WSOP: South African Michael Clacher Wins Event #36 for $297K

Michael Clacher became the third South African to win a World Series of Poker bracelet after he won Event #36 of the 2020 WSOP Online.

In the first 50 years of the World Series of Poker just two players from South Africa managed to win bracelets. Early Wednesday morning, Michael ‘YesPlease’ Clacher became the third to do it.

Clacher beat out 1,341 other entries in WSOP Online Event #36 ($1,500 Fifty Stack NLHE) to take home $297,496.30 and the jewellery. He joins Norman Keyser (1989) and Hugh Todd (1990) as bracelet winners from his home country.

Clacher started the final table trailing only Olivier ‘BigPapyBoss’ Rebello in chips. Rebello got things started not long after the final table began.

Jose ‘Machenzzio’ Davilla moved all in from middle position with 4c4s and Rebello called from the big blind with Ad8c. The Ac7d3d flop gave Rebello control and Davilla found no help on the Tc turn nor Kd river and was eliminated in ninth.

Three minutes later, Joao Vieira raised to 1,000,000 from middle position and Viktor ‘Ryuzaki1’ Zsemlye moved all in from the small blind for 5,090,054 and Joao Vieira called. Zsemlye showed AcQs and Vieira tabled QcQd. Zsemlye could do nothing but watch as the 3d2c2hKd8d run out eliminated him in eighth place.

Two of the players at the final table sold action in the GGPoker client and both managed to give their investors a solid return. Rebello raised to 1,050,000 from UTG+1 with AcQs and Rich ‘DadPoker’ Dixon, who sold 35% of himself, moved all in from the hijack for 4,735,158 with KhQh before Martin ‘FuTimReilly’ Zamani reshoved from the button for 4,983,978 with JcJs forcing Rebello to fold. Dixon failed to connect with the Ad7c5h flop and was eliminated in seventh when the 4c turn and 4d river completed the board.

The other player who sold action was the next to go. Neel ‘Neel’ Joshi sold 20% of himself at no mark-up and gave his investors a 40-1 return. Action folded to Rebello in the small blind and he moved all in for 15,159,790 with JcJd and Joshi called all in with JhTh. The Ah6c5sTd8d runout couldn’t save Joshi from a sixth place finish.

Five minutes later Zamani picked up another elimination. Zamani opened to 1,500,000 from the cutoff and Vieira moved all in for 10,215,368 from the small blind before Rodrigo ‘PAPAI_PIG’ Dos Santos Caprioli moved all in over the top. Zamani folded and Vieira showed Ac7c while Caprioli held AsJh. The Kh8c7d flop move Vieira ahead. The 4h turn was a safe card for Vieira but the Jd river gave Caprioli the pot to send Vieira out in fifth.

Zamani was the next player out. First to act, Zamani raised to 4,000,000 with Ah9h and Caprioli made it 7,200,000 from the small blind with AcJs. Zamani responded by moving all in for 12,150,301 and Caprioli called. Neither player was able to make a pair on the 8c2c2h5s7h runout and Zamani was eliminated in fourth when Caprioli’s jack kicker played.

Clacher picked up his first elimination of the night after 12 minutes of three-handed play. Clacher moved all in from the button for 19,115,720 with 5c5s and Rebello called for 13,944,804 from the big blind with AdJd. The QhTc2s flop gave Rebello extra outs but the 5h turn gave Clacher a set. The Ac river paired Rebello but it wasn’t good enough to save him from a third place result.

Heads up play began with the players nearly tied in chips and t,he pair battled for 12 minutes before Clacher ended things. Caprioli raised to 2,000,000 from the button and Clacher called. The flop was 9c5h4s and both players checked. The turn was the Tc and Clached check-called Caprioli’s bet of 2,883,200. The river was the Qc and Clacher fired 1,250,000. Caprioli moved all in for 12,087,996 and Clacher called. Caprioli showed 8d7d for a missed straight draw while Clacher tabled Qd4d for top and bottom pair to eliminate Caprioli in second place and win his first career bracelet.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Michael Clacher – $297,496.30
  2. Rodrigo Dos Santos Caprioli – $215,892.45
  3. Olivier Rebello – $156,673.09
  4. Martin Zamani – $113,697.09
  5. Joao Vieira – $82,510.25
  6. Neel Joshi – $59,877.78
  7. Rich Dixon – $43,453.18
  8. Viktor Zsemlye – $31,534.07
  9. Jose Luis Davila – $22,884.32