WSOP: Nicholas ‘mrfinalt’ Kiley Takes Down Summer Saver for $149K

Nicholas Kiley scored his first career bracelet early Sunday Morning after taking down the $500 Summer Saver (Run It Up photo)

Nicholas ‘mrfinalt’ Kiley navigated through 1,483 other players on Saturday night to the early hours of Sunday morning to win the 2020 World Series of Poker Online Event #25 ($500 NLHE Summer Saver) for $149K and his first career bracelet. Matt ‘Berkey11_S4Y’ Berkey made his second WSOP final table appearance in as many nights and started as chip leader. Looking to improve on his seventh place finish from Event #24, Berkey was also on the hunt for his first career bracelet.

The 2016 Super High Roller Bowl champion also got the first final table elimination of the day. Raising all-in on the button to 9,149,831 with Kc3c, Ofir ‘panda15’ Mor called off his 2,941,919 stack with QhQs. Despite Mor flopping middle set on the AcQc6d flop, he still had to evade the flush draw. The 8c turn completed the flush for Berkey and the 3s river ended the tournament for Mor.

Four minutes later Nicholas ‘mrfinalt’ Kiley opened to 345,678 from late position and Michael ‘ha8me’ Policastro called from the small blind. Policastro took the initiative on the 3c3sQc flop, betting 758,517 which was called by Kiley. Policastro jammed for 3,526,398 on the 8s turn and was snap-called by his opponent. Policastro flopped two pair with AdQd but was behind as Kiley rolled over Ac3d for the stronger holding. The Tc river wasn’t one the two outs Policastro needed and finished the day in eighth.

The next bust-out came seven minutes later when Daddyp69 open-jammed from the cutoff looking to get the walk. Unfortunately, Berkey woke up with AcAh and called from the small blind looking for another elimination. ‘Daddyp69’ was drawing to two immediate outs with 5c5s and was sent to the rail failing to connect with the QsJd4d3hTc runout.

Six-handed play lasted for less than ten minutes when Berkey was again leading the action as he opened from UTG for 480,000. Kevin ‘Specialk333’ Calenzo moved all-in for 3,330,936 from the cutoff, Weiyi ‘wymoney’ Mo then four-bet jammed her 5,780,224 from the small looking to isolate Calenzo. The pre-flop action caused Berkey to fold and Calenzo with AsQc was dominated by Mo’s AhKd. Both players paired their ace on the AdTs5d and both made two-pair with the 5h turn. The at -isk Calenzo was looking for another ace, queen or five to preserve his tournament status but the 6h river meant Mo took all the chips.

Berkey’s bracelet hunt was dented after being on the wrong side of a cooler against Guo Liang ‘Ct188’ Chen. In blind versus blind action, Chen limped-called from the small when Berkey raised to 689,999 to see the As4h3d flop. Berkey bet 1,166,248 after Chen checked his option, Chen made the call to see the Jd turn. Chen again checked and Berkey put his opponent all in and was snap-called. Berkey, holding 4s3h connected hard, making two pair on the flop but was drawing dead as Chen flopped top set with his AhAd. The 5d river meant nothing and left Berkey hanging in there by a thread.

Two hands later Berkey was out in fifth, moving all in from the button for 3,237,065. Kiley called in the small blind.

  • Kiley: KhTs
  • Berkey: Jc9s

Kiley made trips on the TcTh6s flop, the 5d turn and Js river denied the storybook ending Berkey was looking for.

Kiley quickly scored another final table knockout four minutes later. Stephen ‘S.Dott22’ Russo raised to 1,040,000 from UTG with KhQd and called off his remaining 4,723,216 stack after Kiley three-bet jammed for 16,993,456 from the big blind with Ah8d. Both players missed the 5s9d2d6c7s board but Kiley’s ace-high was good enough to send Russo out in fourth.

Mo, who is one of many female poker players who had deep runs in this year’s WSOP, called Chen’s 800,000 button raise from the big blind. Mo with 3s3d decided to ship her short stack on the 7hTc6d flop, Chen holding 9s6s quickly called with third pair. The 5d turn meant Mo picked up a gutshot straight draw but the As river ended Mo’s chances of becoming the first female winner of 2020 WSOP Online event.

That left Chen and Kiley both looking to win their first WSOP bracelet event and claim the $149K first place cash prize. Chen three-bet to 2,475,000 after Kiley opened 800,000 and the latter called to see the Ks4s4c flop. Chen fired a continuation bet, downsizing to 2,125,000, Kiley called again to see the 8c turn. Chen then decided to check-call after Kiley fired for 5,050,000, the Jh completed the board and Chen checked again. Kiley, who had the chip lead, put Chen to the test for all his chips and he made the crying call with AcJc but Kiley’s KdTh was best and enough for him to scoop a six-figure payday and secure his maiden WSOP gold bracelet.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Nicholas ‘mrfinalt’ Kiley – $149,244.52
  2. Guo Liang ‘Ct188’ Chen – $92,223.22
  3. Weiyi ‘wymoney’ Mo – $67,300.65
  4. Stephen ‘S.Dott22’ Russo – $49,554.22
  5. Matt ‘Berkey11_S4Y’ Berkey – $36,850.50
  6. Kevin ‘Specialk333’ Calenzo – $27,637.87
  7. ‘Daddyp69’ – $20,849.62
  8. Michael ‘Ha8me’ Policastro – $15,903.90
  9. Ofir ‘panda15’ Mor – $12,315.82

Faces in the Crowd

Event #25 brought saw a plethora of familiar faces getting into the money while chasing for WSOP glory. Daniel ‘RedSoxNets5’ Sewnig finished 49th for $2,618.32 while Anthony ‘heheh’ Zinno (71st – $1,842.52), Brian Rast (87th – $1,454.62), and Chris Moorman (92nd – $1,357.65) also worked their way into the money. After spending part of the night at the same table, Daniel Negreanu (183rd – $969) and Phil Hellmuth (216th – $873) both added another WSOP cash to their long list of achievements.