WSOP on ESPN: “I Play a Lot Better When I Get Kings Against Jacks”


The 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event continued airing on ESPN on Sunday night with a pair of one-hour episodes beginning at 9:00pm Eastern Time. The program began with the start of Day 6 and 79 players remaining. Mark Newhouse (pictured), who made the 2013 November Nine, was chip leader, poised to become the first two-time November Niner.

Jason kgb_borisLeifer was the first player who busted on the ESPN broadcast of Day 6, getting his money in the middle in a set-over-set situation after Dan KingDanSmith called the clock to speed up his decision. Bruno Politano, who won the hand, called out Smith for his actions.

Maria Ho, who started the day as the shortest stack, was eliminated after running J-8 of diamonds into queens on her final hand. She was the Last Woman Standing in 2014 after holding the same title in 2007, the third player ever to earn that superlative multiple times along with Annie Duke and Marsha Waggoner.

Gable Paul moved all-in on a flop of 6-7-4 with two hearts with A-10 of the suit for the nut flush draw. Kyle Keranen (pictured), who had jacks, held on for the win and became the tournament’s new chip leader.

ESPN spent much of the first episode focusing on Bill Cole, the elder statesman of the remaining field. At one point, Cole doubled through Newhouse, yelling that he was “living the dream” to a rail that included longtime PocketFiver Blair Rodman. Cole eventually ran 9-9 into aces to bust from the Main Event.

In the closing minutes of the first episode, Jorryt Van Hoofwon a coin flip against Matt Waxman, sending the latter’s chip stack careening to 10 big blinds. To start the second episode, Van Hoof held K-J and had Waxman on the ropes with A-5. However, Waxman ultimately doubled after hitting a flush as the two continued to exchange chips.

Chris hattrick8810 Odle moved all-in pre-flop with sevens against Keranen, who had A-10 of hearts. Odle picked up a flush draw on the flop as Keranen hit an ace, but it failed to come through on the turn or river. Keranen stacked 200 big blinds when all was said and done and became the 2014 WSOP Main Event’s chip leader.

Brian Roberts 4bet to 720,000 in chips with jacks and New Jersey poker player William Tonking (pictured) 5bet all-in for 3.2 million with kings. Roberts called and could not draw out, leaving Tonking to tell his opponents, “I play a lot better when I get kings against jacks.”

One of the more profound beats of the night went to Vladimir Bozinovic, who moved all-in on a two-club flop of J-9-5 with jacks for top set. Peter Placeycame along with K-4 of clubs for a flush draw, which hit on the river to send Bozinovic home. ESPN poker commentator Norman Chad put it best by saying, “It’s a brutal game.”

Finally, Waxman moved all-in pre-flop with tens and was up against Keranen’s nines and Eddy Sabat‘s aces. The board ripped off 4-7-J-K-7, Sabat tripled up, Waxman hit the rail, and Keranen dropped to third place after the three-way pot. ESPN then showed a text from Waxman complaining that Sabat had celebrated too much.

You can catch more of Day 6 of the 2014 WSOP Main Event next Sunday at 9:00pm Eastern Time on ESPN.

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