WSOP: Social Media Fun Ramps Up In Week One

Bart Hanson wins the week capturing his $200K video poker win on camera.

One look at #WSOP gives even those with the slightest interest in poker a severe case of FOMO. The first week of the 49th Annual World Series of Poker had it all. Big names fighting for multimillion-dollar scores and players mixing it up both on and off-the-felt.

It’s impossible to catch everything that’s happening at the Rio in Las Vegas but here are some of the highlights we enjoyed that will make you feel like you’re in the thick of the action yourself.

So Many Rings

When you want to stretch your bankroll, perhaps a single table satellite is the way to go. Just beat a soft field of 9 other players and next thing you know you’re vying for a gold bracelet. Well, maybe the field isn’t that soft.

Valentin Vornicu and Maurice Hawkins, the two most prolific WSOP Circuit winners battled it out at the same $275 SNG.

The Grind Is Real

Leon’s Room

Take a look at the posh high stakes cash game area provided by Rozvadov’s own King’s Casino. Plush chairs, plenty of space and winners everywhere. Lawsuits not included.

Caged Animals

Vornicu was everywhere this week including taking this shot of high rollers in their natural habitat, next to the cage. Phil Hellmuth and Matt Berkey caught registering for the $3,000 Shootout.

Vornicu was lucky enough to see these beasts only at the cage. Kitty Kuo Thomas had a more terrifying, up close look at them.

Finally, World Poker Tour frontman Tony Dunst was up against the most terrifying possible scenario in the shootout.

Dunst did not survive.

Pay The Cost To Be The Boss

Niall Farrell, the subject of PocketFives’ 2018 edition of 50 Days & 50 Nights put his money where his mouth is.

Jonathan Little did the same. Twice.

The Mouth In The House

Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow has a lot of people interested in how he’s making out in the King’s Lounge cash games.

Who Let The Dogs…IN?

A rough headline, but how else can you explain the new photo of Chris Ferguson hanging in the halls of the Rio. Appearing with two puppies and no Full Tilt Poker patch (as was seen in his previous photo) the reigning player of the year receives a new banner for his 2000 WSOP Main Event victory.

Predictable Patterns

While no one could have predicted Ferguson getting a new photo, there are all sorts of things you’ll see time and time again at the WSOP. New Jersey’s Mike ‘Gags30’ Gagliano has a perfect way for you to keep track.

Meanwhile In The Colossus…

The Battle Rages On

When Doug Polk revealed his “More Rake Is Better” shirt while sitting right next to Daniel Negreanu on the Super High Roller Bowl broadcast this year, there was a hint of what was to come. On the shirt, the logo seemed to be emblazoned on a billboard. Now here it is, in real life.

Is this the endgame for the grudge?

Crushing Live (Video) Poker

In what is easily the best of all the social media posts of the week, Crush Live Poker’s own Bart Hanson stumbled into a major victory. A man who has dedicated much of his professional life to playing and coaching poker was blowing off some steam at a $50 video poker machine after busting one of his favorite events, the $10K O8. Next thing he knew, he binked a career-high cash…$200K. Crushed indeed.

On to week two!