WSOP: Ukrainian Dmytro Bystrovzorov Captures WSOP Gold in Event #65

Ukrainian Dmytro Bystrovzorov took down his first World Series of Poker Online bracelet on Tuesday.

Sitting dead center in the middle of the pack when the final table began, Dmytro Bystrovzorov needed 90 minutes to work his way through his final eight opponents to win World Series of Poker Online Event #65 ($600 NLHE Deepstack Championship).

The Ukrainian collected $227,906 and his first WSOP bracelet for the win. His only live result was a $555 payout from the Spanish Poker Festival Main Event in Rozvadov in February. The event drew 2,911 runners to create a $1,659,270 prize pool.

Ten minutes into the final table, Giovani Torre opened to 1,200,000 from UTG and Bystrovzorov and Christopher Puetz called from the cutoff and small blind respectively. After the 5d5s3c flop, Puetz checked, Torre bet 1,218,750 and Bystrovzorov called. Puetz folded. The 6c got a check out of both players to check. The river was the 7d and Torre moved all in for 4,465,606 and Bystrovzorov called. Torre turned over Ad8d but Bystrovzorov showed KdKs to take down the pot and eliminate Torre in ninth place.

Ivan Constantin moved all in for 4,743,992 from the button and Florian Gauguch re-shoved from the small blind forcing Wojciech Barzantny to fold his big blind. Constantin tabled QdJd and Gaugusch showed AcKd. The KcJc5h flop gave Gaugusch top pair and Constantin second pair. The 6s turn and 8s river changed nothing and Constantin was out in eighth.

A classic race five minutes later cost another player his tournament life. Wojciech Barzantny moved all in for 11,538,888 from the cutoff and Stanley Topol moved all in over the top from the small blind. Barzantny showed AcQh and Topol tabled TdTh. Barzantny bricked the Kc9h2s4c6d runout and was sent home in seventh place.

Six-handed play went on for 20 minutes before Christopher Puetz raised to 1,400,000 from the button. Ivan Banic moved all in from the small blind for 9,061,432 and Puetz called. Banic showed AcKc which put him ahead of Putz’s AhQh. The Qd7d4d flop put Puetz in control and Banic needing help. Neither the 4h turn or 6c river were able to save him and Banic was eliminated in sixth.

Another 20 minutes past without an elimination before Topol and Puet clashed. Action folded to Topol on the button and he moved all in for 8,417,778 before Puetz called from the small blind. Topol showed KhQc while Puetz tabled 9c9s. The 8c8s6c6c7d runout didn’t connect with Topol’s hand and he collected a fifth place result.

The depth of stacks began to play an even bigger role in the relatively slow pace of the final table. It took nearly 45 minutes of action before the next bustout happened. Matthew Train called from UTG before Bystrovzorov moved all in from the small blind. Puetz called all in from the big blind and Train called off his last 14,082,632 and happily turned over AcAh. Puetz showed Ad2c and Bystrovzorov whoed 9d6h. The Jd6c2d flop kept Train ahead while connecting with both of his opponents. The turn was the Jh and the river was the 3d to give Train the pot and eliminate Puetz in fourth.

Train only got to stay around another five minutes. From the button, Train raised to 2,400,000 before Bystrovzorov re-raised to 6,000,000 from the big blind. Train moved all in for 26,517,470 and Bystrovzorov called. Train showed QcQh which put him behind Bystrovzorov’s KcKd. The 8c7d2c5c7s runout changed absolutely nothing and Bystrovzorov eliminated Train in third place.

Bystrovzorov started heads up play with a 3-2 chip lead over Gaugusch. The pair played one-on-one for nearly 35 minutes before Bystrovzorov finished off his final opponent. Bystrovzorov called from the button and Gauguch made it 4,200,000. Bystrovzorov moved all in and Gaugusch called with his tournament at risk. Bystrovzorov showed Ah7s while Guagusch held QdQh. The Ac8c8h flop gave Bystrovzorov top pair. The 3d turn and 6d river completed the board without saving Gaugusch and he was eliminated in second.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Dmytro Bystrovzorov – $227,906
  2. Florian Gaugusch – $172,493
  3. Matthew Train – $124,024
  4. Christopher Puetz – $89,174
  5. Stanley Topol – $64,117
  6. Ivan Banic – $46,101
  7. Wojciech Barzantny – $33,147
  8. Ivan Constantin – $23,833
  9. Giovani Torre – $17,136