WSOP: Yuri Dzivielevski Takes Down PLOSSUS for Second Bracelet

Yuri Dzivielevski now has two WSOP bracelets after winning the $400 PLOSSUS on Saturday, (partypoker photo)

At the 2019 multiple members of the Best Player Without a Bracelet Club made themselves ineligible for membership. One of those was Brazil’s Yuri Dzivielevski who won the $2,500 O8/Stud8 event to win his first bracelet.

On Saturday, Dzivielevski joined the club where multiple bracelets are required for membership. Dzivielevski topped the 4,356-entry field in Event #42 ($400 PLOSSUS) of the 2020 WSOP Online on GGPoker to earn $206,556,78 and a WSOP Europe package.

The Brazilian began the final table with the lead and needed just over three hours to work his way through his opponents and accumulate all of the chips.

The first elimination didn’t come for over an hour. Markus Cara raised to 4,200,000 from UTG before Gabi Livshitz re-raised to 7,400,000 on the button. Cara called and the flop came 8s4d2s and Cara moved all in for 475,112. Livshitz called and turned over KhJhJs4s for overs and a flush draw while Cara tabled JcTd8c8d for top set. The 7c turn didn’t change anything but the Qs river gave Livshitz the flush to eliminate Cara in ninth.

Five minutes later Dustin Dirksen saw his short deck take one last ride. Dzivielevski opened from UTG to 2,520,000 before Dirksen shoved all in for 2,858,311 from the cutoff. Tautvydas Jokubauskas bet 12,294,933 and Dzivielevski fodled. Dirksen showed KdQhQs9h which put him behind Jokubauskas’ AcAd3d2s. The Jc8c5c7hKh runout was no help for Dirksen and he was out in eighth place.

The remaining seven players player for nearly an hour without an elimination. Dzivielevski ended that streak. The Brazilian opened to 7,000,000 from late position before Chad Layne moved all in for 11,996,240 from the cutoff. Action folded around to Dzivielevski and he called and turned over AsQdQh7d. Layne tabled Ah3c3hKc and got bad news when the Ac9d7h gave Dzivielevski two pair. Neither the 8h] turn or 6s river was able to improve Layne’s hand and he was eliminated in seventh.

Five minutes later Juan Perez was down to 2.5 big blinds when he moved all in from UTG. Gabi Peretz called from the button and showed AhJcJs7h and Perez was needed help after flipping over As9h8d7s. The 7d2d2s flop didn’t change anything and while the 8s turn gave him two pair it was still second best. The river was the 3c and Perez finished sixth.

Jokubauskas sent another player to the rail 10 minutes later. Samuel Bernabeu raised to 10,500,000 from UTG before Jokubauskas made it 24,312,132 from his direct left. Bernabeu called all in and showed KcKhQd3c which bested Jokubauskas’ AhKdQhJh. The Td8s7h flop gave Jokubauskas more outs. The Ad turn gave him the lead with top pair and the Tc river wasn’t good enough to save Bernabeu from going home in fifth place.

A blind versus blind battle was the setting for the next elimination. Jokubauskas raised to 9,000,000 from the small blind and Livshitz called. The flop came Jh9s7d flop got Jokubauskas to bet 13,500,00 and Livshitz called off his last 11,450,828. Livshitz found out he was ahead when he showed AsJdTs8c for a flopped straight but Jokubauskas had some out with AhQsJs9h. There was no drama however as the 9d turn completed a full house for Jokubauskas and as the 4c completed the board, Livshitz was out in fourth place.

Dzivielevski held more than two-thirds of the chips in play and used them to bust yet another player. Jokubauskas raised to 14,000,000 on the button and Dzivielevski re-raised to 46,000 from the small blind. Jokubauskas called all in and showed AsJc9c6s while Dzivielevski tabled QdQh3h3s. The 9d8s3c flop gave Dzivielevski bottom set. He improved to a full house on the 9s turn and Jokubauskas was down to 10 outs heading to the river. The 4c river was a brick and Jokubauskas was out in third place.

Dzivielevski began heads up play with a 3.5-1 lead over Matt Vengrin. After 12 minutes of play, Dzivielevski had Vengrin down to 10 big blinds. Dzivielevski raised to 12,000,000 from the button and Vengrin called. After the 8s5h3d flop, Vengrin bet 24,000,000 and Dzivielevski raised to 48,000,000. Vengrin called off his last 4,342,912 and showed KsQh8c6s for a pair of eights. Dzivielevski was ahead with AhTh8d6d. The 2d turn and 4s river didn’t improve Vengrin and he was eliminated as the runner-up giving Dzivielevski the win and $221,557 which includes a $15,000 WSOP Europe package.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Yuri Dzivielevski – $221,557
  2. Matt Vengrin – $165,147
  3. Tautvydas Jokubauskas – $116,777
  4. Gabi Livshitz – $82,573
  5. Samuel Bernabeu – $58,388
  6. Juan Perez – $41,287
  7. Chad Layne – $29,194
  8. Dustin Dirksen – $20,643
  9. Markus Cara – $14,597