WSOP: William ‘SlaweelRyam’ Romaine Scoops Event #28

William 'SlaweelRyam' Romaine now owns a World Series of Poker bracelet after winning Event #28 of the WSOP Online.

Two weeks ago, William Romaine was forced to play bridesmaid as Michael Lech defeated him heads up to win Event #13 ($1,500 NLHE High Roller Freezeout) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online. On Tuesday night, and into the earliest hours of Wednesday morning, Romaine was allowed to shed the runner-up designation on his way to winning Event #27 ($1,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Six-Max) for his first career bracelet and a six-figure score.

It took 15 minutes of play at the final table for Romaine to send a player packing. From UTG, Romaine raised to 160,000 and ‘NJ_FittyFish’ called all in from the big blind. Romaine showed AsKcKh3h and ‘NJ_FittyFish’ had QdTcTh9h. The Kd9c8d flop gave Romaine top set and left his opponent drawing to a gutshot straight draw. The 3c on the turn and 6s river changed nothing and ‘NJ_FittyFish’ was out in sixth place.

Five-handed play ran for 28 minutes. Kyle ‘Ksparks740’ Sparks raised to 200,000 from UTG, ‘Chippingggup’ raised to 300,000, ‘kheescopy’ came along from the big blind before Sparks moved all in for 382,417. Both opponents called. The flop came Kd8s3s, ‘kheescoopy’ checked and then called when ‘Chippingggup’ bet 100,000. The turn was the 7h and ‘kheescoopy’ checked and then folded when ‘Chippingggup’ bet 200,000. Sparks showed AhQh9d3h for a pair of threes while ‘Chippingggup’ tabled Ad7s4s2s for a pair of sevens and the nut low draw. The river was the Jh and Sparks was eliminated in fifth.

It took another 25 minutes before the next player was eliminated. ‘Choppingggup’ raised to 240,000 from the button and Romaine called from the big blind. Romaine checked after the Qc7c6s flop, ‘Chippingggup’ bet 120,000 and Romaine clicked back for 240,000. ‘Chippingggup’ called to see the 8h turn. Romaine bet 240,000 before ‘Chippingggup’ raised all in for 438,688 and Romaine called. ‘Chippingggup’ showed AcKdKs8s and Romaine tabled KcJs5h3c. The 4s river filled Romaine’s gutshot straight draw and gave him the low to scoop the pot and eliminate ‘Chippingggup’ in fourth place.

Romaine had to wait just 10 minutes to end another player’s tournament. Action folded to Romaine in the big blind and he raised to 320,000 and ‘kheescoopy’ called from the big blind. Romaine then bet 160,000 on the Qh9c7c flop before ‘kheescoopy’ raised to 320,000. Romaine called to see the 5s turn. Romaine bet 320,000 and ‘kheescoopy’ called all in for 156,086. Romaine had Qs8c8s4s and ‘kheescoopy’ showed Ad6s4c3c. The Kd river failed to complete any of the draws for ‘kheescoopy’ and he was out in third place.

Romaine held a 3-2 chip lead over Mark ‘victb’ Ioli and needed just six minutes to finish off the victory. On the final hand, Ioli was down to less than three bets and raised the button and Romaine called. The flop came Ah5c3d, Romaine bet and Ioli called all in for 110,150. Romaine showed AsKd2c2h for top pair and the nut low draw while Ioli tabled KcQh8c5h for second pair. The Tc turn and Td river failed to improve Ioli’s hand and he was sent to the rail in second place giving Romaine his first career bracelet and $110,673.

Final Table Payouts

  1. William ‘SlaweelRyam’ Romaine – $110,672.62
  2. Mark ‘victb’ Ioli – $68,478.37
  3. ‘kheescoopy’ – $45,286.50
  4. ‘Chippingggup’ – $30,473.62
  5. Kyle ‘Ksparks740’ Sparks – $21,047.25
  6. ‘NJ_FittyFish’ – $14,812.87