WSOP: Ryan Depaulo Dominates Big 500 Final Table for First Bracelet

Ryan Depaulo won his first career bracelet after beating Jack Salter heads up in Event #12 ($500 NLHE The Big 500) of the 2020 WSOP Online.

Early Monday morning Ryan Depaulo put on a dominating performance at the final table to win Event #12 ($500 NLHE The Big 500) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online to score his first career bracelet and a $159,563 payday.

And he did it all from the comfort of the front seat of his car.

Depaulo started the final table with the chip lead and eliminated six of his final eight opponents to earn the victory but he didn’t have a hand in the first bustout of the final table. Sean ‘FilthyDiaper’ Ruane moved all in from UTG for 3,983,214 with 6c6h and ‘Givemaction‘ called all in with AhQh. The Jc6d2c flop gave Ruane middle set and left ‘Givemeaction’ drawing to a runner-runner runout to save them from elimination. The 7d turn was no help and ‘Givemaction’ was officially eliminated in ninth after the Th river.

Give minutes later, Depaulo got his first victim of the night. Action folded to Dominic ‘rgdoc’ Ricciardi on the button and he moved all in for 2,205,425 with As7s before Depaulo called from the big blind with AcQs. The Qh3c3h flop cemented Depaulo’s lead. The 7c turn gave Ricciardi life but the Ks river could not save him and Ricciardi was out in eighth.

Seven-handed play continued for 15 more minutes before Depaulo took out another player. From the button, Shannon ‘Aulophobia’ Shorr raised to 3,000,000 with Ah9s and Depaulo moved all-in from the small blind for 17,191,003 with KcKs and Shorr called. Depaulo took further control of the hand after the KdTh4d flop. Neither the 7d turn nor 3c river was any help for Shorr and he was eliminated in seventh place.

Less than five minutes later, Depaulo did it again. From UTG, Depaul raised to 800,000 and Terry ‘mrterry007’ Fleischer called from the big blind. The flop came 4s3d3s and Fleischer checked. Depaulo moved all-in for 21,863,013 and Fleischer called all in. Fleischer showed 5d2s for an open-ended straight draw while Depaulo tabled JcTs for jack-high. The turn was the Ks and the 7d river completed the board to miss Fleischer’s draw and send him to the rail as the sixth place finisher.

A few minutes later, ‘Jessyboo‘ became the fourth consecutive player to fall to Depaulo. ‘Jessyboo’ moved all in for 2,651,775 with AhQd and Depaulo called from the big blind with Kh8h. The Kc8s5d flop was a great one for Depaulo as he moved ahead with two pair. The Js turn gave ‘Jessyboo’ straight outs but the 3c river was no good and ‘Jessyboo’was done in fifth.

It took all of six minutes for Depaulo to use his monstrous stack to bust another player. From UTG, Depaulo moved all in for 25,658,117 with Ad8s and Hayden ‘Luckbox89’ Fortini called from the small blind with AsKd. The Qs8d2hJh3c runout gave Depaulo a pair of eights to eliminate Fortini in fourth place and give Depaulo 66% of the chips in play.

The final three players battled for a half-hour before getting to heads up play but it wasn’t Depaulo doing the heavy lifting.

Depaulo folded his button and Jack ‘earlgrey’ Salter moved all in for 10,650,683 with 4d4s and Ruane called all in with AdQh. The board ran out 9h7h3s[6]6d to miss all of Ruane’s outs and eliminate him in third place.

Depaulo started heads up play with 56% of the chips in play but traded the chip lead back and forth multiple times before finally putting Salter to rest. Salter opened to 1,600,000 from the button with AcJd and Depaulo responded by moving all in for 28,953,118 with QcQh. Salter called and then failed to connect with the Td2c2s flop. The 3d turn and 3s river completed the board and eliminated Salter in second place giving Depaulo the title.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Ryan ‘joeyisamush’ Depaulo – $159,563
  2. Jack ‘EarlGrey’ Salter – $98,621
  3. Sean ‘FilthyDiaper’ Ruane – $72,410
  4. Hayden ‘luckbox89’ Fortini – $53,625
  5. Jessyboo – $40,082
  6. Terry ‘mrterry007’ Fleischer – $30,143
  7. Shannon ‘aulophobia’ Shorr – $22,826
  8. Dominic ‘rgdoc’ Ricciardi – $17,474
  9. Givemaction – $13,543

Faces in the Crowd

Daniel Negreanu worked his way into the money for the fifth time this year, eventually finishing in 205th for $1,092.15. He was the most notable name to cash on Sunday but certainly not the only familiar face. He was joined by James ‘’ Mackey (15th – $8,300.34), Kami ‘Loco4coco’ Hudson (45th – $3,385.66), Katie Lindsay (57th – $2,402.73), Ari ‘philivey’ Engel (94th – $1,529.01), Max ‘MaxSparrow’ Pescatori (108th – $1,419.79), and Kevin MacPhee (144th – $1,310.58).