WSOP: Nick ‘shadowjacker’ Guagenti Wins Event #29 for $305K

Nick 'shadowjacker' Guagenti won WSOP Online Event #29 for his first career bracelet. (HPT photo)

Nick Guagenti has had a few close calls at the World Series of Poker last summer. He finished third in the $3,000 HORSE event and fourth in the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Championship. Those were his best WSOP results until early Thursday morning.

Guagenti outlasted 746 other players to win Event #29 ($2,000 NLHE Deepstack) of the 2020 WSOP Online to win his first career bracelet and $305,433.36. The tough final table included a former #1-ranked PocketFiver, a former WSOP Main Event final tablist, and a former World Poker Tour Five Diamond Classic champion.

Tom Cannuli came to the final table with the shortest stack and after 10 minutes of play found a hand to make a stand with. Cannuli moved all in with Ac6s from early position and w reshoved from late position with AsJs and everybdoy else folded. The Td7d3c flop changed nothing for Cannuli neither did the 5h turn. The Ah river gave both players to pair with Deutschmeister holding the better kicker to eliminate the former November Niner in ninth.

A few hands later the player who started the final table with the second shortest stack joined Cannuli in spectator mode. James Gilbert moved all in for 1,098,126 from late position with Qs[9]s and Matthew Parry called from the big blind with AhQc. The 6s4d2c7c8s runout gave Gilbert no salvation and he was out in eighth place.

Down to less than four big blinds, Rory Brown moved all in for 726,626 with AsJd and Deutschmeister called from the big blind wiht Ts8c. The AcTc6c flop gave Brown top pair but the 7c turn completed a fluhs for Deutschmeister and left Brown drawing dead on the 5d river to bust in seventh.

Former #1-ranked PocketFiver Ari Engel opened to 420,000 from the hijack and Vinny Pahuja called from the big blind. The flop came Qh8s7d and Pahuja check-raised all in for 931,984 after Engel bet 340,000. Engel called and showed QdJc which put him ahead of Pahuja’s Qs9s. The turn was the 4d and the Ah completed the board to eliminate Pahuja in sixth place.

Five-handed play did not last but a few minutes. Action folded to Ryan Tosoc on the button and he moved all in for 1,718,408 with 4c4d and Parry called from the big blind with 7h7s. The KdJs8d flop missed Tosoc and he was sent to the rail after the 5c turn 5h river completed the board.

Despite being responsible for two early final table eliminations, Deutschmeister was the next to go. Parry made it 450,000 to go from the button with Ad4h and Deutschmeister moved all in for 1,802,612 from the small blind with KhTc. Guagenti folded his big blind and Parry called. The board ran out 7s3c2h9d8d to eliminate Deutschmeister in fourth.

It took 45 minutes of three-handed play to get to heads up. Engel moved all in from the small blind for 2,748,802 with 9c6d and Guagenti called from the big blind with Ac9s. The AdJd5d flop gave Guagenti top pair but left Engel with outs to a flush. The Qs turn was a brick and the As river gave Guagenti an unnecessary improvement to win the hand and eliminate Engel in third place.

Starting heads up play with a 3-2 chip lead over Parry, Guagenti needed just 15 minutes to eliminate his final opponent and lay claim to his first career WSOP bracelet. On the final hand Guagenti opened to 748,000 and Parry called. The flop came 7h6s4s and Guagenti bet 1,173,0000. Parry moved all in for 8,539,988. Guagenti called and showed 5h3c for a flopped straight while Parry tabled Jc7c for top pair. The Ks turn gave Guagenti complete control and Parry was out after the 5s river.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Nick ‘shadowjacker’ Guagenti – $305,433.36
  2. Matthew ‘EarvinMagic’ Parry – $189,192.69
  3. Ari ‘philivey’ Engel – $130,291.74
  4. Brian ‘BD_out’ Deutschmeister – $91,260.99
  5. Ryan ‘toosick’ Tosoc – $65,003.94
  6. Vinny ‘brownmagic’ Pahuja – $47,120.76
  7. Rory ‘peeeeeeeeeno’ Brown – $34,772.85
  8. James ‘DanFriel’ Gilbert – $26,115.12
  9. Tom ‘.beast.’ Cannuli – $20,012.13

Faces in the Crowd

Engel wasn’t the only former #1 on PocketFives to run deep. Calvin Anderson bubbled the final table for $15,612.30 while Bryan Piccioli (11th – $15,612.30) and Shaun Deeb (36th – $6,954.57) also cashed. Other familiar names that wound up in the money included Jack Salter (12th – $56,612.30), Joe McKeehen (42nd – $6,102.99), and Tony Dunst (46th – $5,251.41). Ian Steinman picked up some extra WSOP leaderboard points after coming in 70th for $4,399.83.