XL Eclipse: Brazil’s Rui ‘Grobbshinit’ Rodrigues Earns Six Max Title

888poker’s XL Eclipse offers over 0,000 in guarantees on Saturday.

The penultimate day of 888poker‘s XL Eclipse was one of their biggest yet. With over $300,000 in guarantees spread over 13 tournaments, including a trio of 6-Max tournaments, there was plenty of money up for grabs before Sunday’s super-sized schedule and the $1,500,000 XL Eclipse Main Event.

While not the biggest tournament score of the day, Russia’s ‘Kaktus26rus’ took down the first event on Saturday, Event #168 ($109 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE), for $4,576. If that screen name sounds familiar it may be because just two days ago he made headlines by taking his first XL Eclipse title along with $26,000. Saturday’s victory puts the red-hot Russian in the exclusive two-time champions club and primed to make a run at Sunday’s Main Event. In what has become routine over the course of the series, Sweden superstar ‘tutten7’ found himself at another final table, finishing in seventh place.

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The day’s largest haul belonged to Brazil’s Rui ‘Grobbshinit’ Rodrigues who outlasted the 310 runners in the afternoon’s headlining tournament, Event #176 ($160 $60,000 6-Max). His $18,183 first place finish not only marks the largest cash of his career, it more than doubles his recorded lifetime totals which, prior to this event, was $14,000. His last recorded cash prior to Saturday: $8.

‘ARARAT800’ had an enviable day at the online felts as well. While the Swedish grinder, and XL Eclipse winner, didn’t take home any titles today, ‘ARARAT800’ did make two final tables, agreeing to final table deals in both. First, in Event #173 ($55 $25,000 Saturday R&A NLHE) a three-way deal was struck. ‘tTtexa‘ was crowned the winner taking home $4,128.33 and their first XL Eclipse title. PocketFiver ‘omgjefmonier’ added to his $3.2 million in lifetime earnings when he took second for just over $4,000 while ‘ARARAT800’ took $3,973.30, $1000 more than the original 3rd place prize. Later in the day, ‘ARARAT800’ chopped up Event #180 ($55 $10,000 Turbo 6-Max NLHE). In this contest, although he officially was the runner-up, he took home more money, $2,210.04, than the eventual winner, ‘Ttliquorshop’ who surrendered a mere $13.04, banking $2,196.96.

The last of XL Eclipse’s 197 events wrap up on Sunday with over $2,300,000 of guaranteed prize pools over the last 17 events.

XL Eclipse Day 14 Winners















# Event Buy In Payout
168 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE $109 $4,576
169 $15,000 Breeze NLHE $55 $3,067.50
170 $50,000 Octopus NLHE $215 $14,620.50
171 $15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE $30 $2,835
172 $25,000 Crocodile NLHE $160 $5,063.25
173 $25,000 Saturday R&A NLHE $55 $4,128.33*
174 $15,000 Swordfish NLHE $30 $2,850
175 $20,000 Monsoon NLHE $55 $3,838
176 $60,000 6-Max NLHE $160 $18,183
177 $15,000 Mini 6-Max NLHE $30 $2,495.69*
178 $25,000 Saturday Challenge NLHE $55 $5,565.10
179 $15,000 Tornado NLHE $109 $3,355.84*
180 $10,000 Turbo 6-Max NLHE $55 $2,196.96*

* denotes final table deal