WSOP: Raymond ‘avant9201’ Avant Takes Gold in Event 23 for $94K

Raymond 'avant9201' Avant dominated the final table of Event #23 ($500 NLHE Knockout Freezeout) of the 2020 WSOP Online to earn his first career WSOP bracelet.

New Jersey’s Raymond ‘avant9201’ Avant eliminated five players in 25 minutes early Friday morning to secure his maiden WSOP gold bracelet for $94K and an additional $1,700 in bounties. The relatively unknown Avant triumphed over 1,451 other players to win #Event 23 ($500 NLHE Knockout Freezeout).

Despite coming onto the final table with a significant chip stack, WSOP bracelet and Circuit ring winner Dan ‘PepperPrince’ Zack was the first to be felted and eliminated in 9th place.

Zack, who has over $1million in career live earnings, shipped his 463,996 stack pre-flop and was first called by Avant from the small blind. Upeshka ‘gomezhamburg’ De Silva, who has three WSOP bracelets himself, re-shoved for 2,385,062 which caused Avant to make the fold. Zack’s QsJc was behind De Silva’s AsKd and a clean run out of Td6d4h2d4s sent Zack packing.

In a button versus Big Blind battle 15 minutes later, Scott ‘intheblack14’ Epstein raised all in for 13,648,668 with ThTs after the action folded around to him on the button. ‘Mikeob1’ called off his 2,382,502 stack with AsKd. The flop came 6s5s2d and the 9s on the turn gave ‘Mikeob1’ the nut flush draw but 9d paired the board on the river, busting ‘Mikeob1’ in 8th place.

Shortly after the break, the third final table fatality of the day started off with ‘dogmai’ in middle position with 8d8h raising all in for 3,615,011. Avant isolated from the cutoff with TsTd and was a 4:1 favorite heading to the flop. ‘dogmai’ caught one of his two immediate outs on the Ah8c3c flop, the at risk player made a full house with a 3d on turn but a disastrous Tc on river gave Avant the bigger boat and sunk ‘dogmai’s’ battleship.

Seven minutes later Avant got his second final table elimination of the day. Short stack ‘kings702’ picked up 9h9s in the cutoff and moved all-in for his tournament life. Avant now flush with a chip stack of around 10 million called the shove with Ks6d. Despite ‘kings702’ pair of nines looking in good shape, the KhQh7d flop meant he needed a miracle to evade elimination. Unfortunately, lady luck did not make an appearance as the 5s turn and the 2d river ended any hopes of etching his name in the WSOP history books.

Just five hands later Jun ‘YESUM1987’ Kim jammed his stack from the button for 1,038,184 and Avant looking to bust a third consecutive player called from the big blind. Kim was ahead with KhQs as Avant turned over Jd7d and remained the favourite on the 9d5c3s. The Ad turn brought in a flush draw for Avant but it was the Jh on the river which sent Kim to the rail for fifth.

The action did not let up, just two minutes later short stack Upeshka ‘gomezhamburg’ De Silva raised all in for 647,864 from the small blind with AsKc and was called by chip leader Scott ‘intheblack14’ Epstein with 9d2s. De Silva liked the Qc8c7d flop but the 2d turn moved Epstein ahead, De Silva, a three-time bracelet winner, did not improve on the 5c river and finished in fourth place for just shy of $30K.

Remarkably there was another quick elimination coming just another two minutes later. Avant continued his final table demolition when Ryan ‘Im.sorry’ Torgersen open-jammed from the small blind for 3,674,257 and Avant snap-called from the big blind.

  • Avant: AhAs
  • Torgersen: Qd3d

Torgersen made a pair on the flop but Avant continued to run good also making his set as the flop came AcTh3s. The 8h turn meant Torgersen was drawing dead and the inconsequential 7h completed the board and ended Torgersen’s chances of picking up a second 2020 WSOP online win.

The final two players started heads up with even stacks of around 17.5 million chips but it was all over seven minutes later. Avant, who was the dominant chip stack coming into the final hand, moved all in with Ah5h for 31,028,466 and Epstein called off his remaining 5,201,534 stack with 4h4d.

Avant took the lead and had one hand on a gold bracelet as he paired his 5h on the Qc5s3d flop, Epstein then improved to seven outs on the turn with the 2s but could not make his straight on the 8h river giving Avant the victory.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Raymond ‘avant9201’ Avant – $93,775.96
  2. Scott ‘intheblack14’ Epstein – $58,074.19
  3. Ryan ‘Im.sorry’ Torgersen – $41,242.60
  4. Upeshka ‘gomezhamburg’ De Silva – $29,690.49
  5. Byung Jun ‘YESUM1987’ Kim – $21,692.88
  6. ‘kings702’ – $15,995.23
  7. ‘dogmai’ – $12,022.56
  8. ‘Mikeob81’ – $9,095.32
  9. Dan ‘PepperPrince’ Zack – $7,004.44

Faces in the Crowd

Notable names who cashed #Event 23 but fell short of making the final table were WSOP Main Event winner Greg ‘FossilMan’ Raymer (191st – $574.99), Allen ‘Acnyc719’ Chang (84th – $940.89). Daniel Negreanu continued his fine form cashing in another WSOP event finishing in 25th place for $2,770. Chris Moorman finished in 36th place for a $2,247.69 payday. The unfortunate final table bubble boy was Anthony ‘fresshh429’ Conte who’s 10th place finish scored him a $5,436 payday.