WSOP: Simon Löfberg Ships $2,500 PLO for $224K, First Bracelet

Sweden's Simon Lofberg earned his first career WSOP bracelet on Sunday after winning Event #40 ($2,500 PLO). (PokerStars photo)

Simon Lofberg had himself one helluva weekend on the Pot Limit Omaha tables and it culminated Sunday night with the Swedish grinder winning his first career World Series of Poker bracelet.

Löfberg topped the 532-entry field in Event #40 ($2,500 Pot Limit Omaha) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online to take home $224,493 and the bracelet. It came just 24 hours after he won a $1,000 World Poker Tour PLO side event on partypoker.

Two players were eliminated on the same hand of hand-for-hand play with ten players remaining to create an eight-handed final table. Benjamin Juhasz only got to stick around for four more minutes. Juhasz moved all in for 349,596 and Löfberg called from the big blind. Juhasz tabled AhKd8h5d and Löfberg showed AcTc9c8d. The QcTh3h flop to give Lofberg a pair. He improved to the nut flush on the 3c turn and 6c river to eliminate Juhasz in eighth.

Paul Teoh, appearing at a WSOP final table for the second time this week, was the next one out the door. Teoh raised to 350,000 from the button, Leon Tsoukernik called from the small blind and Sai Wah Shek folded the big blind. The flop came 8h7h6d and Tsoukernik bet the maximum and Teoh called all in. Teoh showed AhKdQh3c for a nut flush draw while Tsoukernik tabled QcJdTh9c for a flopped straight. The 8s turn was no help and the 9d river eliminated Teoh in seventh place.

Tsoukernik waited just another five minutes before eliminating another player. Down to just 525,270, Arvi Vainionkulma raised to 350,000 from late position and Tsoukernik once again defended his small blind and Shek got out of the way. The AcKdJs flop got Tsoukernik to bet 800,000 and Vainionkulma called all in and showed AdAsQcTs for Broadway and a re-draw with top set while Tsoukernik had middle set with KcKh7c7d. The 6c turn changed nothing Tsoukernik caught the case Ks on the river to make quads and eliminate Vainionkulma in sixth.

It took a full half-hour before the next elimination occurred. Torbergsen opened to 300,000 from UTG and Tsoukernik called from the button. Shek moved all in for 1,024,932 from the small blind. Torbergsen bet pot and Tsoukernik folded. Shek showed QcJdJhTd while Torbergsen tabled Qh7d5d4h. The flop came AcTh6h to give Torbergsen a flush draw. The 9s turn missed that draw but the 2h river filled it to end Shek’s night with a fifth place finish.

Torbergsen’s rise continued and 15 minutes later he sent Tsoukernik to the rail. Tsoukernik entered the pot by calling, Torbergsen followed suit from the small blind and Löfberg checked his option in the big blind. The flop came Th5c4d and Torbergsen bet 480,000, Löfberg folded and Tsoukernik moved all in. Torbergsen called and revealed AcTc6c2s while Tsoukernik showed Td8d7c6d. Tsoukernik failed to improve with the 4h turn or 2h river and was out in fourth.

It took just five minutes to get to the heads up battle. Torbergsen raised to 400,000 on the button before Löfberg re-raised pot 1,360,000 from the small blind. Shyngis Satubayev responded by moving all in for 3,115,512 forcing Torbergsen to fold. Löfberg called and showed JcTh7h5c while Satubayev held AdAs9c7d. The Td5d3s8h2h runout gave Lofberg two pair to crack Satubayev’s aces and eliminate him in third position.

Just 1.5 big blinds separated the final two players when heads up play began with Lofberg holding the lead. The pair battled for 35 minutes before Lofberg put the finishes touches on his first WSOP victory. Torbergsen raised to 720,000 and then called when Löfberg re-raised to 2,160,000. The flop came 8c7d2d and Lofberg bet 4,320,000 and Torbergsen called his last 992,360. Löfberg showed KcJhTh5c and Torbergsen held KsTd9s5d. Neither the 2s turn or 4s managed to connected with any of the multitude of outs Torbergsen had and he was done in second place.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Klas Löfberg – $224,493
  2. Andreas Torbergsen – $164,553
  3. Shyngis Satubayev – $120,617
  4. Leon Tsoukernik – $88,412
  5. Sai Wah Shek – $64,806
  6. Arvi Vainionkulma – $47,502
  7. Paul Teoh – $34,819
  8. Benjamin Juhasz – $25,522
  9. Brahman33 – $18,708