down the pot and eliminate ‘rainman3817’ in third.

Gamble held a commanding 87% of the chips in play but still needed another 20 minutes to eliminate his final opponent. ‘danish01’ battled back during heads-up play to face only a 2-1 deficit but wasn’t able to build upon that. On the final hand, ‘danish01’ raised to 600,000, Gamble re-raised to 1,800,000, and ‘danish01’ moved all in for 3,368,864 and Gamble called. ‘danish01’ turned over KcKhQcQd and Gamble showed AsTd5s3h. The Js7d6s flop kept ‘danish01’ ahead but left Gamble with a straight draw and multiple low draws. The 5d turn assured Gamble of at least half of the pot but the 4d river gave him a straight to take the high and low pots to eliminate ‘danish01’ in second place and give Gamble another PLO8 bracelet.

Gamble’s first bracelet came in 2017 when he beat 829 other entries to win the $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Nathan ‘surfbum’ Gamble – $89,424
  2. danish01 – $55,283
  3. rainman3817 – $38,865
  4. hansdigalo – $27,484
  5. SSJTimmy – $19,792
  6. Simon ‘bagelbites’ Lam – $14,484

Faces in the Crowd

One day after making threats against another player on his YouTube live stream, Mike Matusow played his way into the money before going out in 37th for $1,754.29. Other notables who cashed include Jeremy ‘Chipchecka’ Ausmus (8th – $9,096.76), Max ‘MaxSparrow’ Pescatori (10th – $4,813.07), Randy ‘StayAlive’ Ohel (12th – $4,813.07), Shaun ‘ddtgg’ Deeb (21st – $2,518.99) Robert ‘bustinballs’ Kuhn (53rd – $1,529.38), and Daniel Negreanu picked up his third cash of the Series, finishing in 59th place for $1,304.47.

WSOP commentator Norman Chad drove from Los Angeles to Nevada specifically to play this event and finished 112th for $899.64.